07 May

3D Laser Land Order Processing Tutorial Video

3D Laser Land wants to make it as easy as possible to get your favorite photos of friends, family and loved ones converted into three dimensional engravings.

As hard as the concept may be to envision (see here to check out how they convert the photo into a 3D image), the last thing they want is for the ordering process to be difficult.

We think most people will have no trouble navigating their order process, but just in case 3DLaserLand has produced a handy video to guide you through it. There’s really nothing stopping you from creating that one of a kind three dimensional photo gift!

07 May

3D Laser Land: How to convert a 2D pic into a 3D image

They’re pretty popular as gift these days, but have you ever wondered how those 3D laser cuts are made?

3DLaserLand.com has a pretty detailed FAQ that can answer a lot of your questions about 3D laser cutting, but sometimes you just have to see the process yourself to really understand it.

Question: “How does the laser process work?”

The laser is focussed into the glass, in the focal point the energy is so high that the structure is change in a small point. The laser beam is computer controlled, an image made of thousand small points is the outcome. This laser process is the so called “Vitrography”.

In the video below, we get a visual demonstration from 3DLaserLand.com’s YouTube page, showing exactly how they take a two dimensional photo that you submit and convert it into a 3D image that can then be carved with a laser onto a crystal.

Pretty amazing! The 3DLaserLand.com FAQ can answer all your questions about the process of converting your own photos into the perfect keepsake or gift that will last the ages!