12 Mar

Bedhead Pajamas Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

Bedhead Pajamas is making a name for itself in the world of night clothes. Celebrities covet their many styles and prints. Now you can get in on it, too. Here’s some deals for you.

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We’ve got an interview with Renee Claire and Wendy Trout from Bedhead Pajamas (with transcript).

Check out this review of Bedhead Pajamas products (also with transcript).

12 Mar

Bedhead Pajamas Company Overview and Interview

Bedhead Pajamas has really taken off in popularity. Bedhead nightwear can be found in the closets of Hollywood stars and the rich and famous. Known for their comfort and unique styles, all designed directly by Bedhead Pajamas themselves, you can’t go wrong for style and comfort by picking up a set or two for yourself.

Today we have a transcription of an interview with the CEO and owner of the company, Renee Claire and Wendy Trout. In this interview, the two discuss how the company got started with their first real infusion of cash, which allowed them to bank on themselves and take a big step towards expanding their business.

As usual, check below the video for the transcription. And don’t forget the  product review for Bedhead Animal Print Pajamas.

My name is Renee Claire and I own the pajama company Bedhead Pajamas. I am also the designer. My name is Wendy Trout and I am the CEO of Bedhead Pajamas. Bedhead’s been around for sixteen years and make everything in the US. All the prints you see are in-house designs. People just love them, they love collecting them, they love giving them as gifts. When we were growing so fast, we had so much great new business, but we had to buy the fabric. Like any other business we have to have that cash flow in order to make our goods. We borrowed $140,000 from Forwardline. And that translated into sales of about half a million dollars, so that really expedited our growth this year. What did it take us, 24 hours to get the money? Yeah, if that. What I like about Forwardline is that the money is taken out daily. It doesn’t feel like you have to come up with a big payment every month. Our money flows in. It’s seamless. You don’t even realize you’re paying back the loan. And then it can be a constant way of pulling funds when you need it. And so we feel like we can tap into it any time and it helps us sleep at night. For a small business owner this is a perfect solution. In order to grow your business you have to invest in your business. You have to be willing to take a risk and we took the chance and we took those big orders on so that we could grow the business and it worked. It does when you step out on a limb like that. The only way you can do hat is if you have cash flow and a safety net. And this is a great way to do that.

While we work on getting our own interview set up, here’s a bit from a Q and A done at WGSN.com, where owner Renee Claire discusses a variety of aspects of the business. Click here to have a look at it. The most interesting bit? We think it’s where she discusses the relationship she has with artists.

You have collaborated with a few artists on prints. Can you list these artists and briefly describe how you got involved with them? Any other collaborations on the horizon, or is there anyone you would love to work with?

Most of the artists we have collaborated with are from the Los Angeles area. They all exhibit at the Rosamund Felsen Gallery. We first started with a sculptor Patrick Nickell (you can see his sculpture gracing the LA store window). He created a very cool geometric repeat pattern that I helped color,and then make into a limited edition style. This is typical of the process and collaboration. The artist is paid a fee to create a fabulous window. Then a print is created to coincide with the display. We share the profits on a print run of the cloth. We have also worked with Jean Lower and John Gauld, and upcoming, we have a new window going up with Kim MacConnel. We had a lovely collaboration with LACMA this past year celebrating Modernism by using an archival print by Paul Laszlo from the show and reproducing it on knit and cotton sateen to sell in our stores and at the LACMA gift shop. Currently there is an Mbuti drawing exhibit up at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. I selected an exquisite drawing from the show and designed and produced a limited run of Mbuti pajamas.

Check out the rest of the interview here with Renee Claire of Bedhead Pajamas. Or cruise on over to Bedhead Pajamas and see what they have in their store right now.

12 Mar

Bedhead Pajamas Animal Print Pajama Review

We’ve got a review of Bedhead Pajamas Animal Print Pajama today.

Joy will be doing the honors today. She’ll be taking these Bedhead pajamas for a test run. We’ve got a transcript down below the video for easy skimming. Joy goes over the basic features of the bed clothes and highlights some of what you can expect from them. She’s quite pleased and even has a recommendation for how to transform it from boudoir attire to evening wear.

To check out the selection over at Bedhead’s Pajamas, you can click right here. Bedhead Pajamas have been getting quite popular these days and they got a really great selection of prints not limited to the animal kingdom.

(:47) Hi what I have here is a pajama set from Bedhead. This pajama set is from the The Bedhead Wild Thing Lounge Pajama and it comes with a two piece set. It comes with a top as well as the bottom pants. You can get it in long sleeve or short sleeve and I’ll be testing out the short sleeve one. I’ve got the pajama set on. You can see I’m wearing the short sleeve top and the pants. The pants have an elastic waistband and it’s quite comfortable to wear and the top is a babydoll top. Both have the same print on them. And it also has a pink trim. You can see the pink trim around the neckline as well as the sleeve. Now I really love this top. I think it’s quite versatile. I think you can wear it out as well as to bed. And the current trend in fashion these days right now so you see a lot of people wearing right now. If you want to wear it out I think all you have to do is add a high waisted belt like this one and you’re set to go out.

There ya go! We’ll keep you up to date when we have more reviews so be sure to check back soon.