29 May

Lotus Boutique Deals and Discounts

Lotus Boutique is an online retailer carrying the latest in women’s fashion. Tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses, accessories — they got it. Now let’s see what we have in the way of discounts!

Your first move should be to head over the Lotus Boutique’s website. They always have a sale going on.

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To get more info on Lotus Boutique, check out our interview and our review!

29 May

Lotus Boutique Review

Katelynn Elizabeth on YouTube hit up Lotus Boutique and shared her haul with the world. Check out what she got! Then have a go at our interview with Lotus Boutique owner Jackie Rodney.


Lotus Boutique! Which I am really obsessed with. So I got one bag of some cute things, and I’ll show you guys what I got. So I got this little Ttee And it is just $18.50. A sheer top. I wear these all the time. Got some buttons details in the back. It’s a peach color. Not a very bright peach. Kind of a more dark tone peach. I love tops like this. I love sheer tops. I get the best wear out of them. This is one thing I got.

And another thing I got is one of my favorites. It’s this blue tee, and it has a little opening and a clip in the back, and it’s got some detail in the front, and the sleeves are cinched a little bit. Very flowy, very pretty for the summer with white shorts. Super cute. And that was $21.

He next thing I got were these really cool pants. I’m so into pants like these. But there are like these sheer beach pants. They’re very light, wide-legged, like pajamas. And I like how these come with little shorts in them so you can’t see anything. Then they have a band in the top. They honestly look so much better on, I mean they probably look like grandma pants wide-legged pants in this video but I will definitely some videos with these pants. I will show you the pants I have on right now. They’re just like these really comfortable, they’ve got little pockets, very comfy.

And the last thing I got is this sheer white top. Like I told you guys, I love sheer tops. It has a really pretty opening in the back. It’s really, really cute. And it’s just very simple. I have a top like this but the very bottom has all these things come out of it, I don’t know, frilly things, and I always wear it. Half of it is really cute, I only wear it with skirts. But sometimes with frilly things you can see through the skirts, the detailing. And I got this, and it was 21 dollars.

And I’m so excited about wearing these this summer, they’re so cute, one of a kind. They’re these really cool shorts, peach shorts. So cute. And they have lacies at the bottom. Their kind of like two layers of shorts. And the drawstring works. I always check on the drawstring because I have a really tiny waist and if it doesn’t work they just fall right off me. But it works so I can tighten it and it looks really good with that white shirt I showed you and I’m super excited about wearing this. It’s so cute. I can wear this with some tan wedges. Or just some sandals. Yeah, super tight.

And let’s talk about this, it was $14.75. It was regularly $29.50 and I got it on sale. So cute. A lot of the stuff I got looks like pajama stuff but whatever, it’s comfy and I love it.

Not a bad haul! Well done, Elizabeth!

29 May

Interview with Lotus Boutique

Today we have an interview with Jackie Rodney from Lotus Boutique. YouTuber Style Mayvin sits down for a few minutes and picks her mind about her store, fashion and what Lotus Boutique’s in-store experience is like.

Let’s listen in.

Style Mayvin:  What’s up, everybody. Queen City, everybody, it’s your girl T-Strong, aka, Stye Mayvin, and I’m going to start doing these video blogs for Creative Loafing. If you’ve been following my blog for Creative Loafing you know that all I talk about is fashion, so I though what better way to kick off my new segment than here at Lotus Boutique, one of my favorite places and I’m here with Jackie Rodney. How are you, my dear?

Jackie: I’m doing good, how you do?

Style Mayvin: I’m good, I’ve very excited about this upcoming CIAA. So I know you’ve had tons of girls coming in to buy things. What are they looking for?

Jackie: CIAA, there’s a lot of events going on, daytime, night time, so it’s kind of a mix of everything. Definitely anything that stands out because you know we get such big crowds in the city. So what’s going on is a lot of bling, a lot of pop of colors.

Style Mayvin: And I love that you just said that because it’s such a good segue into bling, which this is here at Lotus Boutique. And then also pop of colors, this is also here at Lotus Boutique. And as is my beautiful necklace that I love so much. So you’ve had some girls coming it, so what’s the most positive thing, has it been dresses?

Jackie: I’d say definitely dresses for night time, like going out, again, a lot of bling, anything shiny that stands out.

Style Mayvin: You guys also have shoes.

Jackie: Yup!

Style Mayvin: I was so excited to see so many pop of color shoes as well, so we love that. And you’re wearing green pants, so do you guys have any color bottoms? Because you know that’s a huge thing?

Jackie: We just got them in. Purple, wide leg, flowing pants.

Style Mayvin: I saw those. If you’re trying to get them, don’t, because I totally want them! But that’s another great thing about Lotus. You guys don’t have tons and tons of things, like when you go to the mall. You ladies know, when you go out to Macy’s you grab something – not to say I don’t love Macy’s, beceause I do – but you grab something and they may have 24 or 48 pieces of something so you very well might see yourself, that’s not going to happen here.

Jackie: No, we only carry 5 or 6 of each style so you know not everyone in Charlotte’s going to have the same look as you.

Style Mayvin: Definitely. Well, I’m going to wrap it up with that. I absolutely love Lotus, I absolutely love Jackie as well. Stay tuned, there’s going to be so much more coming from me. I’m out!

Short and sweet. Make sure to check out our review of Lotus Boutique by clicking here!