12 Feb

California Delicious Interview and Bonus Review

Backed with a ukelele soundtrack, let’s make a quick visit to California Delicious Gift Baskets. By the way, remember to click here for more product reviews with transcriptions.

Welcome to the Golden State. Where the sun shines brighter, the trees grow taller, and the gift baskets overflow with the taste from our own backyards.

Where else would we go for the finest wines right from the vineyard. Napa, how’s it coming? The creamiest cheese right from Sonoma. Fresh nuts right from the Central Valley. The best in season fruit. Salami!

The best California has to offer. All wrapped up in a hand-made gift basket delivered right to your door. That’s our promise.

Interview material online is lacking right now, so while we track down some more info for you, check out this review of the Any Occasion gift basket.

Dana Vento goes into quite a bit of detail about it, but one point in particular is worth pointing out. The gift baskets are re-usable. You may want to keep these things around after you gobble up all the goodies.

Needless to say at the end of this feasting binge, I placed my headphones back into my ears, kicked my feet up and just rested a while, savoring all the bounties of the Golden State that were clamoring for my attention.  While the wonderful assortment of foods is long gone, the basket is now reusable and will remind me of each lovely, morsel that I was able to test, enjoy and have a sweet finish to an otherwise very basic day!

Sounds satisfied to me!

12 Feb

Review of California Delicious Gift Baskets

California Delicious Gift Baskets creates and ships a variety of gift baskets for a wide range of occasions, including anniversaries, birthdays, New Years, Valentine’s Day, etc. As their name would suggest, their focus is on the products of California. So you’ll find in your gift basket products from the region, like wines, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and other specialties of the Golden State.

To check out more reviews on Amazon, go here. Today we have two reviews for you, which cover three different gift baskets. As always, they are transcribed for you. And remember to click here for more information and a bonus review.

Clay and Ruth from Pople’s Backyard Farm review their California Delicious basket. Like a lot of the reviewers we encountered during our searches, they are quite enthusiastic about their purchase.

CLAY: Hi. Clay from Pople’s Backyward Farm and I want to do a little review from a company that sent us a gift basket. It’s called California Delicious. They sent apples and oranges, and they sent some cheese spread with is the Monterrey Jack. Two of those and we’re going to use those with the crackers that they sent. And they also sent some fruit candy, mixed variety. We also got one more item, theh ot sweet mustard. I like this on ham and all kinds of stuff. That was very nice of them to do that for us. And we want to put a little plug in because this is the place to get your stuff because this fruit is actually very nice stuff. This is better than what you’ll get at Wagner’s.

RUTH: And also, too, it wasn’t just a few pieces. Chocolates were in there.

CLAY: Yup, there was chocolates and there was pistachios and there was almonds in there.

RUTH: And the price point was just phenomenal for how huge the basket was.

CLAY: If you get a chance go online and look up California Delicious Gift Baskets and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we have.

RUTH: Great for sick people, officer workers, gifts, new babies…

CLAY: It’s endless. So go online and check them out. This is Clay from Pople’s Backyard Farms – and Ruthie in the background – saying, come back and see us again!

For a point of comparison, Jennifer reviews two packages she received.

Hi, it’s Jennifer here and we have another review. We’re going to be reviewing some nice gift baskets. It’s called CaliforniaDelicious.com. Whereas you can get baskets that are filled with goodness. Like a basket that filled with a nice packaging of wine, with fruits and snacks, body products. Gift packages for his and hers. For many different occasions.

Let me show you what I received. I received the Starbucks Coffee gift basket sampler. Right here as you can see they sent me four Veronas for the coffee machine. And they also sent two of the biscottis right here. They’re wonderful. And I love how each gift basket comes with a card that has a message inside. So it says “California Delicious” right here, and on the backside it has their phone number. And you can have a message engraved in or they’ll be happy to do it for you.

Now, I also received another basket and this is by far my favorite because if anyone knows me you know I love chocolate. I call myself the “chocolate expert.” And anyone who knows, knows it. So, look. Who wouldn’t want a basket like that? That is a lovely basket. You got Ghirardelli all day. We have the Ghirardelli gourmet milk chocolate right there. We also have the milk and caramel bar from Ghirardelli. MMM… That’s a lot of chocolate, isn’t it? And also you have the creamy devotion Ghirardelli chocolate bar. And then, for you mint lovers that like chocolate as well, here’s a Ghirardelli for you, as well. And dark mint. Well, here’s another one right here for you. And this one as wel comes with a gift card. So, guys, the possibilities are endless. So head on over to California Delicious and order the gift basket and send it to a loved one. It wold be a good basket to send to someone who is graduating, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or any simple occasion just like that. You have holidays coming up soon, so I’m going to be ordering from California Delicious, how about you? Bye!

As usual,  we transcribed out the audio for quick evaluation and easy skimming.

12 Feb

California Delicious Gift Baskets Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

California Delicious Gift Baskets packs as much Golden State goodness as they can fit in a basket and ships it off to your house (or wherever you want). You can go here to order directly from them.

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And we have some video reviews of California Delicious products here, with transciptions.

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