14 Mar

USflagstore.com State Flags!

Hello, we are back to introduce the great, professional selection of state flags from US Flag Store. By visiting their website directly you can get the best prices and quickest service. US Flag Store is a proud partner of Folds of Honor, you can be sure that your purchase supports the place you love. While visiting their site make sure to check out the sale section for the latest deals on an assortment of flags from military to poles and cases.


10 Feb

SWOL College Dorm Safe at Dormco!

Today we are highlighting Dormco, a supplier of college dorm related products. Offering shipping for 2.95 in the continental USA makes packing your dorm with the essentials becomes easy and quick. Dormco has bedding, bath, shelving, security and other useful products for your new or pre existing dorm life.

Our highlighted product today is the Swol Safe which is built to last and protect your valuables. You might ask why a safe is a valuable product to have in a dorm or off campus housing. Simply, some of the highest crime rates, specifically for theft focus on and around college areas. By having a safe you can rest easier that your valuables and momentos, electronics and money are safely tucked away. We highly suggest this product.

Dormco, isn’t your regular retailer that all the Freshmen will be heading to. So, you can make your choice among your classmates, stand out and be unique or blend in and get by. The choice should be easy. Shop at Dormco today!

05 Aug

How to find legit local product and service reviews

Sometimes it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff when searching for local online reviews. There are a lot of services that you can use. In our experience it’s wise to check a few sources before making a decision.

Services like Yelp and search engines you’re probably familiar with can help you. Sites like Urban Spoon are helpful, too. Cross-referencing them is a good idea, to compare notes. People have different tastes and experiences.

Sites like Amazon have built in rating systems and people often leave very detailed reviews of their experience with various products. This can be really useful for getting in person appraisals of things like clothing sizes (does the product tend towards larger or smaller than normal?) and color (is the picture of the item true to its real hue?). It can also be informative in terms of how it functions and whether it performs as promised.

Another place to check for reviews of products is YouTube. People often post videos that evaluate a product out of the box. These “unboxings” can be quite informative. You can also find product comparisons. For instance, in our review of the SJCAM you can see an example of a side by side comparison. Our post about the Nikon D5300 is another example of this.

All in all, it’s best to choose several sources and compare to get the best sense of a product or service. Keep in mind the purpose of the review and the level of expertise of the reviewer. For some products this may be more important than with others. Happy shopping!

03 Jun

MensUSA.com Company Overview

MensUSA is a massive storehouse of suits. Just have a look. It’s insane how much stuff they have. To truly appreciate it, you really need to just go to the site and click around. Make sure to check out their new arrivals.

Every man needs a suit in his wardrobe and that getting a suit can not only be a bit intimidating, but the process of physically visiting stores and browsing and trying on suit after suit isn’t for everyone. MensUSA makes that process easy as clicking the mouse.

Jason Inclan from MesnaUSA gives a quick overview of what they’re all about.

Here at MensUSA for the past 25 years we have been providing quality suits at affordable prices. We get all sizes here. From tallers to big and tall to even size 72. We specialize in all different types of events here from weddings to proms to funerals to business events to birthdays. Here at MensUSA, we have every suit that you need for your special event.

We have over 200,000 suits in stock. From zoot suits to wedding suits to sports coats to even top hats. Here at MensUSA we can give you everything you need when it comes to your suits.

We have bi-coastal warehouses to ensure fast shipping.

Shopping for a suit just got easier.

13 May

What to do when there’s no reviews…

Always the conundrum. You need to do some product research but there’s very little in the way of online advice. Making a mistake online can be costly but let’s be real, there some really basic steps you can take to protect yourself. Let’s go over three of the most important and consequently, they all relate to the same thing. Trust. How do you trust that you are buying something that is legitimate.

1. Are they located where they say they are located? Simple enough, go on their website. Where is their mailing address? Does the company CEO have a LinkedIn profile where you can confirm his or her location? Well, bam. You got this down. 

2. And on that note, do they list the name of the company owners? Well, here you might actually be able to do some research. Maybe they worked for some cool places or maybe their LinkedIn is filled out or Facebook seems active. A great way to figure out if the people who actually run the place are trustworthy. 

3. Whats next? Call them. Ask them questions. If they don’t want to answer them or never pick up it’s probably a good indication your time is better spent elsewhere. Makes sense?

Lastly remember, some businesses just don’t lend themselves to online reviews well. Maybe the product isn’t talked about all that much or maybe the people buying/using it choose to be private about it. Makes sense. So, in this case it’s up to you to make the wise decision.

All the best!

24 Feb

Sewing Machines Plus Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

Sewing Machines Plus carries a wide range of products, which you can get through their website or via Amazon.

Check out the discounts at SewingMachinesPlus.com by going directly to their website.

Remember to check out this product review of the Janome Ltd Edition DC 2014, available now from Sewing Machines Plus (with transcript).

We’ve got another product review for you here (with transcript, as always).

And for more reviews cruise over to Sewing Machines Plus over at Amazon.

20 Jan

Short & Sweet Air Fare Hunting Tip #1

We suggest you check around of course and if you know of a specific, special deal of course look at that. For instance, many times for regional flights across international borders choosing the local airline is a better idea. That said, in our opinion the KING of airfare searches right now is flights.google.com

Some of the strengths include:

1. Ability to mass search dates and places

2. Graphical User Interface for fares

3. Simple to use tools to find the best deal for non fixed dates

Seriously, go check it out. We promise you won’t be disappointed. In fact, it’s sort of fun to just look around and think about where you could go. And of course with gas prices falling, who knows what you may be able to afford.

06 Jan

Happy New Year, Squatty Potty Review Due Next Week

So, we are now back on track and will be bringing forth our new  creative project. We can’t reveal the specific details just yet but next week our work will be complete on our first prototype and we will be moving forth. So, expect some of the normal informational posts on the best ways to figure out how to find whats best in terms of products, businesses companies or what have you on the net before then.

And, maybe we will be getting to some more straight review posts in the meantime as well. Been busy around here and the success has been welcomed. Thanks!

14 Dec

Update Moving Into the New Year


So, we wanted to alert our users to some serious changes around here. Not so serious but, to say it plainly. Our business has seen a bit more success than we initially expected it would. This has forced/pushed/necessitated us to move up our internal schedule by about six months.

We can’t give too much away but if you could imagine professional product reviews that keep the hearing impaired user in mind I think that you would be on the right track. Yeah, that’s what we do anyhow but as was mentioned, we are stepping up our game. We have reviewed some greater products like Squatty Potty, Drone Fly, Surthrival, Christmas holiday stuff and others. What we thought would be a pretty straight forward operation ended up attracting more traffic and people than thought. We have no choice but to move forward.

So, up until the New Year you won’t see anymore product review posts here until we get some of our basics sorted out with a slightly new format. I say slightly new cause it’s the same with a really big edition for us. There will be a couple ideas and tips posts prior to what will probably be the week after the New Year. This will be cool, have an awesome holiday!

23 Nov

Brand New This Week! opClarity releases our top 5 gifts for X mas


We will be releasing our top 5 X-Mas gifts tomorrow. The categories we have chosen are as follows:

1. Funny/Gag/Universal gifts that would be a hit with just about everyone

2. Top tech gift overall, the thing that will be everywhere under many X Mas trees

3. Best gift for the budding artist, our choice might be obvious but whatever

4. Overall household gift when you aren’t sure what to buy

5. Best gifts for the mountain man, self reliance warrior and person ready for the apocalypse. Basically, we wanted to make it interesting.