24 Oct

Hitting World Company Interview

What we try to do is bring exclusive interviews and scour the net for various other stories from Hitting World and similar businesses. Anyhow, what follows is a Hitting World interview with the CEO.  If you want to go directly to Hitting World Click Here

1. How long has the current incarnation of your business been in existence?
We launched our site in 2006 
2. Do you sell your product at brick and mortar stores or only online?
We sell online only. 
3. What makes your product special, what gives your business a leg up on the competition?
We specialize in baseball and softball training equipment. We evaluate all of our products before they go on our webite, with a focus on finding the highest quality equipment, whether it is made by a major brand or a mom and pop company that only makes 1 product. 
4. If there is one thing you would like to say to people thinking of purchasing, what would that be?
We pride ourselves on selection, customer service, and low prices. We’re a small, family run business that loves talking to our customers and making sure they get the knowledge they need to buy the right products.

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24 Oct

Hitting World Reviews

For hitting world along with our CEO Interview we wanted to get some actual transcripts of the Hitting World products reviewed from Youtube. Below you will find a few reviews text based and a couple video reviews with text accompanying. If you want anything else specific here please let us know. If you want to check out the Amazon Review of Hitting world Click Here and to go directly to their site check THIS link out.

After looking at several sites, I found hittingworld.com to have the best price. 3-$29.95 6-$54.95 and 12-$99.,95 plus shipping of course. I just ordered a dozen myself from them

Here is a review of a Hitting World training bat

Review by Hitting World of their Hitting Deck

24 Oct

Hitting World Coupons

Hitting World for the most part sells hitting and baseball equipment. A full range distributor of some of the top brands. They are also a small business run by a great team. Here’s the thing I really like about them as a Baseball enthusiast. Their site makes it really easy to purchase when you in fact, know what you want. I don’t know if you have ever noticed but sporting goods stores never have what you are looking for. Mostly cause they have contracts with big name suppliers. And, the big time brand sites are entirely too confusing. Check out Hitting World. Many do and many are happy!

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