13 Apr

Classic Specs Ordering Tips

Today we’ve got a few short transcribed videos about basic features of the Classic Specs webpage. And don’t forget to check out or transcribed Classic Specs Vintage Inspired Eyewear Review!

So how about we jump right into it? Ok!

First up, Hannah from Classic Specs explains what the frame measurements mean on the website, and how you can use them to select a pair of glasses. Here we go!

Frame measurements

So we often get questions: “What do the measurements on the website mean?” You click on a frame style, there’s three numbers on the side of the webpage. What does it all mean?

So, I’m just going to explain the first measurement is the lens width. So that is a single lens, the width of it. So this one, the Amherst is, well, 45. The bridge is the second number. That’s the nose piece here, in the center. And the last measurement is the temple. That’s basically the measurement of the arm, measure this in a straight line.

So what does this mean? If you add the two lens widths together with the bridge, it gives you an idea of how wide the frame is and how it’s going to sit on your face. So, is it going to feel too narrow for you? Will it be too wide? Will it fall down your face. It kind of gives you an idea of how big the frame is. The temple measurement will help you if you’ve ever had problems with arms being long enough to fit behind your ears. So that’s where that comes in.

So these measurements might be a good way to choose which frames to try on and which to buy!

30-Day Free Returns Policy

Classic Specs has a really fantastic 30 day return policy. So if you get your glasses and you’re not happy with them for whatever reason, we’d be happy to do an exchange, replacement order, or to return for a full refund. Just contact us at help@classicspecs.com, or you can give us a call 888-509-5499. We also offer a fantastic one year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

How long do I have for my glasses Home Try-On Kit?

Hi, Kelly. Thanks so much for ordering home try-on. To answer your question, you have seven days from when you receive the kit to put it back in the mail. So if you received it on Thursday, you can send it back to us on Friday and you’re all set. I hope you found a pair that you love. I am currently wearing the Prescotts in Havana tortoise that were in your kit. I hope you found something that suits you and have a great day!

There you go! Don’t forget to check back later for more deals and reviews!

03 Apr

Classic Specs Vintage Inspired Eyewear Review

Check this out: Classic Specs. These folks do glasses and we have a review of them for you today.

Cherry Dollface from YouTube ordered a couple pair and shared her experience with her fans. She goes for a vintage look, as you can tell, but has a good perspective on what that means for today’s online eyewear shopper.

You can go to Classic Spec’s webpage right now by clicking here.

Check below the video for the transcription.

Hello everybody. Today I’m here to share with you a new company, as usual, that I think is awesome. And this one is especially near and dear to me because I am an eyeglass wearer. And a lot of you guys comment on my vintage eyeglasses that I wear in some of my videos – the little cat eye ones – and although they are super cute I have been wearing them for the last 17 years and they are not the most comfortable and not the easiest type of glasses to have. They get dirty really easy, they get scratched really easy, they bend really easy and break easy, and like I said they’re not comfortable (the little nose pads dig in, the little ear pieces dig in on the back) and they always have to be adjusted because they start to get kind of loose and just in general vintage glasses are kind of a pain in the butt.

So, I found this site called Classic Specs and they do, they don’t quite do the cat eyes, but they do some that are kind of vintage-esque. They do eyeglasses and you can get a pair of frames and your prescription for 89 dollars which is crazy because I know for me just getting my prescription filled with regular glasses is usually between 200 and 300 dollars. And they sent me two pairs of them. So the first pair is the Signe. And they’re super cute.

This is actually my favorite pair of the two. They’re like a tortoise shell. And they also come in multiple colors. Each style comes in usually two to four colors. So you can get them in either tortoise shell, or black or white, or black to white fade fade, or whatever other colors. They have them in grays. They do mens and womens as well. This pair is my favorite and I love them. They come actually in this box. They come in an outer box and an inner box. I was really surprised when they were shipped to me because they were really heavy and its because they come in such good packaging. So this box is a little magnet and inside is a pretty blue velvet. And then it comes with this little bag that you can keep them in and it’s also really soft material. I’ve been using it to clean my lenses but your actually supposed to use a shammy but whatever.

So the second pair that I got were the Dukes. And these are a thicker black pair. I was actually looking for more of a Buddy Holly style and these ones don’t quite fit my face shape quite right. So I emailed Classic Specs and they have a return policy which is awesome so I’m going to get a different pair other than these ones that just suits my face shape a little better. But I can tell you that these glasses are super well made. They’re nice and sturdy but not super heavy, which is good for you gals who don’t want little indents in your nose from wearing glasses all day. And they are cute.

And my prescription was perfect so obviously they must know what they are doing. I just entered in from my little prescription card that I get from my eye doctor, I entered in my little prescription and they came ready to roll. I actually was so excited when I got them that I was wearing my contacts and I tried them on over my contacts and I felt like I could see x-ray because my prescription is so bad.

But, yeah, I hope that you guys like these. Definitely go check them out. Like I said, they do styles in mens and womens. They also do prescription sunglasses which is awesome and they do dummy lenses. So those of you that want to just wear glasses and look like you need to wear glasses but don’t you don’t actually have a prescription, they do also do lenses that are just clear lenses with no prescription in them. So, I hope you guys like this. Go check out Classic Specs, let me know what you think, if you like them or if there are any other brands you want me to do reviews of and, as always, thank you for watching.

That’s a pretty comprehensive review. Don’t forget to come back from time to time for more deals and more transcribed reviews.