30 Mar

Make A Smoothie with Honeyville Freeze Dried Fruits!

Normally we’d have an interview with someone from Honeyville in this post, but as you know sometimes we just can’t get one in time. Hopefully we’ll have one for you soon. But since we don’t have it right now, we figured we’d share with you something you can do with your Honeyville purchases.

Let’s make a smoothie!

YouTube user “gunskniveswatches” provides the recipe and the demo. As usual, we’ve transcribed it below for easy skimming. It’s one thing to stock up on supplies for emergencies, but it’s another thing to know what to do with them. And you know you’re going to be craving smoothies down in the bunker if the stuff hits the fan.

Below the video you’ll find the transcription.

This is gunskniveswatches and we are about to make smoothies.

Well, we’re going to make a couple different smoothies. Today we’re just going to show you one smoothie. We’re going to be using Honeyville freeze dried products. Kind of just wanted to show you want freeze dried products from Honeyville we have first. We’ve got raspberries, peaches, banana chips, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. Today, though, for our smoothies – I haven’t tried banana chips yet for a smoothie, they might be a little too hard. And we haven’t tried the peaches or the raspberries yet but I’m sure they are great.

So, the first smoothie I’ll be making… I wanted to show you with a fresh banana. If you have bananas that are going old this is a great way to use them in a smoothie. And then we’re going to save the banana peeling for the worms, because we have a worm farm and they really like the sugar from the banana peels. I also want to make sure I point out our Vitamix here is a great, great way to make smoothies. We have one with different settings and where you can manually control it. I like to use the frozen dessert setting and that turns out a really great smoothie.

So, throwing my banana in. I’m going to throw in two scoops of ice. And I want to do a handful of each. A handful of strawberries. Handful of the blueberries. And a handful of the blackberries. Also, we learned that while making smoothies a great addition is some applesauce. It just adds some sweetness, some natural sweetness, especially if you get no sugar added applesauce. And you can use whatever brand you like. And then you throw in a little wheat germ for some added texture and fiber. Folic acid is another great benefit from wheat germ. For the girls we use 2% milk sometimes and I can’t have milk but we like coconut milk the best for smoothies. It has the same thickness as regular milk. Coconut also works for lattes. Rice milk does not work for lattes. It does not have enough fat. Or enough saturated fat. But the great thing about coconut milk is that the saturated fat is different than regular saturated fat. Coconut milk is a lot healthier.

So we’ve got all our ingredients there and the cool thing about using freeze dried ingredients in smoothies is that you don’t have to rehydrate them because the ice and milk will do that for you. And it’s going to make it thicker just like if you were using frozen ingredients. I’m just going to start this and let it run. It’s pretty noisy. We’ve been told that these [Vitamix] are used at some chains so there must be a reason. They really, really mix the ingredients like nothing I’ve ever seen before and you don’t ever have chunks of ice left. If anything it actually makes it a little smoother than I want it so sometimes I manually control it so that it doesn’t mix it so much, if you like a thicker consistency.

But when you work with your ingredients you can decide what makes it thicker. Bananas really help to make a smoothie thicker. And so does the applesauce. And there are two smoothies. I don’t do a lot of measuring when I cook. I kind of just do things. Basically you know if you have enough liquid if it mixes well. Sometimes I have to stop it and add liquid and that’s when the ice gets stuck. So whatever blender or mixer you’re using if the ice gets stuck that means you don’t have enough liquid. Stop it, add more and there you go. It’s that easy.

There you go! Looks yummy to me, plus it has some good general smoothie-making advice. Honeyville dried fruits combine for one good-looking smoothie! Be sure to check out our other transcribed review of Honeyville’s Freeze Dried Green Beans. Then head on over to Honeyville and have a look at their products. You can never be too ready.

26 Mar

Review of Honeyville’s Freeze Dried Green Beans

Hey there! Today we have a transcribed review of Honeyville‘s freeze dried green beans. Takingcareofmine on YouTube purchased some and gave them a run down. If you want to go direct to see what they have (it’s quite a wide variety of freeze dried foods, storage containers, emergency supplies, etc) click here and go direct to Honeyville now.

Takingcareofmine seems like a pretty serious prepper so her analysis seems well-informed. As she goes through the review, you can see she also grows green beans, so she gives us a little comparison between fresh and freeze dried varieties.

As usual, if you scroll down below the video, you can find our transcription of it. This should make it easy for quick browsing or for hearing-impaired shoppers.

Hi, everybody! This is Elizabeth. I wanted to give you a little product review on Honeyville Farms freeze dried green beans. I just got these yesterday and I had never gotten them before so I wanted to check them out. So I opened out the jar. And I’m going to be putting them into jars. This is about how many you get. You get about a full quart, four pints and a little left over.

They’re very crisp. Prrety much almost fall apart if you squish them at all. They’re kind of powdery tasting if you eat them right out of the jar. Not as sweet as I expected but still you can tell they’re green beans. I actually reconstituted a few to see how well they would do and they did really good. They’re nice and squishy. A good green color. And I think they’re getting darker as they rehydrate. They actually taste really good. Like green beans.

Now, I know, I just canned green beans last night and I love fresh canned green beans, but I like to have some different options if I have a really bad green bean crop year, I want to know I have something to fall back on should some kind of incident happen or, you know finances are what they are. So for an emergency situation the Honeyville green beans are freeze dried and a pretty good deal.

I bought them on sale of course and there’s actually a recipe on here for vegetable soup and I’m going to try to mix up some of those. It’s all with dehydrated items, so I’m going to mix up some of that some point this summer, and I’m going to give you a review of that. So if you were wondering what the green beans were like there they are. They’re really pale looking in the jar but they do reconstitute very nicely.

There ya go! You never know when disaster or hard times will strike. Honeyville is ready to help you prepare. And so are we!