05 Mar

Bonus Fun.com Review: Mens Deadpool Hoodie

We don’t have a company interview for you yet, so we’re just going to give a bonus transcription of a product sold at Fun.com. In this case, we have the Mens Marvel Deadpool hoodie. Check out the video review below, with accompanying transcript. Below that, we’ll take a look at a few reviews from Amazon.

(:45) So this is the front of the hoodie with the belt thing and everything with the circle in the middle. You have the Deadpool logo on the belt. In case you didn’t know it’s not just a Deadpool hoodie it’s a replica of Deadpool’s costume in hoodie form. So you get everything, the Deadpool logo, the belt, the thing where he keeps his katana swords. And here’s the back. You can see the belt thing continues all along the back. And we have the other Deadpool logo on the back. It also has a hood that turns into a mask. This hoodie is really cool. The thing that really sold me on this hoodie was the hood that can turn into a mask. So just do that and the zipper zips all the way up so it can turn into a mask. Viola! Instant Deadpool costume. This thing is really cool. I can see out of this. It’s basically just mesh material, so I can see out of this. I got this hoodie for Christmas and I really like it. (1:59)

Cruising over to Amazon now, we can take a look at a few fan impressions of the Deadpool hoodie.

One reviewer chimes in, “Purchased this for my 11 year old grandson. What a hit! The only complaint I have is that we can’t get it off the boy long enough to wash.”

Another reports: “Absolutely loved it! It’s a Christmas gift for my hubby but it was a little snug for a large. Just gotta exchange it for an XL but it’s perfect! I’m kinda jealous he’s getting it instead of me haha”

All in all, the Deadpool hoodie gets good reviews. You can get your own at Fun.com right now.

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