12 Feb

Fan Plus Friend “Scented Corsage” Blouse Review

Check out these reviews by DreamyVanilla of two Fan Plus Friend’s blouses!

This review is more than just a standard review. DreamyVanilla takes some time while reviewing the products to give some tips on ordering from Fan Plus Friend, including everything from describing the shipping experience, to tips on how to order to maximize your consumer experience.

She also gives quite a bit of detail on the construction quality and features of the clothes. So, not only do you get a tour of some Fan Plus Friend clothes, but some advice on how to make sure you get exactly what you want.

As usual, we have transcribed the video for easy skimming and searching.

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Hi, everybody, it’s me, Dreamy Vanilla. Just wanted to show you guys the new blouses I got from Fan Plus Friends and do a quick review of them. They’re actually really quite nice. And I thought I might give you some tips that I’ve learned so far from on ordering from Fans Plus Friends. And I’ve actually ordered now about four times and each time it’s actually been really great. I haven’t had any of those mishaps where people have reported that they’ve gotten those weird sizings and stuff like that. So I got them yesterday. I ordered February 17th. At that point they were away on holidays for a bit, which was fine.

Whenever I order something I always make sure to do a background check on it. So I go online and I look up a lot of reviews from people and just go from there. If it’s a bad review I don’t do it, if it’s a good review, I do. And I didn’t have any problems. Everybody was giving good ratings for these blouses and I really wanted them so I just jumped in and I bought them. My recommendation is when I order from Fans Plus Friends always check the fabrics, check the sizings and then go online and look for reviews because if it’s bad you can’t return it. The other thing is I always go for items that are not instant ship or ready to ship which they have as a label under the picture of the item. I look for items that are made on order. So they actually make it once you purchase it and it can take up to three weeks for them to make your item. They seem to be a lot better quality and I’ve never had any problems.

So, yeah, I purchased it on the 17th. It took them about three weeks but last week I got an order with my tracking number. The thing with Fans Plus Friends is that I feel like they ship it out and it takes a week for them to actually tell you that you have a tracking number. Because I had no updates on my tracking number but lo and behold it appeared yesterday, so at least they have fast shipping. If you do have any problems just call your local post office and give them your tracking number and they can usually update you on what’s going on with it. I’ve never had any problems.

I’ve already opened it and tried them on. This is what it came in. Isn’t it fancy? They send everything in DHL. There were no bumps or tears or scratches. And both blouses came in this clear plastic baggy with their name and their logo. My invoice number. And so I got a brown and a pink and purple blouse with flowers on it. I don’t know the name of the blouses but I’ll put an add on or pop up that will tell you what these are called.

So the first one I got was the brown one. It’s really cute. It’s actually a bit lighter than it is in the camera. It’s actually very soft fabric. It feels like what they make mens dress shirts out of. It’s got cute stretchy sleeves and very cute lace. It’s also got ties in the back so if you want to tie it up a little tighter in the back you can. I always order it in a woman’s size 80 or a ladies 80 only because a 75 would be too small on me. I just draw in the strings and it fits perfectly. The collar is really nice. When I got it it was pressed like this. The only problem with the bow, Fans Plus Friends uses safety pins for all of their bows. So this isn’t actually a ribbon that goes underneath, I actually had to pin this on, so be careful. It’s got very cute detailing, very traditional. Makes me feel like I’m a little girl. An old fashioned school girl. And the lace – the best part – the little bows, can you see that? Bows on bows. It’s adorable!

It fits like a glove. It is fitted, though, so it does come in at my waist. It’s not just a box cut. I searched the entire thing, there are no loose ends or weird chunks of fabric that need to be cut off. So it’s really cute and very soft and I can’t wait to wear it.

All right, so the second one I got was my pink one. It’s actually a little darker than it was in the picture. I was a bit surprised but I should know better, lighting changes everythign in photography. This is the pink one, isn’t it cute? Like the other one it has the scrunchy sleeves and the ribbon in the back. This time the lace, though, has just ogt little flowers. A basic standard lace. I like the contrast with this dark purply red in the front. It’s very cute. See the flowers? That’s the print on it, so it’s really nice. The only problem with it is that I found this one is kind of see-through, so I’m going to need to wear through something underneath to cover that up. I was actually hoping that it was going to be not as see-through. Once again I couldn’t find any loose-ends or any mishaps with the construction of it. I really like it. Maybe I will do a collage later of me wearing these two blouses.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below. Or if you have any requests go ahead and ask me or send me a message. I will post the link to these blouses from Fans Plus Friends below in the into to the thing. So, have a good day. Bye bye.

DreamyVanilla’s review is a pretty comprehensive guide for shopping from Fan Plus Friend, but check back from time to time since we are continuously adding content.

12 Feb

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Stepping into the world of Fan Plus Friends is like entering another dimension, one in which everyone dresses fancifully and creatively. And one in which one’s wardrobe is only limited by imagination. Fan Plus Friends specializes in Gothic Lolita fashion, a style that combines Victorian era clothing with the sensibilities of the Rococo period and the rebellion of the Gothic movement. It allcombines in a modern day, cutting-edge style that truly sets its followers apart. And if that’s not unique enough for you, Fan Plus Friend also carries cosplay clothing, derived from the fantasy costumes worn by animation characters from Disney traditional to the fringe world of Japanese anime. You can chose from the hand-crafted ready-to-wear inventory or commission your own outfit with custom colors and details, all at prices you can afford. Unique accessories are also available, including short and long fake fur spats, under knee stockings, half-palm gloves, capes and head dresses. Our cosplay shop features designs based on everything from Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast, to Ghost, Pandora Hearts and Black Butler. If you like us on Facebook, you’ll get updates on seasonal items and the latest inventory. So if it’s distinctly personal fashion at affordable prices that you want, you’ll find it at FanPlusFriend.com.

Meanwhile, over at A Little Kitchen Sink, you’ll find a review of several Fan Plus Friend items, including the the Lady Marine JSK and Bustle Vest. The reviewer, J, describes her impression of FanPlusFriend going into the review:

Fanplusfriend is a strange animal in the Lolita community. For some reason, it’s just kinda… there. It’s relatively ignored even though the store offers awesome services like custom sizing, and for some items, even custom colors and fabric. The overall feeling I get from others is that Fanplusfriend isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. I’m not sure how or why it became this way though, since my first experience with them was extremely positive. I have to say that for me, Fanplusfriend ranks higher than Bodyline.

J’s blog documents her consumer experience thoroughly, with pictures and detail, from unpacking it to modeling it. In the end, she comes out quite pleased.

All and all, I’m very happy to have given F+F my money! I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again, even though some of their items tend to be hit or miss. This entire experience and all of the items I ordered get an 8 out of 8~! I really like Fanplusfriend’s Classic pieces so I’ll be on the look out for more beautiful things from them.

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12 Feb

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