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01 Apr

Interview with Aquasana Founder Charles Strand

Hi! Thanks for checking us out. Today we have an interview with Aquasana founder Charles Strand. We’ve transcribed out the first four minutes of it in which Charles explains the advantages of his system, compares it with others and explains how his system works.

More and more people these days are paying attention to what’s in their water, and a filtration system is a great way to get some confidence in what you’re putting in your body. As Charles points out, you’re exposing yourself to more than just what you drink. Think of what you’re inhaling in the water vapor while you’re showering? Take a minute and Charles will explain it.

By the way, you can get Aquasana products online at their website or check out their water filtration systems on Amazon.

Check below the video for the transcript for easy perusing.

Mike: Welcome, everyone, this is Mike Adams the Health Ranger here at Natural Pru ducts Expo West, joined right now by Charles Strand from the Aquasana company, the company that brings you the whole house filtration systems and shower filters.

Charles: Thanks for having us.

Mike: Now you have a shower filter system that is very popular, I understand.

Charles: Actually, it’s our most popular product right now. In the last couple years there’s been a lot of information out, especially in this industry, about the fact that you take in three to five times more contaminants from showering than from drinking water. Your skin is your largest organ, it absorbs at an accelerated rate in a warm shower. Most chemicals that are in water are volatile, which means they they vaporize faster than water so you’re inhaling them with the steam. So there’s some tremendous health benefits and some real noticeable cosmetic benefits to using a water filter.

Mike: Such as extending the life of hair color…

Charles: Hair color, skin moisturizers… anybody who’s ever swam in a chlorinated pool can relate to what chlorine does to your skin and hair. The thing people don’t realize is typically you have as much or more chlorine in your tap water as what’s recommended to keep in a swimming pool, so there’s some real benefits to removing it from your water.

Mike: And what does this unit look like? Can you hold it up and show it to the camera?

Charles: It’s real simple to install. You just remove your existing shower head. This filter will go on your shower pipe. It’s a standard half inch pipe thread like a shower head would be. You have mounts that maintain your sower height. Basically the water is going up and the up through a filter before it comes out through the shower head. So it’s removing the chlorine, removing the other synthetic chemicals that can be in tap water. Balances the PH of the water. You notice the difference immediately. A shower filter really spoils people.

Mike: I use a shower filter myself but one thing I notice about your unit is the filtration cartridge is much larger. So does this mean it’s more effective as a filter.

Charles: Yeah, well, yeah, any filter the effectiveness or the ability it has to remove contaminants is going to be based on how much time the water stays in contact with the filter media. So by having a deeper filter bed you have a much more effective means of removing contaminants from the water. And that this is a two stage filter. It’s two separate filters inside.

Mike: So there’s a pre-filter and then there’s…

Charles: The first stage is a media called KDF, which is a zinc and copper media that’s primarily for taking the chlorine out. It also inhibits algae growth so you don’t get some of the scum build up in the shower stalls. And then the second stage is activated carbon made from coconut shells which is primarliy for taking out the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that can vaporize and be inhaled with steam.

Mike: One of the questions I hear on shower filters is does a unit reduce the water pressure very much.

Charles: Most of them, There’s a lot of smaller systems on the market. And of course the smaller it is the more restrictive it’s going to be. Two reasons this one doesn’t. This one is certified a full two and a half gallons a minute. The only one in the industry certified with that high of a flow rate. Primarily because we have a patented swirling upward flow so the media in it doesn’t get compacted like the ones that flow the water downwards do, and because it’s a larger diameter of a filter bed so it’s not restricted. Like I said it’s a full two and a half gallons a minute which in California that’s the max, it’s the legal limit that you can flow out of a shower head.

Mike: So the water actually enters this unit, flows down around the outside…?

Charles: No, actually, the water comes down through a tube in the middle and then flows upwards through the two beds of filer and then out the shower head.

Mike: So like you said the media won’t get compacted… so what chemicals will it remove from water.

Charles: Well, it will remove chlorine first, that’s the first stage. And then the second stage is for removing pretty much all the other synthetic chemicals. Your THMs, your VOCs, which is your pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, like MTBE, which are very commonly found in tap water, more commonly than people realize. And even at very, very low levels they can pose pretty significant health risks. Especially for children. A shower filter offers huge benefits for small children. (4:05)

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31 Mar

Aquasana Shower Filter Reviews

People are paying more and more attention to the water they use these days. Part of that process is adding filters to the various outlets in your house. People often forget about the bathroom when considering filtration systems but your daily shower should not be neglected. You’re literally covered in water!

And that’s where Aquasana water filters come in.

And it’s not just a good idea for health reasons. A water filtration system can have an impact on appearance and add enjoyment during your bathing routine. Aquasana filter systems remove things in the water like Chlorine, which can have detrimental effects on your skin and hair, for instance.

So let’s check out a couple reviews, both of which are transcribed as usual.

Hello, welcome to my Aquasana shower filter review or testimonial. This is just a quick video to share with you why I love this product and why you might love it to if you’re interested in a healthier living environment and shower filters. So let me show you what it is, first of all. There’s two models, let me start off by saying that, just so you’re aware what we’re talking about. There’s the AQ4100, that’s this. Basic standard Aquasana shower filter. And the shower pipe goes into here. Really it’s so easy to get on there and really installation of the whole thing is a breeze. And you can also adjust it so there’s a massaging spray that you can use and anywhere in between you can do as well. It’s a normal shower. The shower height doesn’t change. They designed it that way so it’s basically going to be the same as any shower. When you need to replace the filter cartridge which is about every six months you get one of these in the mail.

Now there’s another model that’s called the Aquasana AQ4105 and that’s why I’m wearing this around my neck. It comes with this attachment here that goes on like this. And then this piece here which I am wearing around my neck. This hooks up in here, this is a five foot hose. And then you have this massage wand that you can take off. And also a kind of neat thing that I didn’t even realize for a long time, I’m almost 6′ 4” in height, and this shower filter wand actually is a lot higher than a standard shower filter which would be right about here. Because it sits in this little swivel like this it’s a lot higher, which is kind of nice for me or anyone who is tall.

But why I like this product. I had tried other shower filters. At least two other shower filters. I didn’t notice a difference. I read about the Aquasana shower filter, I thought it sounded great. Performance wise it gets out more contaminants than the other shower filters. And then I tried it and noticed a huge difference right a way. My eyes right away. I usually close my eyes because the chlorine, the chemicals in the water sting. Right away I noticed there was no more stinging. The Aquasana shower filter will get rid of 91% of chlorine. But it also gets rid of lots and lots of other chemicals, too. I noticed that right away. I didn’t buy it so I could have softer hair and softer skin but I definitely noticed both those things. Take the chemicals out of the water and it is a huge a difference. In fact Aquasana guarantees that you’ll notice softer hair and softer skin in one week.

That wasn’t a big selling point for me, really, I wanted the chemicals out of the water. You’re breathing the water in, you’re absorbing it into you body every day when you shower. And there was no way that I could just live with that happening every day. So that was my motivation right there. But having softer skin and softer hair is a great thing to have, a great benefit. Some people, that’s the mean reason they get it. Also one last thing I’ll share with you about the Aquasana water filter is, another thing I noticed is that I stopped getting itch skin, especially in the winter. It just stopped. Right about the time I used it. So no more lotions or things like that. All the itchy skin and things like that were just gone.

That in a nutshell is my Aquasana shower filter review. And I will be doing more videos about how ti works and answering questions that other people might have. As you might know, or I might have hinted at, I’m an authorized Aquasana dealer, have been since 2008. And like I said, this is on of my two favorite health products in my whole house.

And today we have a bonus transcribed review of the Aquasana AQ-4100 Pure Shower System. Let’s have a look.

Here showing the contents of the package. You have the shower head, the shower filter, the warranty and also the installation instructions. The first step is to remove your existing shower head and attach the filter system to the shower supply pipe. The second step is to flush cold water into a large container until clear. Lastly, the third step is to attach the shower head to the filter body. And viola! Your Aquasana filter system is installed and ready to use. I had to install this filter system in my sister’s apartment because it wouldn’t fit in my shower head at home. So I only got to use it twice but I really didn’t feel a difference in my hair because you have to have it for a week. But my sister reported back to me and told me that she couldn’t really see a difference just yet, but just knowing that using this shower system is supposed to be better for your hair and your body is definitely a great thing to have and she’s enjoying her product so far.

That’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by! Also, don’t forget to check out Aquasana on Amazon. You can find more reviews there for helping you make your decision.