12 Jan

Clearlice Review

Kids get lice. It’s a fact. Kids catch lice faster than a soldier in a WWI trench (when a whopping 97% of soldiers got it!).

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Even though it can feel embarrassing, it’s something that is bound to happen. But what to do when the inevitable happens? You have a lot of options out there, but if you do the research, you’ll see that most of the products out there are filled with all kinds of nasty chemicals.

That’s where Clearlice comes in. Clearlice is an all natural lice treatment. You care about your kids, and you probably care about what they put in their bodies, so why would treating lice be any different? Clearlice has a long track record of success and you can use it with a clear conscience.

Hi. my name is Scott and I just wanted to do this quick testimonial for Clearlice. My son, Nicholas, he’s over here playing games right now, was sent home this past school year with head lice and my wife and I weer absolutely horrified. The first thing we did was take off, go to the drug store and we got Rid, came home and applied it. Problem solved, right? Well, no, not so much. Within another week they were back and it spread through the family. My wife got them, I got them. I work in an insurance company, lots of people, very embarrassing to say the least. And the bad thing with Rid and stuff, the chemicals they use are absolutely crazy. We started looking online, came across Clearlice, it’s an all natural formula, works great. Within one week they were done, I mean taken care of, and it really did the job. So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Clearlice. And anybody out there, if you have kids you’re bound to have this problem. Just check out this product, it’s really good and I highly recommend it.

Clearlice has a loyal customer base and they inspire many testimonials. They also get consistently high ratings on Amazon. Just a quick search of YouTube and Google will turn up many positive reviews, many of them practically raving with praise for the product. So down with lice and up with Clearlice!

03 Jun

Clearlice CEO Howard Shecter Product Overview

Today we’re featuring a video where Clearlice CEO and founder Howard Shecter personally explains the Clearlice line of products and how they work together. Because whatever product you choose, getting rid of lice isn’t as simple as just using a lice shampoo. You have to make sure they don’t come back, and that means you need a full treatment.

Shecter breaks this all down in a simple, straightforward way, explaining how the various Clearlice products fit together in an overall strategy to beat back the lice once and for all.

Let’s tune in. As usual, we’ve transcribed his presentation for easy browsing.

Hi, this is Howard Shecter, the founder and CEO of Clearlice here again to talk to you about our natural line of head lice products. Right now what we have is three types of products. We have our lice eliminating products. We have our shampoo, which is a natural sodium laurel sulfate-free shampoo – there’s no chemicals, no poisons in here. It’s safe to use for young children, it’s safe to use for delicate scalps. It has a nice peppermint smell. Our customers call in and say it actually smells like Christmas. So this is a wonderful product that will eliminate your lice in one day. And it actually does break open the shells of the lice and the nits and there is no need to any repeat treatments a week later to kill the nits.

This is our conditioner. This has a great peppermint smell as well. What this is used for is to make the combing process very easy after you use the shampoo. So you would use it, do a 20 or 30 minute combing. And it works wonderful, smells nice, makes the hair soft and plump.

You would then go ahead and treat your environment. It’s very important to treat your home environment so you don’t get a re-infestation. This is a household spray. Again, these products have a great peppermint smell, so there’s no harsh chemical odors to these. This is safe to use around your pets, safe to use around children, dries very quickly and it eliminates the lice on your furniture, bedding, car, anything you can’t put in the laundry.

Anything that you can put in the laundry you’re going to use our enzyme laundry additive. What this is going to do, again, this is going to destroy the shells of the lice and nits in your washing machine. We tell our customers, anything you can put in the washer you’re going to go ahead and put it in and use this. If it can’t go in the washer, you’re going to spray it with this.

Once you’re done with our one day treatment and the lice are gone, you want to make sure you don’t get it again. Because you got it in the first place from children at school touching each other, hugging each other, sharing hats, sharing clothes. So what you want to do is you want to make sure that you don’t get it again. Because a lot of kids don’t know they have it for a few weeks, people can’t get rid of it, so it’s going to keep going around the school. So you’re going to shampoo with our lice repel shampoo. These products both have a wonderful lavender smell. So it’s a nice smell, it’s a nice scent. The shampoo, you can use this daily. This is something that will not dry out your scalp. So you’re going to use this, and then this is our leave in conditioner. Again, this has a great smell. You put it in you hair, it’s going to leave the hair soft and silky. And it is going to help the lice from coming back. So we highly recommend that after you eliminate the lice, you go ahead and use the repel products.

You can find out more about our products at www.clearlice.com. Or visit us on our social media channels. You can go to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, forward slash Clearlice. I appreciate your time, you guys have a wonderful day.

If you haven’t seen it, you may want to go check out our featured Clearlice testimonial, and you can find many more at Clearlice‘s YouTube page. Also, their products are available from Amazon, where you can find many more customer reviews.