12 Feb

Kombucha Kamp Product Review

Today we’re going to have a look at an unboxing of a Kombucha Kamp purchase. GirlattheHelm is going to take us through it, describing in detail what comes in the package, as well as what it does and her impressions of it. She got it for a Valentine’s gift! How lucky!

Kombucha Kamp scores high reviews on Amazon. A quick review shows scores in the four and five star range.

As usual, we have transcribed the video so that you can skim it easily or easily find specific details to assist you in making your purchase. You can find that text below the video.

Kombucha has been gaining in popularity over the last few years, with people ascribing many health benefits to consuming it. But we’re not doctors, we’re just here to help you make your consumer experience more informed.

To check out Kombucha Kamp’s selection at their website, you can click this link. And if you want to consider some more reviews at Amazon, here ya go!

Ok. We are unboxing Kombucha Kamp. We have a brewer cap. A purple one. These are for my second brew. They are organic elderberries. Nice. This is a concentrate. These are the muslin teabags. This is the year-round heating system that she sends out. So this is our thermometer strips. This is for specialty blend. But we have Ph. strips. This is the evaporated cane juice sugar which is the best thing you can use for brewing kombucha. This is one of the mesh tea balls. This is the good one. Awesome.

Now for the big look-see. Scoby. We’re going to kind of give you the difference between, size-wise. These are really nice. We’re looking at five, six inches across. They’re a pretty good size in comparison. This is my little mini-scoby. You can see the difference. They’re on par thickness-wise but this one’s smaller. So these are good. They make a gallon each. That’s why you get two of them. The container itself will be about 2.5 gallons. And this will be the starting point. T

his is her very-well packaged heater and the reason it’s cool is because you don’t have to use the regular heating pads to warm your kombucha during the winter months. So this is specifically constructed by her understanding of kombucha as well as by engineers, so it’s completely safe. It’s using all certified parts. So you can see this is pretty darn interesting looking. It looks like a heater on the back window. These are all heat strips. This is nice because you do have the ability. I’m pulling this out because I want to show you the sides on it. This is how they seal it, so each component makes contact. You use the rubber bands. Here. And there’s a how-to in there. It’s nice because this will be able to go over the crock. She also sells t-shirts for your crock. I just don’t know if they’re applicable with the artisan stoneware that I’m getting. I really like this. It does come with a dimmer on it so we have the ability to know where we’re at with the temperature and has the ability to adjust it.

Then we’ve got two kombucha scobies, we’ve got Hannah’s special tea blend, we have the evaporated cane sugar, we have the muslin tea bags – three of those – and we’ve got the one large mesh ball. We have the concentrate, the PH strips, our thermometers. Then we have our flavoring. Dried elderberries. We’ve got our cap and I have the heating unit over here. So, altogether, that’s what came in this package and it looks like everything we need to get started is right here. I have the .pdf and handbook available online.

This is a really great Valentine’s Day gift. The packaging came good. I will note that the side of the package got smashed but that was a typical UPS thing, none of the contents were damaged. I really like this stuff. It looks like it comes in really, really good packaging. I mean, this is double sealed. I like that it’s really thick plastic and it is heat sealed. It’s not vacuum sealed, there is air in it, but there is a definite heat seal on it. Great job and we’re really, really pleased so far and we can’t wait to get the next big item that will allow us to brew.

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12 Feb

Kombucha Kamp Interview with CEO Hannah Crum

Kombucha Kamp is a consistently high rated, leading company in the kombucha world. It’s one of the go-to brands. Customer reviews on Amazon consistently rank the product high, and Kombucha Kamp pulls in a dedicated coterie of brewers and kombucha fans.

If you’re interested in checking out some reviews, including a transcribed product unboxing (with detailed description of parts and functions), we have one you can check out here. If you want to get a sense of what Kombucha Kamp has at their website, this link will take you there.

Austin Durant puts a few basic questions to Hannah Crum from Kombucha Kamp. As usual, the transcript is below. Hopefully this gives you a taste of what kombucha and Kombucha Kamp is all about.

Austin: Greetings, fermenters, I’m Austin Durant and we’re here in Los Angeles to attend Kombucha Kamp. Let’s go check it out. First, we got to sample over a dozen kombucha-based beverages. In the class, we learned a lot about the history of kombucha and its numerous health benefits. Did you know it dates back to ancient China?

Next we got to see the kombucha mama in action. She showed us how to start a kombucha brew by first preparing the tea and then setting the scobi into its new home. Everyone in the class had a lot of fun and we were really excited to get home and start our own first brew. When the class was finished, we had a chance to catch up with the kombucha mama one on one.

We’re here with Hannah Crum the kombucha mama in Los Angeles to talk about kombucha. What is kombucha, Hannah?

Hannah: Good question, Austin. Kombucha is fermented tea. A lot of people don’t know that. We use a start up culture, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It’s like how when you make sourdough bread or yogurt you;re using something from the batch before in order to start the new batch.

Austin: And what is your absolute favorite flavor of kombucha?

Hannah: Oh my gosh. Well, I love any of the flavors with ginger. Well, I guess the one I love the most is Love Potion 99. It’s a blueberry lavender roast, but it’s got a very floral, a very beautiful color.

Austin: So if people want to know more about kombucha, where can they go.

Hannah: They definitely should check out my website, that’s Kombucha Kamp with a ‘k’. If you want to take classes and are in the LA area, you’re definitely welcome to kambucha kamp. There’s information there as well. And if you live somewhere else in the universe or the world, I do ship internationally, so order from our store.

Austin: Thanks very much, I had a lot of fun today. I can’t wait to go home and make my first batch of kombucha.

Hannah: Yay! You’ll have to tell me what flavors you’re doing.

Austin: Thanks very much.

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