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Fox Interviews Faithbox CEO Willie Morris

Curious about what (and who) the motivation is behind Faithbox, the inspirational subscription service? Last December, Fox and Friends interviewed Faithbox founder and CEO Willie Morris and got him to talk a bit about his company, but also his own personal journey.

It was Christmas time. As usual, we’ve transcribed the discussion for easy browsing and for our hearing impaired friends.

Fox: It’s easy to get lost in the meaning of Christmas. But here’s one gift idea to remind you of the season’s true meaning, it’s called Faithbox. Well, joining us now to explain is the founder and CEO of Faithbox, Willie Morris. Thanks for being with us. So you can have all kinds of subscriptions that you give somebody for Christmas, whether it’s a wine subscription, magazine subscription, but this is for faith. How does it work?

Morris: It is. So every month we ship out a box. Every box is around a specific Christian theme. And every box we have a mixture of a few things. We have these cards which are inspirations, reflections, so everything from quotes or bible verses, scripture, and we also have actions in those. So, take a few minutes out of your day and buy lunch for somebody, random acts of kindness.

FOX: And what I love about the idea behind it, it’s not all just about making money, but you partnered with a company that really helps children, and feeds needy children. Tell us about that.

Morris: Yeah, so the idea is that we’ll have a charitable partner every few months. Right now we’re working with Rice Bowls. So for every box that we ship, we actually make sure that an orphan child has food for a day, which is kind of awesome.

Fox: Now your story is interesting, too, because you weren’t really a believer.

Morris: That’s true.

Fox: And you, something changed in you. You were an atheist at one point. And now you’re a believer. Tell us about that.

Morris: Yeah, well I grew up, I went to Catholic school. Did all that good stuff in Virginia. Then I went down to the Dirty South and Alabama where I went to college and I just kind of was exposed to a very different type of Christianity where some of it was a little heavy handed. It didn’t fit with my idea of Christianity was. And so I kind of went the other day and as a college kid you always go to extremes so I went completely atheist until I was in Florida and slowly found my way back but in a very different way. More through reflections and acts and kind of trying to live it out day to day instead of how I grew up.

Fox: Yeah, well it’s pretty bold to come up with a company based on your faith. Right? How has that been working out for you?

Morris: It’s been great. It’s definitely been a journey. For such a long time I never talked about my own faith, my own religious background. And now I’m doing something that gives back a little positivity in the world, has been really exciting.

Fox: Lot of positive actions in here and I even see some dark chocolate in here. (2:28)

Sometimes you have to leave and come back to really appreciate the important things in life and what has meaning for you. Faithbox is about helping you find it and keep on experiencing it. For more details, check out our transcribed Faithbox unboxing and review here.

01 Jun

Faithbox Steals, Deals and Coupons.

Faithbox is a Christian company dedicated to inspiring you and helping your reflect and practice your faith in the real world.

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For more information, check out our transcribed video unboxing and review here, and this interview with Faithbox CEO and Founder Willie Morris here.

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Faithbox Unboxing and Review

We all need inspiration now and then. If you’re a person of faith, then Faithbox might just be the thing for you, to help you get through the hard times or push ever upward doing the good ones, to inspire you to greater things and to live your faith to the fullest.

What is Faithbox? Well, we’ve got a review and unboxing here to tell you all about it. YouTube user ChaChaCakes goes into great depth, describing the subscription service and what comes with it, and why you might find that Faithbox is just the thing for you. Let’s tune in.

Hi, everyone, how are you, it’s Theresa. So I’m here with a new video and it’s a subscription box service. And before I get into that, excuse my voice, I’ve been dealing with a laryngitis type of situation but I was committed to getting this video up so here I am channeling my inner Rachel Ray with my scruffy voice. Anyway, I’m excited about this subscription box, you know I like to share things with you guys, talk about nail polish and make up, and all those things are great and they kind of are an escape from reality, but this box is an inspirational box and it’s more of a way to deal with our reality through faith. This is called Faithbox and this is a new subscription. This is the first box that they offer. I will link the company below so you can go look into it. But it’s really fun. It’s something different, and something inspire and offer you hope for the future instead of nail polish, which we can’t take with us, girls, as much as we love it.

I’m going to go ahead and show you what’s in here, talk a little bit about it.This box here is a twenty dollar box. You can do it month to month. They have a three month service which brings it down to $16.50. For six months you can do it and it’s $15 a box. What’s cool about the box is that a portion of it does go to charity. And everything in here supports local, as much as they can, fair trade, those kinds of things. So that’s cool, it’s definitely socially responsible, as you could call it, as far as the box goes.

So let me show you what’s in here. There’s some really fun kind of stuff that I’m excited to show you. So this month’s box is the first one from this company. It’s called beginnings, which is appropriate, and the things in it are related to that idea. One of the things that we will always have is these inspirational cards, which I love. There’s one card for each week in four weeks. And in here it says “From small beginnings comes great things.” And I love that, and then it says the November 2014 Faithbox.

And then on the back of each one is some kind of cool thing you can do. Reflections, inspirations, ways that you can do good in your community. So the first one, I love this verse, Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope in the future.” I absolutely love that verse. It’s awesome. And then at the bottom, “How can you live out God’s plan to fullest the this week?” So it’s something to think about and reflect on, I love this. There’s some other ones in here. Week four: “#DoGood Offer encouragement or support to at least three different people this week.” And it gives you something to do. So I love that idea, a reflection and really thinking about how we impact the world as we go. So that’s very, very cool.

And then to go with that is this, it is a recycled journal and it does have the F, their sort of logo there, which also came with a sticker, too, that says “Faithbox.” I love that font, it’s kind of fun. But this is a recycled journal and it’s got lined paper and it’s just a place where you can reflect and kind of answer some of those questions, take it with you. I love having things to jot down like if you’re listening to a song and there’s a lyric you really love or you want to think about or remember. You can use it for anything but I like the idea of this little recycled notebook.

Then they do have fun things in there. Chocolate. Yes. I will say yes to chocolate. So this is from Equal Exchange, it is fair trade dark chocolate. And so this company Equal Exchange is all about supporting the growers, the farmers, the consumers, equally and responsibly and that kind of thing. It is organic dark chocolate. I did taste it and it tastes wonderful. It’s got this whole label that kind of tells about their business and the things they are doing for the community and stuff. And let me just show you. It’s amazing dark chocolate, you know how that is. It’s beautiful. Take a square and you will be thoroughly pleased with that. All right, and I never did show you the inside of the box. It’s really cute and it has all this shredded paper, packaged really fun.

So then the last thing it has in it is this seed kid, and it is called an herb garden seed kit. This is made by the company Decker Road Seeds. They are in Oregon, it’s a family-owned company and they support that sort of thing. It’s a really fun little herb garden. And I love this idea of beginnings, sprouting seeds, beginnings of something new in life, and all that kind of stuff is really fun. So it has three little seed pots, the little peat pellet in it and then you put water in it and it fluffs all up. All the instructions, of course, the little markers so you can write down what the seeds are and stick them in your little pot. And then these are really cute, it’s got this little metal tin with the seeds in it. And this is chives. And so you can open it up and find your little chive seeds. I don’t want to drop any. So there’s chives, basil and cilantro. Which you guys know we love to cook, doing dinners and stuff, so this will be fun to stat and get our green thumb going. And it has the instructions, of course, of what to do. So that’ll be nice. It’s Fall but it’s actually Winter here. It’s snowing and freezing cold. It will be nice to grow something inside and feel productive and be able to use it in our cooking.

So, anyway, I really love this box, I am going to subscribe myself. This box was sent to me from them. I am going to subscribe. I really like the idea of getting something that will inspire you and offer reflection and hope, and grow your faith. So, yeah, I’m excited about that, hope you are, too. (6:35)

What a sweet idea! A perfect mix of reflections, activities and inspiration to get you motivated. Affordable and responsible, too, and all delivered right to your door each month.