31 Mar

Florsheim Shoes CEO Interview and BONUS Flashback Review!

Today we’ve been featuring Florsheim Shoes. Earlier we transcribed out a review of Florsheim Long Wing Tip Brogues. Go back and check it out if you haven’t. Normally we’d have an interview with someone from Florsheim shoes but while we’re waiting on that, how about a trip down memory lane?

(By the way, if you’d like to see an interview with Florsheim head honcho David McGinnis, you can go here!)

When are we going to, you might ask? How about some time before the internet. Back when people got their reviews from… television! Sounds crazy, right? Back then you had to tune in at the right time to see it.

There wasn’t an army of YouTube reviewers to test and evaluate products, so the job fell to a small group of brave TV personalities who saw it as their job to protect us from fraud and chicanery. Fortunately for us, a lot of it has been saved and got uploaded to YouTube, where we can relive the good ol’ days.

Remember that show Fight Back! With David Horowitz? No? Well today’s your lucky day! From deep in the bowels of the internet we found this little clip where the fearless consumer advocate took Florshiem shoes’ waterproof claim to the test! By walking through a car wash while wearing them, naturally!

This little bit of comedy needs no transcription to get it, but it has a very serious point to make at the end: the shoes passed the test. Even way back then Florsheim should would keep you high and dry in the wettest weather. And you can still count on them today.


Want to get a pair for yourself? Of course! Just click here and you’ll go directly to Florsheim’s website where you can see all their many classy (and waterproof) shoes. Cheers!

30 Mar

Florsheim Long Wing Tip Brogues Review

Check out this YouTuber who brings us today’s review of Florsheim Long Wing Tip Brogues. As you’ve come to expect, we’ve transcribed it below. This guy is concerned with looking good on something less than a millionaire’s budget, so he’s the right man for this job. He’s going to give us a quick overview of the shoes, how they feel and how he managed to score a deal on them the old-fashioned way.

Scroll down for the transcription, and you can click here to go directly to Florsheim to check out what they have on sale.

Ok. Right now I am wearing a brand new of Kenmore long wing brogues from Florsheim shoes. I just got back about an hour and a half ago. I’d show them to you on camera but I don’t want to take them off. They’re really comfortable and I really like wearing them. In this whole process of finding goods and services and stuff for guys who aren’t millionaires but who want to live well and look good, I’ve been rethinking my shoes and I wanted some wing tips so I got a pair of wing tips right after Christmas from J Crew. They were on sale for like $180 down from $225. Beautiful wing tips. I’ve written about them on the blog. And I’ve shown pictures of them. They’re working out really well.

But I needed an alternate pair. Because you can’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. It’s not good for them. You need to put shoe trees in them, let them dry out, and treat them right. So I wanted an alternate pair. And a pair that wasn’t going to break the bank. But I also wanted shoes that were well-made. So I stumbled on Florsheim. My dad’s shoe for choice back in the day. And I went over the Florsheim emporium over on Madison Avenue in New York. Not a sexy shop but that’s okay. But I knew what I wanted because I went to the website and did the research and they have these Kenmore long wing tip brogues with a goodyear welt. Great solid construction that’s going to last a lifetime.

And they were also $225. But when I got to the store they were 25% off. So these, the ones I’m wearing right now. The ones I’m enjoying right now, cost me $165. So I’m set for my wing tips and my long wing tips. And as I said they feel really good. When you break in a pair of shoes that have a goodyear welt the sole is really think and it can be really rough in the break in process but once you break them in your sold for like. But these are instantly comfortable. I feel like I could walk the city streets. Play a little basketball. And as I said, I don’t want to take them off. I’m doing a stupid little jig right now as I do this.

But if you’re in the market for some solid man’s man wing tip shoes check out Florsheim has the Kenmore from their Imperial collection. The Kenmore long wing tip brogues. They’re fantastic. They feel really good. They’re only $225 full price but if you get them on sale like I did accidentally today, I was pleasantly surprised to get them for $165. That is nothing for a paid of solidly constructed pair of shoes. Dress oxfords. Another good alternate is J Crew where I got the other ones. The other wing tips. So, that’s it. I’m really excited about these shoes. Like I said, I feel like I could walk around all day. All day. Right Smokey! My dog’s looking at me like I’m a freak!

In that review, we get some wing tip knowledge and the sense that this guy is stoked with his purchase. He practically dances out of the room! Stand by for more reviews of Florsheim products. Check back soon!