05 Mar

Dahlia Jewels Company Overview and Reviews

Dahlia Jewelry set out to stand for quality and they have achieved it. Consistently rated at the top on Amazon and Ebay, and with five star ratings on Etsy, Dahlia Jewelry is going to deliver exactly what they promise. You can count on it.

We’re still waiting on an interview with Dahlia Jewels, so in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the Dahlia Jewels product reviews over at Amazon.

Dahlia Jewels gets consistently rated very high in customer satisfaction. Let’s look at some of the reviews for their Dahlia Women’s 100% Merino Wool Pashmina Scarf.

One purchaser, Krase, gives it five stars, writing, “The scarf is really pretty and the material is very good. I bought it as a gift for my mom and she loved it.”

Another writes, “My son gave this to me for Christmas. Its a beautiful pattern with grays,pinks and light black that goes with so many things. Truly dresses up anything that is plain black but also looks great with jeans. It’s has a lovely hand to the material and truly keeps you warm without adding too much material to the scarf. Love it!”

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05 Mar

Dahlia Jewels Pearl Necklace Review

Dahlia Jewels was started with the aim of making “quality & design affordable”. They’ve got a wide collection of jewelry and accessories. Check out their large selection of scarves, shawls and wraps.

We’ve got a short video describing one of their cultured pearl necklace sets with a transcription for easy browsing. Check it out below.

Dahlia Jewels brings you beautiful cultured pearl necklace set with white triple A cultured pearls. Dahlia designs premium jewelry and offers quality guarantees. The metal on this pearl set comes in 925 sterling silver. It is plated in rhodium and is extremely tarnish resistant. The pearls in this set are fresh water naturally white cultured pearls. This beautiful set comes in either size 6-7 mm or 7-8 mm and the necklace comes in either 16 or 18 inches. What an exquisite pearl set of a necklace, bracelet and earrings that completes any woman’s jewelry collection perfectly. Get a set for the favorite woman in your life and you’ll be glad you did.

Go here for more reviews and to check out what they have available on Amazon. Or, you can order direct from their website right now.