20 Oct

Jing Herbs Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

Jing Herbs already has low prices for some of the most in demand products. Either way, we have a special discount here, feel free to use it!

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20 Oct

Reviews Handpicked for Jing Herbs

Yo! So, today we are delving into the Herbal Store Jing and picking out some reviews for you both video and text. The thing Jing is that it’s a huge store so wading through the hundreds of reviews online can be quite challenging. Here’s a couple that we think really play up to the strengths of Jing Herbs.

Jing Herbs Amazon Reviews: Click Here

Video Tonic Bar review

From Jing on Facebook

Jing Herbs, you are my favorite :) Thanks for always having the best herbs & the best customer service! You guys rock. Thanks a million.

George is terrific. He has been helping me for many many years. Really knows his stuff. Great service, they ship out products quickly. You can trust them. My Mom and brother have also had great experiences with George.

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If you haven’t checked it out, here is an interview with Jing Herbs: Click Here

20 Oct

Jing Herbs Company Interview

Below we have a company interview with Jing Herbs. Jing herbs is a legendary company that sells safe and effective herbal remedies and tinctures.  We currently have a video interview and are waiting on a CEO interview due out sooner than later. If you have any questions please direct them to Jing and George directly. Until then keep checking back in this space.

Press here to go directly to Jingherbs.com or Here to read some great Amazon reviews or here to peruse our own handpicked review section.

Bonus Jing Herbs Youtube Interview!

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