26 May

Air Assault Fitness Products Deals, Coupons and Cool Stuff

Air Assault Fitness Products is in the business of punishing you. Crossfitters know what I’m talking about. You asked for it and the Air Assault Bike is going to deliver it. Let’s see what deals are out there so you can get started.

First thing you should probably do is check out Air Assault Fitness Products at their online store. Scope it out.

If you hit up Air Assault Fitness Products at Amazon, you get get some more customer reviews and comparison shop.

For more info, we’ve got two transcribed videos for you. One, a review of the Air Assault Bike, and the other an interview with Air Assault Fitness Products boss Roger Bates. Have a look.

26 May

Interview with Roger Bates from Air Assault Fitness Products

Today we’re going to get in the dirt with Roger Baters, president of Air Assault Fitness Products. While he was in Australia for the 2014 CrossFit Games, John from Rx Reviews took a few minutes out to get the run down on the Assault Air Bike.

Let’s tune in (transcription follows).

John: John here from RX Review at the 2014 crossfit games. I’m with Roger Bates from Assault Air Bike. Roger, what brings you to the games this year.

Roger: I’m just showing our Assault Air Bike to the crossfit community and letting everybody know how great the product is and everybody here obviously wants to be assaulted so we’re here to do that.

John: You’re a relatively new product, you launched last November, is that right?

Roger: We launched last 2015 crossfit games.

John: So for those who don’t know about your product, can you tell us a bit about it?

Roger: Sure, the Assault Air Bike is designed as a high intensity interval training bike, and the faster and the harder you push, the faster you go, the harder it gets. The more resistance. So it’s infinite resistance. And people really like to punish themselves. And it’s a great tool for getting in the best shape of your life.

John: Now there is the Schwinn wheel, which is a very similar product to this. What’s the difference between the two?

Roger: Well, the Schwinn is a great product, it’s been around for a long time but unfortunately the Schwinn isn’t designed for commercial use, it’s designed for home users, designed for somebody, the older population. They actually made that product for that reason. They didn’t make it for these 220 pound animals to get on it and do high intensity training, so it’s not really designed for that, all due respect to Schwinn. We designed this to be beat on and for commercial use. This is a commercial bike, a commercial air bike. That’s what it’s designed for.

John: And finally, how much does it coest and do you ship internationally?

Roger: We do. We have international representation in almost all major countries. The retail in the US is 999. In Europe it’s 1199-1299 depending on shipping and duties and taxes.

John: And before I let you go, who are your favorite crossfitters?

Roger: Oh, man, I like them all to be honest with you. I really respect those guys out there but I’m hoping Josh Bridges this year pulls it off.

John: Nice talking to you, Roger, and good luck with the rest of the games.

You can get Air Assault products from their online store or though
Amazon. You can count on a brutal work out, so bring your A-game.  If you’d like a quick overview of what you’re getting in to, check out our fully transcribed Assault Air Bike review here.

26 May

Assault Air Bike Review

The language of crossfit: “brutality,” “punishing,” “assault,” “inflict.” The words describe a hammering and aggressive workout style meant to pummel your body into shape. You’ll get no apologies, just straight talk when discussing the machines that make that fitness workout possible.

Today we have the Assault Air Bike, a high tech but uncompromising piece of machinery designed to take your cross fit workout to the next level. The video below, transcribed for easy browsing and the hearing impaired, presents a straightforward, no holds barred overview of the Assault Air Bike, built and distributed by Air Assault Fitness Products.

Let’s get to it!

G’day, guys. The Assault Air Bike may seem like a strange addition tot he Iron Edge line up, but the deeper you delve into this simplistic machine, the more you realize how punishing this sleek looking bike can be. So when it comes to conditioning, cycling can be one of the toughest. All without the bone-jarring or joint-punishing impacts that other activities present. Plus, apart from being a grueling activity, cycling can be a great way to de-load the body, unwind from hectic sessions and begin the whole active recovery process, too.

So what makes the Assault Air Bike any different, I hear you ask. Well, it comes down to two major key features. All wrapped up with dynamite engineering. First up you’ll notice the handlebars are free moving, not fixed, allowing to generate power not just from the legs, but from the arms as well. With this added push-pull action the whole body is forced to work, anteriorly and posteriorly, taking cycling from just a simple leg activity into the epic realms of total body conditioning.

Of course, when those wattages increase, the second key feature kicks in. Large fan blades have been strategically worked into the freewheel design, meaning the faster the wheel turns, the more resistance is applied. Essentially the faster you go, the harder you will have to work. Also, as a side note, you can whether this brutality is inflicted on the whole body, just the legs, or if you use the in-built foot pegs, as an upper body focused workout.

But the technological heart of the air bike is a trip cycling computer that tracks just about everything, from time, distance, calories, watts, speed and RPM. It’ll even track heart rate if you own a separate compatible heart monitor. On board programming allows you to jump to eight workouts with minimal fuss, or fully customize your session, all with simple and straightforward navigation. Constructed from high tensile steel, premium bearings and bottom bracket, incremental and precise seat adjustment to suit all heights and sizes, speed-regulating resistance, a sweat-proof and anatomically designed seat, the Assault Air Bike is as robust as it is brutally effective. It even has wheels for the easy moving and re-positioning. With a slick-looking industrial powder coat, the Assault Air Bike is one of a kind and engineered to outlast the competition, and will effortlessly fit into any commercial gym, PT studio, cross fit box or high performance environment.

The Air Assault Bike will put you to work, which is exactly what you want for your work out. Check them out at their online store, or on Amazon.