29 May

Our Weekly Funny, Unique & Amazing Around the Web or for short FUA

We now bring you our coolest and hottest new creation. Funny products, businesses and maybe even services and possible in the future things to do from around the internet. The idea is pretty simple. We find stuff, show it to you in the special way we show things here and that’s that. We will try and offer some video transcriptions from time to time and of course American Sign Language translations of whatever we can bring. We will dissect reviews of the products we feature so that you can take the guesswork out of what you may be getting.

The first product we bring you is something we have featured before. It’s sort of our test version of this feature that will grow into the future with multiple products but for now. Let’s focus on one. And that focus will be the Squatty Potty. The Squatty Potty is a product that basically helps you have a healthier time on the toilet. The brilliance of this business concept should be obvious. An actual physical device that can be sold to pretty much anyone that is actually helpful. Couple that with the “funny gift” factor and you have an extremely winning combination.

Squatty Potty has some really funny video reviews as you can imagine like this one,  in the future we hope to get this provided in ASL format.

Beyond just the shiny website, you know many times a good way to tell the validity of what your buying at least in some way is to check and make sure their website isn’t just thrown together. For instance



They don’t mess around with their content or their design. But this of course isn’t the only point in which we can examine what real people are saying about their products. They have a whopping 1300 reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4.5/5 stars. That is intense and impossible to shake a stick at. Some of the best and most popular products on Amazon don’t come anywhere near as close to that. Couple this with the CEO and other company employee interviews, freely speaking and you have all the sign of something that is worth it. So yeah. It might be silly but it’s a good choice.

24 May

Do you have sign language support requests?

If so we want to make this super easy. Comment on this post, we will not make your comment public unless you would like us to. Tell us what products, places and things you wanna see reviewed for your convenience. Think of anything, hotels, a brand of soap, a real estate company. Anything you can dream it up we will try our best to get it done.

24 May

Ghost Stop Review with American Sign Language Support

Hello fans! We finally have some of our first  reviews with ASL sign language support rolling out. This is going to be a constant and hopefully popular feature on our site. We wanted to roll this out into its own post but in the future these will usually be coupled in our 3 set posts where we highlights a company, its reviews and deals. Anyhow, check out our Ghost Stop ASL supported review and make sure to leave us a comment or write us and let us know what you would like to see with hearing impaired support. Also, don’t forget that we are still writing transcripts for our videos as well. All the more support for people who deserve it. Rock on!

16 May

Remember When Google Adwords Meant Spam?

We do. Well specifically I do. Basically you would avoid paid search ads like the plague as the vast majority of advertisers sole purpose was making a quick buck. Well, now things are a bit different strangely enough. You would think with more people using the system, a greater number of people trying out get rich quick internet schemes there would be even greater confusion. On some level this is still true, but in a way it has changed.

Let’s briefly go over the main issue. Cost. Search ads have increased dramatically over the years. So, the people buying keywords for the top positions are not just spending a dime or less each click. You search for “buy cheap flight to vegas” you can bet the folks ranking at the top are paying over a dollar for each click they get. Certainly not chump change and what we are getting at, you gotta know what you want to be spending that much.

This means something really interesting. For interest, this very site pays for search ads. Why do we do it? Cause we either break even or barely make money off them. It is worth it to us. Are we some junk site that offers nothing in the way of good information? Absolutely not. Consumers these days are much smarter in the ways of most sorts of manipulation. If you have a poorly done site the fact is simple. You will lose money.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that, if you are searching for something on the web. A review, a product, an idea on the best couch for your new home. Those search ads…might just represent people who think they have something to offer that is good enough for the consumer. This is a change and a big one at that. Could this change in the future? Always a possibility with the way in which social media is taking over. For now though, put a little more trust in the ads that you see. And of course, follow the rest of our review tips to hit it home.

13 May

What to do when there’s no reviews…

Always the conundrum. You need to do some product research but there’s very little in the way of online advice. Making a mistake online can be costly but let’s be real, there some really basic steps you can take to protect yourself. Let’s go over three of the most important and consequently, they all relate to the same thing. Trust. How do you trust that you are buying something that is legitimate.

1. Are they located where they say they are located? Simple enough, go on their website. Where is their mailing address? Does the company CEO have a LinkedIn profile where you can confirm his or her location? Well, bam. You got this down. 

2. And on that note, do they list the name of the company owners? Well, here you might actually be able to do some research. Maybe they worked for some cool places or maybe their LinkedIn is filled out or Facebook seems active. A great way to figure out if the people who actually run the place are trustworthy. 

3. Whats next? Call them. Ask them questions. If they don’t want to answer them or never pick up it’s probably a good indication your time is better spent elsewhere. Makes sense?

Lastly remember, some businesses just don’t lend themselves to online reviews well. Maybe the product isn’t talked about all that much or maybe the people buying/using it choose to be private about it. Makes sense. So, in this case it’s up to you to make the wise decision.

All the best!

20 Jan

Short & Sweet Air Fare Hunting Tip #1

We suggest you check around of course and if you know of a specific, special deal of course look at that. For instance, many times for regional flights across international borders choosing the local airline is a better idea. That said, in our opinion the KING of airfare searches right now is flights.google.com

Some of the strengths include:

1. Ability to mass search dates and places

2. Graphical User Interface for fares

3. Simple to use tools to find the best deal for non fixed dates

Seriously, go check it out. We promise you won’t be disappointed. In fact, it’s sort of fun to just look around and think about where you could go. And of course with gas prices falling, who knows what you may be able to afford.

19 Jan

The Anatomy of the Video Review

Sometimes I ask myself what the deal with video reviews actually is. And I admit, we will be moving into that territory quite quick. It seems like many people just want to actually see if a product exists. The “product opening” videos are quite popular and without getting into existential ideas regarding why they exist its probably good enough to just say that they do. And that for whatever reason, they hold some sort of importance within the human psyche. I know what you are thinking, why is a review site discussing the inner workings of the human mind regarding shopping. Well, its our blog!

The will it blend videos on Youtube were one of the first that put effort into testing the durability of products. Nobody wants to know some sort of arbitrary scientific rating regarding product build quality. So think about it, sure it’s fun to see an iPhone explode but it also makes you consider buying one. Cause in your own mind youre like alright this thing isn’t going to just fall apart. There’s also this alter component where I think people always wonder what is actually inside of these things. It is almost a demystification process in a way.

When I think about value in terms of video reviews to me it seems like a concise picture confirming the product does what you think it does is of the utmost importance. This needs to be done in a fast manner, under the 3 minutes is absolutely essential. Beyond this the reviewer must be entertaining on some level and combine the will it explode concept with the hey, here it is we opened it picture. This is what our video reviews will consist of. Concise to the point funny but informative. And of course, with a little extra value add for those who don’t want the audio.

Rock on!

06 Jan

Happy New Year, Squatty Potty Review Due Next Week

So, we are now back on track and will be bringing forth our new  creative project. We can’t reveal the specific details just yet but next week our work will be complete on our first prototype and we will be moving forth. So, expect some of the normal informational posts on the best ways to figure out how to find whats best in terms of products, businesses companies or what have you on the net before then.

And, maybe we will be getting to some more straight review posts in the meantime as well. Been busy around here and the success has been welcomed. Thanks!

14 Dec

Update Moving Into the New Year


So, we wanted to alert our users to some serious changes around here. Not so serious but, to say it plainly. Our business has seen a bit more success than we initially expected it would. This has forced/pushed/necessitated us to move up our internal schedule by about six months.

We can’t give too much away but if you could imagine professional product reviews that keep the hearing impaired user in mind I think that you would be on the right track. Yeah, that’s what we do anyhow but as was mentioned, we are stepping up our game. We have reviewed some greater products like Squatty Potty, Drone Fly, Surthrival, Christmas holiday stuff and others. What we thought would be a pretty straight forward operation ended up attracting more traffic and people than thought. We have no choice but to move forward.

So, up until the New Year you won’t see anymore product review posts here until we get some of our basics sorted out with a slightly new format. I say slightly new cause it’s the same with a really big edition for us. There will be a couple ideas and tips posts prior to what will probably be the week after the New Year. This will be cool, have an awesome holiday!

01 Dec

Googles Nexus 7 Tablet Reviewed!

Us here at opClarity realize that you can buy a tablet from pretty much anywhere. So, in reality the main impetus to do it online will be convienience. We realize that which is why we will be give you this next review with Amazon or another spot of your choice in mind.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet


I’m here with my review of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet. This tablet is actually made by Asus but they combined together with Google to give it the Nexus brand name. It’s running Android 4.1 Jellybean, the latest version of the Android operating system. All this comes in a 7 inch form factor. I’m going to take a look to see why this tablet ranks among the best tablets out there on the market right now. But first I’m going to start with the design and the hardware.

Now, looking at the Nexus 7 it’s not going to jump out at you – it’s not one of these devices that’s designed to catch your eye. But it is designed to really allow for one handed function of a tablet. It only weighs around 340 grams. You can really use this thing with one single hand. On the back is a very nice rubber type of feel which allows you to get a really nice firm grip on the tablet itself. And on down the backside you’ll find the speaker grill, and also on the very bottom a headphone jack, and also a microUSB port. Now on the right hand side you will find the volume rocker and right above that the power button. Then on the front at the very top you will find the 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. This tablet does not feature so if you’re going to be taking and pictures of videos you’re going to need to use the front facing camera. Now this screen is a seven inch screen with a resolution of 1280 by 800. It also has 216 pixels per inch (ppi). Now compare with the current Ipad’s ppi which is 264, you will definitely see that this display isn’t the best display out there on the tablet market. I didn’t have any glaring problems with it. It was just fine for gaming, reading books, or anything like that. I really had no problems with the screen at all.


Quad-core Tegra 3 CPU

12 core GPU


8 or 16 GB Memory

4325 mAh Battery (9 hours of video playback, 10 hours of reading, 10 hours of web browsing and 300 hours of stand by time. Personal experience: several days without giving it a full charge)


Android 4.1 Jellybean

New Google Voice Asssistant

Gaming play without problems. No frame breaks or stutter.


For the money, a very good value. Compares well with tablets in its price range and even a couple hundred dollar higher. Plus, the one-handed use. Only negative: improve camera, a rear-facing camera would be nice.