05 Mar

Jus By Julie Product Review

Today we have a three day cleans review of Jus By Julie. Sheila Thomas of Living Smart Girl takes a crack at reviewing this juice pack. She has a good perspective on it because she has taken this cleanse before, although with a few substitutions. Therefore, she can give you some comparisons. Warning, she is not a fan of the green juices! Bonus: meet her little dog Abby.

As usual, check below the video for a transcript. And if you’d like to go direct to Jus By Julie’s website, you can do so at this link. And to see what Juice By Julie has for sale on Amazon, you know what to do.

Good morning. This is Sheila from Living Smart Girl. It’s early. Well, not all that early. 9 o’clock. I slept in this moring. Today I am starting my second three day cleans with the products by Jus By Julie. These are pre-made juices that the company makes and then ships out to you overnight. They come all bottled up. You get six juices for three days. So six juices per day for three days. When you get them you’re supposed to put the third day in the freezer and then you take the third day out the night of the second, leave them on the counter so they can thaw out so they’re ready to go on the third day. The first time I did this I lost 7 pounds. I felt great. I had a ton of energy.

The first day was a little iffy, I was a little sluggish. But last time I ended up with a juice called Morning Glory – this one isn’t Morning Glory. Morning Glory had celery and kale in it and I can’t stand the taste of celery, so it really was hard to choke down. So I ended up having to eat a few of the things on the menu that they said you can eat. Which I’d rather not eat actually eat anything through the cleanse, I’d rather just do the cleanse.

So anyways, in the six juices that you get, you get a variety but there are a few staples. You do get a green one. This one here is Extreme Greens. It has kale, spinach, lime, pineapple, orange, hemp seeds and water. You’re supposed to drink a lot of water while you’re juicing. This one looks really nasty. You’ll get to see what I think of it in a few seconds. Juice number two is kind of midway between breakfast and lunch. And this one is a spicy pomade. This one I remember from last time, it’s really good.

Hear those footsteps? That’s Abby. Want to say hi, Abby? C’mere Abby! Say hi! There she is.

Ok, so anyways. The second one for the day is pomegranate, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. And this one does have a kick. You can’t really see the pepper in it, but when you’re drinking it – whoo! Talk about take your breath away. You don’t want to be laughing or something and start choking on this because you’ll be coughing for hours. The third one for the day is which would be considered your lunch would be another green one. Ew. I hate green. I mean, I like green, just not this green. This one has spinach, kale, pineapple, banana, and mango, and water. This one’s not as bad as the breakfast one I had last time so we’ll see how the breakfast one is this time. This one I can easily drink down and I’m not gagging. It’s just a thing with lots of green vegetables, I just can’t handle that. I love green vegetables, but in a juice, the flavors just kid of gag me.
Anyways, the fourth one would be between your lunch and your dinner. So, your afternoon snack. And they sent me Dayglow, which I have not tried yet. This is carrotm pineapple and water. It looks interesting, I’ve never drank carrot juice before, so we’ll give it a whirl. Then for dinner, they send you something that’s maybe more of your yummy juice for the day. This one is not so chunky. It’s peanut butter and banana. I do remember this one from last time. This one was really good. And I think I even drank like half of it and saved a little more of it for right before bed. So this one here is really good.

And then, of course, right before bed they recommend you chug down this bottle. Again it’s a sweet spin just like you had for lunch but they have this one for the last juice of the day. Again it’s spinach, kale, pineapple, banana and mango. So I guess it kind of helps your body heal over night.

There’s my juices for the day. When you order from them you get some literature sent to you on juicing and some information. It’s really interesting. So, I’m going to open this one up because Abby needs to go outside. I’m going to open this one up, give it a little drink. You can see my reaction. This is the Extreme Green. Oh, it smells horrible. Smells like spinach and kale. Bottoms up! Oh, I can still taste the kale but not as bad as the Morning Glory one from last time. So I’m going to finish my juice, let my dog outside, and I’ll be back later.

There ya go! Check back for more reviews and an overview of the company. Here’s to your health!

05 Mar

Jus By Julie Company Overview and Interview

Julie of Jus By Julie started off making juices for herself and her husband every morning. A certified nutritionist, she now brings that same personal dedication to delivering healthy juices to you.

She consistently gets high customer satisfaction ratings for her healthy cleanses. Check out the assortment of product by going to her website. Or, have a look at the what Jus By Julie has over at Amazon.

As we do, we have an introductory video that introduces Julie from Jus By Julie, in which she discusses how she got into juicing and what motivates her. Below the video is the transcription for quick browsing.

What was fantastic was when my customers would come in – they would even have little children with them – and they would want that green juice. You know kids, they know when something’s good. When I saw that I felt like this was my calling. People just feel so good and I connect with them and they want to speak to me: “You’re Julie?” And when they tell me they drank my juice and they did three days of juicing and it just connected them with their mind and body. It’s like putting a reset button. Welcome to Jus By Julie’s “Healthy Obsession.”

When I started juicing I stopped the vitamins cold turkey. Every morning I would make this green juice. I started seeing my hair gettign fuller. My skin. People tell me that my skin has a certain glow. My customers would tell me that they would drink my juice every day. They would go do their yearly blood work. They said their blood work was fantastic. A girl came in, she was pregnant, she asked me, “Is this juice, is it okay? I’m pregnant. It’s raw, it’s fresh, it’s fruits, it’s vegetables.” She said, “I don’t know, it feels like there’s something in it. Makes me feel so good.”

So what happens is that when you’re replacing the junk food with the juice. It’s crowding out the junk food.

All I want is for my juice to be as common as household name so we can together make the world a healthier place. Juice By Julie.

Hit up Jus By Julie and get your cleanse on today!