25 Mar

Beard Head Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

Beard Head has so many crazy bearded hats available it’s hard to pick just one. If you hit up their website you can get a good idea of what we’re talking about. If it sports a beard, Beard Head has a version of it. So how about some deals?

Right now Beard Head is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Plus, they’ve always got a bunch of stuff on discount.

Got a minute? Check out some humorous reviews of Beard Head products.

Plus, we’ve got a video review with transcript of the Beard Head Barbarian-Vagabond.

More Beard Head reviews at Amazon here.

25 Mar

Beard Head Videos and Amazon Reviews

Have you seen the crazy variety of hats that Beard Head has? It’s insane. Cruise over to their page or to Amazon and have a look for yourself. Everything from vikings to bikers to hockey players to Santa Clause (skip down for a bonus Santa Clause Beard Head video)! They come in all lengths and thicknesses. If you like to keep warm and play around with costumes, this is something to check out.

By the way, don’t miss our transcribed video review of the Beard Head Barbarian-Vagabond.

So heading over to Amazon, one thing comes through looking at the reviews. People seem to really enjoy their Beard Head purchases. It’s hard to find one that isn’t five star rated. Normally in this section we would have an interview with the business owner but since we don’t have one right now, we thought we’d get a little goofy instead.

That’s where these reviews come in.

People wear these things in lots of situations but Halloween is one popular occasion. Some of the reviews are pretty funny.

Check out this one from “Chicken Jim.” It’s both useful and funny. He’s talking about the Beard Head Barbarian Pillager Beanie.

“More Viking than barbarian, I think, though I did hear some lamentations about it from some of the women.

“Thomas” reports, “Made a good impression at Casual Friday in the Office.” He includes a picture.

“JaktUp” writes: “Now I have a full beard that I can slip into as the barbarian in me is hankerin’ for some pillaging! What more could I axe for!?”

Check them out for yourself. Good times!

But wait! We have a special bonus for you! Since we don’t have a video review today, why not check out this little clip of the Beard Head (Santa Clause version) being reviewed on Japanese TV. We don’t speak Japanese, so no transcript this time. But none needed!

Thanks for checking in. See ya next time!

25 Mar

Beard Head Barbarian-Vagabond Review

We have a review of a fun little product for you today. Introducing the Beard Head! It’s warming up in some parts of the country but winter persists with a vengeance in a lot of places. So check out this mischievous mask/hat. Perfect for when the weather turns frigid. Just don’t wear it into a bank!

The Barbarian-Vagabond hat from Beard Head is a good time addition to your cold weather attire. It will keep you warm and guarantee smiles from those you encounter at the same time. No longer are the follicly challenged condemned to freeze their faces off. Works for men and women!

Bringing us our review today is brought to you by Mikey George, who goes over the details of the Barbarian-Vagabond hat from Beard Head quickly and in some detail. He reports what he likes and one issue he has with it. He notes it’s versatility (the beard comes off!) and the materials it’s made out of. As usual, scroll down past the video for the transcript.

Today I have a review of the Beard Head Barbarian Vagabond. It’s made out of acrylic yarn and wool so it;’s nice and warm on your head and what not. I believe you can get it from the website for 40 dollars but they were nice enough to send me one for review. It’s nice and warm. It has this little beard here made of yarn. Here’s the back. It’s kind of flush to your face. The beard attaches with a button here and on the other side right here. So you if you don’t want it on your face you can take it off. If you want it on your face you can put it back on. I live it in Upstate New York so it’s been a pretty cold winter so I’ve been wearing it quite a bit. I like it. The only thing I didn’t really like was this mustache thing. If you open your mouth wide while you talk it kind of gets in your mouth but it stretches quite a bit. But if you don’t open your mouth very wide while you talk it’s not a big deal. Overall it’s a pretty nice product and I like it.

Beard Head makes a great gift and there’s plenty of time to start planning for those cold weather holidays. Imagine a family picture around the tree where everyone is wearing these? That would make a great Christmas card.