06 May

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Check out our review of the Diptyque candle, available from Domino.com. And to go with that, a transcribed video of how to clean out and re-use the candle jar when you’re done with it.

06 May

How To Clean Your Diptyque Candles (Video and Transcipt)

Since our last post featured a review of a Diptyque candle, which you can get from Domino.com right now, we figured we’d finish off the series with a video on how to clean and re-use that leftover candle container.

If you remember, when we left off, YouTube user Freeatlast28 had burnt his candle down to the bottom and was considering re-using it. Well, here’s how you can do that same thing, courtesy of HAUSOFCOLOR.

Of course, you could head over to Domino.com and buy another one, too, if you’re as hooked on them as most people are! Just sayin’!

Hi, guys, it’s Alvy from House of Color, welcome back to my channel. Now, before we get into today’s video, please don’t mind my background. I know it’s a little bit chaotic than what I’m used to and what you guys are used to, but I’m reorganizing my room and I’m reorganizing my life and there’s just not enough time in the day that everything is perfect enough that I can film everything. I don’t like to film in these kinds of conditions but like I said, we’ve got to work with what we’ve got.

So, anyway, in today’s video I want to show you guys how to clean out your candle jars so you can re-use it to say, put your make up brushes in it, or you can re-use it to put flowers or little knick knacks, anything you like. If you guys are avid candle-lighters like me, when you’re done burning a candle you kind of want to save the jar. I just have sentimental attachments to these candles. This Dyptique candle is a little bit pricey and like I said you can use it to hold make up brushes or flowers, and it’s just a really good idea. I’m going to show you how to clean out the wax, get it nice and beautiful so you can go ahead and use it again.

There are several methods you can use to clean out your candles. I’m going to show you two ways that I do it which I find pretty simple and quick. The first way is to start with super hot water to melt the wax left over in the candle. Fill the jar up with hot water and be careful not to get the label wet because you don’t want the label to come off (unless, of course, you do). Next grab a spoon and scrape the remaining wax out of the jar. This process should be fairly easy as the wax has been softened by the hot water already. Dispose of the wax, rinse the jar with hot water again and remove any excess wax residue with a kitchen sponge. Once the jar is empty of wax, wipe it down with a towel and, viola!, you now have a beautiful decorative jar.

The second method is also very easy. Start by boiling some water over the stove. Now you don’t need it scorching like me but it’s kind of hard to film yourself and do this at the same time. So, once you have the hot water going, add your candle jar to the pot to melt the wax. Once your wax has melted it should be in liquid form like so, and just dump it. Now clean the jar out with some dishwashing soap and a sponge. Your jar should be completely spotless afterwards. It’s so easy and only takes a couple minutes.

To add a little love to my life I put fresh flowers in my house when I can. Sometimes arrangements can be costly so what I like to do is buy a small bouquet at the grocery store and arrange them myself. Again, this is very simple, it doesn’t take very much time and it gives you a nice happy feeling to see the beautiful blossoms. And if you guys follow me on Instagram you’re probably familiar with this picture I posted about waking up to my favorite things.

Another really awesome use for these candle jars is to put your makeup brushes in. It’s super chic and looks super elegant on your vanity or desk. Thank you for watching.

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out our transcribed review of the Diptyque jasmine candle!

06 May

Domino.com Dyptique Candle Review

Shop Domino.com for all your home d├ęcor needs. Everything from sheets to rugs to wallpaper, if you’re designing your living space, the odds are that you can get it at Domino.com. And it will be stylish and reasonably priced.

Today we’re going to bring you the first in a series of reviews of Dyptique candles, all the rage these days and available now at Domino.com. YouTube user Freeatlast28 is going to break down his experience with his Dyptique jasmine candle.

So let’s get to it.

Hi there. I just thought I’d do this with you just to show you the results from my Dyptique jasmine candle that I burned for Christmas. It’s lasted and it’s burned all the way down, so it was good. It’s not burnt like a circle in the middle and it’s had the best scent that I’ve ever had from a candle. This was 55 pounds, I got this for Christmas and you can see my other video of lighting this candle. I’ll put the link there. So it’s lasted a long time, actually. And that’s the bottom. I’ll probably keep this glass. I may put some more wax inside it, I’m not sure.

But yeah, I’ve really loved having this candle and maybe hopefully one day I’ll get another one. The only bad thing I can say is as you can see it makes a black circle mark around the top. So if you was buying this candle and you were living in a minimalistic place, like white walls, this would show up. So it wouldn’t be good for that but it is an amazing candle. You can still smell the scent from the last bit from the bottom. Jasmine. And it was scented all the way through.

I’m actually going to miss this candle now. But I will do a video on the next candle that I will be burning this month. And then we’ll see how long the next one lasts. Ok? I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you all on the next video. Bye.

There you have it! As a bonus, we’ve also got a video on how to clean your Diptyque candle when it’s burned all the way thought. Find that video and transcription here. Happy shopping!