15 Apr

InCase Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

InCase is known worldwide for its quality protective and storage bags and sleeves, designed specifically for Apple products.

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Don’t forget to check InCase on Amazon where you can compare products and get some user reviews.

And, of course, you don’t forget our past transcribed reviews. You can read a review of the InCase Apple MacBook Pro Sleeve here, and a text version of Incase Icon Slim Pack review here.

And there’s also a quick interview with InCase founder Bobby Chang here.

15 Apr

Interview with Bobby Chang and Bonus InCase Review of Apple MacBook Pro Sleeve

Today we have two items for you. First, we have an interview with InCase founder Bobby Chang. It’s a quick look at the how one of the people behind InCase sees the world and his role in it.

Then, we’ve got a bonus review, transcribed, of the InCase MacBook Pro Sleeve. It’s a brief review informed by a users daily experience with the product. We’re not here to give you fluff, we know you want honest criticism of the products you’re interested in.

Don’t forget to check out our previous review of the InCase Icon Slim Pack. And, of course, you can check out InCase’s wide selection of protective and storage products for Apple aficionados by going directly to their website.

First, let’s meet Bobby Chang, InCase founder.

It was always in the back of my head that I wanted to create something and it was always up to, what am I going to create. InCase was started in 1997. A friend of mine, Joe Tan and I, decided to figure out, how can we get the best products to market as quick as possible. We’re like, well, soft goods are pretty quick, so why don’t we buy a sewing machine, start making some samples, and start selling some products.

As creatives, Joe and I were trying to figure out how do we create this business. We went to design school, we didn’t have business training. Can we use creative thinking to find out how to do this business part of it. We had to learn a lot of things the hard way. Joe and I and my brother, we invested a little bit of money into the company. We had one product, six different sizes, eight different colors. We ended up buying equally of all the different SKUs and that almost sank us because as most business people know, 80% of the sales come from 20% of the product. And so we ended up having a lot of money sunk into that inventory and it almost took us under. But we figured out how to sell the rest of those products and get us out of that situation.

One of the goals when we started InCase was to create a global brand and a brand that was globally recognized for good products. And when that point happened a few years back, I figured I needed to go and move on to something else that’s going to satisfy some other things that I have in my mind. You have to search within yourself what you really care about and what you’re really passionate about because day after day, that’s what you have to be working at.

Now the bonus review!

What’s good, YouTube. Coming back at you again with another video. This time we’re checking out a case from InCase. It’s actually for my MacBook Pro. Something to slide it in, to protect it. Because, you know, sometimes you don’t want to carry around that bulky backpack that you can fit everything and the kitchen sink into. Sometimes you just, you know, have an appointment that you need to go to, you may have to wait around, so you just have that little backpack that you just want to throw something in and just roll out the door. So I wanted to have something that I could throw my MacBook Pro in so I found this case at Best Buy. Retail for 50 dollars. I scanned it in. Amazon had it for 28 bucks so they price matched it at Best Buy for me, so that was a good look for that.

So, taking a look at the case, it looks really good. Some kind of leather-ish material. Fits perfectly for the 13 inch MacBook Pro that I got. I really like the furry material that you have inside the case. It’s really plus and it feels good. It kind of reminds you of a cheaply made coat. But anyway, it’s from InCase. Amazon has it for 28 dollars, so it’s really a good deal, especially with Best Buy having it for 50 dollars. So make sure you price match that. It also has a little spot on the outside where you can throw your charger in. I don’t really recommend putting it in there because it is a tight fit, so I just recommend tossing it in your backpack and you’ll be good to go. But that’s what it says it’s for but it really doesn’t work. Anyway, guys, this is what I like to do, toss it in my bag, I’m out the door. Peace.

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14 Apr

InCase Icon Slim Pack Video Review

Hey! Welcome back to OpClarity!

Today we’re going to take a look at the InCase Icon Slim Pack. InCase has made a name for itself with sturdy and good-looking bags that pack a lot of utility for students and users of Apple products. These things can stand up to the weather and will protect your valuable electronics from the random damage of daily life.

This bag packs a lot of features into a slim, well-built backpack. This bag is great for college students. You can get your books and all your devices in there and know they’ll be safe. Plus, they’re designed for easy access.

When you’re ready, cruise on over to InCase’s online store and see what they have to offer. If this bag isn’t quite right, they have a variety of shapes and sizes, so something will definitely suit your purposes.

You might also want to check out the InCase selection over at Amazon, where you can find more customer reviews to help inform your purchase, so you can make sure to get the backpack that suits your needs.

On to the review! Remember to scroll down for the transcription for hearing impaired Apple fans!

Hi. Today we’re reviewing the InCase Icon Slim Pack. This retails for $149.95. This is a very high quality backpack that’s made to carry your Macbook Pro, your Ipad, any of your little extras. InCase does make some cheaper models, they actually make some more expensive ones as well. This is the Slim Pack. It’s the slimmer version of the regular InCase Icon Pack that is $199.95. So this comes in black, the gray here that I have, and then it also comes in red. It’s made of a durable nylon material. It’s water resistant, it’s not fully waterproof. But you know if you’re in a rainstorm it’s going to do really great.

It has a ton of pockets, I’m going to quickly run through those. And just give you an idea of how you’re going to be able to use this bag. So the main feature and something that has made InCase very well known in the backpack world is that it has this sleeve here, it’s this faux fur lining, it keeps your Macbook nice and protected and firs up to a 15 inch Macbook Pro. You can also have a hard shell or a sleeve on it and use that with it, although that’s not necessary beign that it has that faux fur lining. It’s padded on both sides so it’s going to give you great protection even if you drop your bag or it falls off or what not. It’s still going to protect that. It has that back protection. And here on the divider it’s also protected. Also has a spot where you can put an Ipad. I actually have my Ipad already in there. It’s going to fit any tablet. Then it has this main compartment, probably would fit two textbooks, is about the size of it. Also has this pocket across the top that also is faux fur lined, probably for your smart phone. And then a secondary pocket here that has several dividers for your pens, your pencils and two main padded pockets down below where you can also put any different devices and another pocket where you could put another textbook. Also another easy quick pocket there. Also a spot where you can connect your keys. And this can snap off.

These are made with high quality zippers. We’ve really never seen returns with people having problems with their zippers which is really nice. The exception being if you get that caught as you can see there. A great all around bag. Has tons of different pockets, also has the pockets along here. Also has a little slit for you cables to come out of that if you want to run your headphones of or you have an external battery for charging your smart phone. And it also has the pocket across the front here where you can put whatever you need to carry.

So it’s a nice and comfortable bag. It also has the mesh padding here on the back and the padding is also included on your shoulder straps. These are adjustable. If you want a little more as far as shoulder straps go, the regular Icon Pack does have the sternum strap and has a little bit more adjustments to it. But I like the size of this bag. Really between the two it’s going to come down to how much you’re going to be carrying. This stays fairly compact when you don’t need it but like I say it can carry two to three textbooks and all your different devices. It also has the handle up here. So, impressive bag. (3:15)

All right, hope that helps and happy shopping!