23 Nov

Top Survivalist, Self Reliant Soldier Gift for the Christmas 2014



Well, here’s a category you won’t find anywhere else. To be honest, opClarity is not some bastion of survivalist ideology. But, we are familiar with some of the folks and products who run a few of the larger companies and we felt like it would be a service to help out people who are really into these sorts of products. From survival seeds, to the Life Straw (which is rad) and the Patriot Pantry, My Patriot Supply really fits the bill. My Patriot Supply is a legit company that brings some of the most high quality goods in the Survivalist market.


Over the years we have heard some stories about folks in the industry raising up prices on goods astronomically to turn huge profits. Basically, taking advantage of people they think they can take advantage of. My Patriot Supply, and click that link to take you right there does not do that. In fact, they are ran by good people.  So we suggest when you do your shopping this year you check them out.

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Never the less, what opClarity does best we did it for My Patriot Supply. Check out our handpicked reviews and CEO interview from the internets directly to you. If you don’t know how we work here we basically make sure you have the best information in text format right in front of your eyes. If you feel we don’t meet those needs write us an angry email. Otherwise get your MY Patriot Supply coupon right here : )

23 Nov

Put the Fun in Funny Christmas Gift this Season; The Squatty Potty


So, and here it comes and maybe it’s obvious. Personally, we here at opClarity can’t really come up with anything else that fits the bill so well. This could even be the top Xmas gift forever moving forward. It’s funny, you can use it, it is popular, it has great reviews and the people who make it are awesome small business folks. You can’t really go wrong with that. What we look for in a funny Xmas gift should be obvious.

  • Will people be amused when unwrapping
  • Does the gift make everyone awkward and grossed out (the answer should be no)
  • Can you actually use the product later

As you may guess, Squatty Potty fits the bill all the way. So, without further ado here is a picture of the contraption itself. While you are enjoying this graphic how bout you check the reviews out we have just for you. And, we know you won’t pass up this special Squatty Potty coupon you can use to make life just a little easier.

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