29 May

June Bijoux Box Review

We have another Bijoux Box review/unboxing today. You know Bijoux Box as that subscription company that sends awesome jewelry straight to your house every month for 35 bucks a month.

You never know what you’ll get (aren’t surprises awesome?!), but you do know you’ll get three curated pieces of jewelry which you can enjoy for yourself or give out to friends and family.

Today YouTuber alittleaboutalot shows us what arrived in her Bijoux Box.

Hey, everyone! So today has been a day of delivery. So I got, what month is this? June Bijou Box and I’m so excited to see what is in five might be here box. So when you open it says you mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, my dear.

Oh there’s a thing that says share your Bijoux style and win a sparkle grab-bag. So that’s pretty cool and then there is another the whole thing for panty by post, which I guess is another subscription and it says share the love and your friends save fifteen dollars on this panties by post. I don’t know if you guys want that but I’ll leave the code and everything below.

There are three items in this be Bijoux Box. Oh, I know someone who will love this so I shall give it to her. This is a gorgeous like peachy, champagne-y color necklace, super feminine flirty, super girly. I know someone who this will be perfect for so momma’s gonna give it to her.

I love giving people things, I think, more than I like receiving thinks. No, for sure, giving things is so fun. Ooh! These are pretty as well. So these are little drop earrings and they have crystals and pearls on them. Those are really pretty. That would be really pretty for like a wedding.

Ok, and then the last necklace is this one. Which is funny because I can totally picture someone I know wearing this, too, so, this might be a gift box for me. I might be giving presents out but this box. This is beautiful. Its all pearls and gold, isn’t that pretty? I like that, too.

So, anyways, that is my Bijoux Box this month. Let me know if you got a Bijoux Box. You know, I love the accessory box — well I love the beauty boxes, too — but the accessory boxes are so because you get a chance to kind of spoil yourself and if you’re like me and maybe you get something that maybe you wouldn’t wear as much or you could totally see one of your friends or loved ones wearing it, it’s such a great way to like, you know, surprise them with a little treat for no reason. And I love that kind of stuff. So, anyways, I hope you guys are doing well and I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

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29 May

Bijoux Box Review and Unboxing

Bijoux Box is a monthly jewelry subscription service that will deliver to your home a curated selection of wearable fashion items valued at $100 or more. Every month a new selection will arrive. A “gift for you (from you),” as they put it. And who doesn’t like surprises?

Today we have a review/unboxing by Alysson from Sassy Moms in the City. Have a look, and as usual we’ve got the transcription below for quick referral.

Hey it’s Aysson with Sassy Moms in the city. And I’m working with a company called Your Bijoux Box, which is a monthly subscription for jewelry for thirty five dollars per month you get three beautiful pieces of jewelry delivered right to your doorstep. So they sent me the box for October to review and I just want to show you the three pieces that were included.

So this necklace, which is beautiful, it’s gold and white. It’s a guilded clover necklace and it comes with a matching pair earrings. And I really love this necklace because its painted on both sides. So I thought that was a unique feature, I don’t know if you’ve ever had a necklace where it’s painted on one side and you’re constantly having to make sure that it’s stays on the right side and that it’s not flipping over, and so I thought that made it really unique. And another feature is you can actually double up the necklace to shorten it. So it’s two neclaces in one, so I thought that was a really cool feature.
I actually think I like it shorter, I think I like it better this way.

But what I that was unique about the company also is that they send you a little postcard and it tells you how to wear the necklace which is a great feature because if you’re someone that you know you love jewelry but sometimes you get a piece and you’re thinking, I don’t really know what to wear this with — they give you little tips. And it comes in little box like this. To your doorstep, in your mailbox. And the jewelry comes in velvet pouches.

So this is the first piece and, again, I think goes really well with navy blue, with green, any of your fall colors, chocolate, oxblood, even a blush color, so I think this is going to make a  good statement piece. The other piece of jewelry that came in that October box with this beautiful statement necklace, the pedals necklace in green and blue and I am so excited to wear this one. I think it’s unique, it’s a popular color, you can wear it with navy. I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear with the sweater and now I know. This is amazing. I’m so excited.

I will keep my earrings simple, obviously I’m not going to wear these with the necklace, but with this necklace you could wear with a dress, you could wear it with a t-shirt and a blazer, there are so many different options and again it’s that perfect color when you’re wearing basics this fall.

Keep up with the current trends with Bijoux Box. All the fashion with none of the hassle. We’ve also got another bonus Bijoux Box review. Check that out here!