28 Nov

How to Guide for Cyber Monday 2014 & Beyond

So, Cyber Monday is fast approaching. First we want to take a moment and say we are excited about the season and the new year. Our team right now is small, as a growing company we are doing well but more so we are excited about future plans. This site has some strong ideas moving forward and by next year who knows the levels we may be able to achieve. opClarity is a site that is dedicated to helping people understand reviews better. Shopping isn’t going away anytime soon, and people convincing you to buy a product isn’t either. That is why we exist. To help the consumer figure this stuff out in a way that makes sense. Our new years plans include creating our own video product reviews. That…is all I will say on that for now.

Cyber Monday was created to sell a product. That product was shopping online. As the future progresses we will see the internet for the most part replace a lot of in person shopping. Bit ticket items will generally be bought in store, smaller ticket will switch completely online. We believe that sites like Amazon and others, while they are good now will not be the wave of the future. That might sound crazy to the reader but generally, the actual store website in our opinion will be where people end up going. So here is our first tip and over the next few days we will post cyber monday tips. You are going to find this insane most likely but check it out: The best place to get the latest Coupons?

1. Join the email list of the store! Yep, you heard right, don’t go to Retailmenot or even our site to “find the latest deal,” go to the actual store website, sign up for their email list. 

And that my friends is the first installment of cyber monday tips.