28 May

Blue Bath Deals, Coupons and Cool Stuff

Blue Bath Quality Home Sink & Bath stocks top of the line products for your bathroom and kitchen. Let’s see what deals we can find.

To start, have a look at what Blue Bath has in stock at their online store. They often have deals available.

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You can get some more info on Blue Bath products by checking out our transcribed video review of the Bio Bidet BB1000, available from Blue Bath. Also, if you’re thinking of adding a farmer’s sink, we’ve collected some tips on how to do that, as well as some history and some information on how they’re made by Alfi, one of Blue Bath’s top manufacturers.

28 May

How Alfi makes a concrete farmhouse sink

According to Wikipedia, a farmhouse sink “is a deep sink that has a finished front. Set onto a countertop, the finished front of the sink remains exposed.” These design of these sinks hearkens back to an era when sinks weren’t hooked up to modern day plumbing. Water would have to be hauled and then stored in a large sink for daily use.Think of a sink large enough to wash a small child in and you get an idea of what we’re talking about. These truly were mutli-use before it was cool.

These sinks, sometimes also known as apron sinks, went through several styles as time went on and use demanded. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a farmer’s sink, and if you’d like to check out a good starter list of things to consider, you can find that here.

But today we’re going to take a trip to the Alfi factory, a brand distributed by Blue Bath Quality Home Sink & Bath, where we will learn just how they make these huge, durable sinks.

The process of manufacturing a concrete farm sink is similar to that of a work of art. Each sink is individually hand made, which results in a one of a kind sink. I’ll guide you through the process of our unique, sustainable Alfi Brand concrete farm sink.

First we use a fiberglass gel-coated mold to create the desired interior shape of the sink. The exterior walls are made of laminate. This prevents the concrete from adhering to it and helps hold the concrete in place, giving it a square edge all around. The concrete will be filled up to the top with a knock out for the drain. We use various liquid pigments and experiment with them until we get the exact color we’re looking for. We let the concrete sit until it hardens completely. The outer laminate as well as the inner mold are all removed leaving you with the raw concrete sink.

We attach a small motor to the side of the mold, which creates a vibration and helps push out most of the air bubbles. This part of the process is critical, that’s why we take our time and make sure we’ve covered all our steps.

You may see some minor imperfections in the concrete such as small air holes and discoloration. These occur naturally in the drying process. Most of these imperfections will blend away once the concrete is coated. The ones that remain gives our concrete farm sinks their distinctive character and puts them in a class of their own. Once the sink is dry, the edges are given a slightly rounded radius. We double coat the entire sink and sand it down.

Our next step is to apply sealant in two stages. We use a high quality UV seal that’s considered one of the best in the market. After applying this durable seal, we’ll expose the sink to UV light in order to stabilize it. As you can see, the sink is almost ready. It just needs a final coat of wax. You’ll notice a lot of character still there. It’s definitely not a blank slate. The sink has a smooth feel to it and a lot of color play, giving it an organic feel, just like concrete should be.

Finally, our sink is ready to be delivered to homes across the nation. Our Alfi brand concrete farm sinks can be used indoors and outdoors and will give their owners years and years of service.

Fascinating! Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to check out our previous reviews of Blue Bath Quality Sink & Home products.

28 May

Blue Bath Bio Bidet BB1000 Review

Stocking everything you need to simplify or pimp out your bathroom and kitchen, Blue Bath Quality Home Sink & Bath is the go-to online source for all your shower, toilet, sink and accessories needs.

Today we’re going to have a look at a review of the Bio Bidet BB1000, available now from Blue Bath. With the Bio Bidet, you can treat yourself right with a laid back stream of pleasant steam to assure maximum comfort and cleanliness.

It comes with remote control, warm air dry, various settings including oscillating and pulsing, and aerated bubble technology. Combine that with the heated seat and you’re talking comfort as well as freshness. Pamper yourself!

His, this is Sandra from BidetsPlus and today we will be reviewing the BB1000 from Bio Bidet…This model is operated with a remote control… One of the things we noticed with this model is that it has a very sturdy look and feel to it. The bidet has a solid construction and it feels like a durable machine. You can still operate basic functions of the bidet without the remote as there is a mini-control panel you can see on the upper left part of the unit. Three buttons are available, posterior wash, frontal wash and a stop button. We like the design of this mini-panel with the buttons facing towards the sky. On other remote operated models, the mini-panels were a bit hidden, making your rely more on touch, which was not as user friendly as this one.

From the side profile here you can see that the electric cord is housed on the left side of the unit. You can also see the slot for the deodorizer, which can be removed. These cartridges can be replaced and then re-inserted back into the unit.

The bidet works with a patented three in one single nozzle system. Three different spray outlets can be found at the tip of the nozzle. Posterior wash, as demonstrated here, is handled by the spray outlet up top. Frontal wash is handled by the middle spray outlet and the turbo wash is handled by the bottom spray outlet. Nozzle position is adjustable. You can also adjust the water pressure and adjust the water temperature. The BB1000 has a move function and a massage feature. Here is the move function in action, which is the equivalent of oscillation, widening the cleaning area. And here is the massage feature, which is a pulsating massage. You can use the move and massage features at the same time as well, so it’s not just one or the other. Here is a view of the air dry. We found the BB1000 to have one of the strongest air dry features of the units we reviewed. This bidet is going to dry you off more quickly than most other models out there. It’s a strong, comfortable stream of air

The bidet also features a slow closing seat and lid. Additional features include a temperature controlled heated seat, but this feature can be turned off if you prefer your seat at room temperature. The bidet does have a self-cleaning feature which rinses off the nozzles before and after each use. It also has an energy-saving feature which decreases energy consumption when not in use.

An aside: if you want to get a glimpse of how the other half lives, have a gander at the steam showers Blue Bath carries. Wow! Who knew such wonders existed?