20 Oct

Drone Fly Scoured Reviews

Here at opClarity we specialize in finding reviews so you don’t have to. We look for company reviews at all the major sites including Google, Yelp and others and even web forums. So, sometimes you are getting some deep web results. For Dronefly.com it is important to have reviews that touch on the tech specifications of the product itself.

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ENTER the DJI Phantom, (picked mine up at Dronefly.com) the out-of-the-box R/C quadcopter.

Now before y’all jump into a tizzy that this thing isn’t close to the same quality – doesn’t do X and Y…I know those things. It’s ok that it can’t fly an Arri Alexa or do this or that other thing. BUT damn this is a great entry product that A) allows budget conscious folks the ability to fly a camera; B) makes some pretty solid footy for web videos and such; and C) is a helluva lot of fun to fly. All at fraction of the cost of any previously mentioned option.

Designed to fly the GoPro (you know I love ‘em in this video), this little rig comes in at under $700. Nothing to sneeze at, but chump change compared to what was available just 5 years ago. My crew has two of these little buggers now — and within 5 minutes I had achieved a comfort level great enough to try the stunt at 0:45, terrorize the other people at the GasWorks park in Seattle, and even chase a seaplane.

Although it’s not suitable for high end work (yet?), this is a nice budget breakthru. And truth be told it’s a fricking blast — I’ll be doing more soon. Perhaps…ahem… even on my next photo shoot in Iceland…

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Some truly sick video of Dronefly DJI in action

From the video for the hearing impaired or if you know, you just wanna read…
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20 Oct

Drone Fly Company Interview

Drone Fly truly values the customer and as we move into the busy holiday season opClarity will try and bring you a real try to life interview here. Make sure to keep looking back for special interviews just for us. With that said we do have some great interviews from the web that we will include here. We encourage you to keep checking back at Drone Fly as new holiday products will be added soon. Their customer service at Drone Fly is always related A+

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20 Oct

DroneFly Deals, Coupons and Cool Stuff

Hey! Today we check out Dronefly, one of the top drone tech distributors in the United States. Dronefly has a consistently good rating for product and customer service. You will be able to tell after you check some of these stats out. Anyhow, first things first, here are some helpful savings!

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