14 Jan

Caden Lane Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

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For more information, check out this interview with Katy from Caden Lane (with transcript).

And don’t forget this discussion about Caden Lane products (again, with transcript).

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14 Jan

Review Caden Lane Child and Kid Bedding

You know Caden Lane for their wide range of baby beddings and kid beddings. You probably also know them for their wide variety of designs, up to date fashions and baby room accessories. With Caden Lane, you can put a whole room together with eye-catching patterns and color combinations. If you’re going shopping, we’ve got some coupons for you.

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If you want a taste of what Caden Lane has to offer, check out this video. If you look below it, you’ll find an accompanying transcript. In the video, Amy and Amy (no kidding!) are going to go over some of the highlights from a past showcase.


We’re going to explain a little bit about the products that we carry. The owner of the company (she isn’t here right now) but she does design her own prints. It’s one of the unique feature that we have compared to our competitors.

Just one girl’s set here but I love it because it has this big chevron on the outside. We definitely believe in four separate bumpers. Great for conversion cribs. And the bumbers also have a zipper down here. So you can take out the inside for separate cleaning. You can even get it monogrammed, too, on the outside of the bumper. All bright colors.

Here we have the boutique boy. Pretty new. We had someone send us pictures of doing a surfing room. And this one an all-stars sort of theme. And these ones, sold out all the time. These coordinate like this. That Tiffany blue color with the pink just pops. And I love one detail on the zebra that’s different from other zebra fabrics. It’s actually lined with turquoise. And then our favorite, it’s brand new. One thing we tried to keep in mind here, there is some gray in here but the mommies that still have a brown crib, you can still definitely use this. And it’s lined, too. It’s all lined with dark navy blue trim so you can do a white crib, black crib, brown crib, any color. And it has yellow fabric minky fabric on the inside. And this one here is the girl’s. Very popular. And then this one I love because you can do the same thing, any color crib. And look at the little details in here. The scratchy look to it.

Want to learn more? Check out this interview with the boss, Katy from Caden Lane.

14 Jan

Caden Lane Company Interview

Today we bring you an interview (with transcription) by Rosenberry Rooms with Katy from Caden Lane. Rosenberry Rooms took some time out with Katy from Caden Lane to interview her about some of her recent bumperless bedding sets, as well as their accessories and prints. In the interview, Katy explains the tastes and vision that drives the design at Caden Lane.

To check out cadenlane.com, click here. Or, go here to check Ceden Lane out on Amazon and read some reviews.


Katy: Hey, it’s Katy from Caden Lane and we’re here at market and our wonderful booth. We’ve got everything from the collection here, all of our new bumperless bedding. Our new wall art that’s going to coordinate with all of our print sets. And, of course, all of our wonderful accessories. This is my favorite. Pink paradise. I love anything now that’s for girls that isn’t pink. When you can do colors like Tiffany blue, lime green, sherbert orange, funky fun colors.

RR: How do you go about designing your sets?

Katy: Well, we design in our main core collection… we design all of the fabrics. The boutique’s our newest one. I like kind of that funky Betsy Johnson thing but I didn’t want it to be outrageous. I wanted it to be on a sweet iron crib, or on a classic white slate bed. To me I see a turquoise chandelier in the nursery, with this Tiffany blue wall. And our white tree, the white tree that we have behind it, we sell that like crazy. I think it’s just more about creating room to brow with the baby instead of being just pastels.

Ok, these are some of the new fabrics for our bumperless bedding. This is one of my favorite boy’s. So this will be the crib skirt.

RR: I love the mustard and the grey.

Katy: This will be the sheet. And then the inside of the box pleat will be the yellow bark.

RR: That’s so awesome.

Katy: Ok, and then we’re doing a neutral one. This will be the skirt. The sheet is this one. And then it also has a yellow fabric like this inside the pleat. It’s just really pretty. I think it’s a different take on yellow.

And then this is the new girl set. Blue and pink. That’s the sheet. Triple ruffle down. This is ruffle one, this is ruffle two, and then ruffle three will be the blue again.

Katy discusses some of the color schemes she likes for baby and kid bedding, as well as some of the current trends that contribute to designing a whopper of a nursery for babies and kids. She also references the importance of accessories to putting together a complete room.