24 Oct

eFowl Reviews

Yo! So, we wanted to get some good eFowl reviews for you. Luckily not only do they have some legit business interviews but some folks have been kind enough to review their products around the internet. The thing is, some businesses just don’t have a lot of reviews for whatever reason. eFowl.com has plenty and what we intent to do is bring you a mix of them. Also, if you are interested check out their reviews from Amazon and after that hit up efowl.com directly.

Sorry,no negatives here! I have ordered from efowl and gotten decent birds. I ordered 3 cayugas last year and all was well. They arrived healthy and active.

This year I have 6 goslings coming in April from them.


My experience was great everything was on time and I received 21 chicks one was D.O.A but all the rest are very healthy, strong and growing like weeds I would order from them again .

Ok this isn’t much of a review its just cute

Pretty real-time review here of receiving the efowl.com chickens

24 Oct

eFowl Steals, Codes, Deals and Coupons to Help You Save on Chickens

What we say at opClarity is, buy yourself some chickens if you need to. Look, the whole chickens in your backyard game is growing rapidly. Can’t even count how many chickens get lose in my urban neighborhood these days. Luckily, this isn’t all eFowl does. Anyhow, efowl.com is a down to earth company ran by a local team who really keeps the consumer in mind. You can tell by their reviews and basically the entire offering that they are truly legit so…without further ado here are some of the latest deals online.

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24 Oct

eFowl CEO Interview

We currently have a request in for our basic questions but as usual we have scoured the internet in search of something to bring you. As for now you can go directly to eFowl to read what they say. Below you can keep checking back for our custom questions answered by the efowl team. Anyhow, enjoy what we have and good luck.

Not much of nothin here yet but we will get back to ya!