04 May

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Magellan GPS gets you from place to place. You’ll never be lost and it will come with you in your car, in your hand, on the hunt, in the city. Wherever you go, Magellan GPS can get you there.

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Check out our transcribed interview with Magellan GPS right here. And see a review of one of Magellan’s GPS hunting units, too.

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04 May

Magellan GPS Interview

You may not know this, but Magellan doesn’t just do GPS for cars, or even just GPS. In this double interview, Magellan tells us about their GPS/backup vehicle camera and the handheld GPS unit for outdoor family activities.

Nelson: Hello, I’m Nelson with BNET TV. Welcometo BNET Pepcon 2011. And with us is Mr. Williams with Magellan. And we all know that your totally life changes when you know where you going. One of the founders of navigation systems I your company. And it’s my understanding that your company is going beyond navigation systems.

William Strand: That’s right. We’re coming in the direction of safety and security! I finally got it out. Part of that is a backup camera. What we wanted to do was help the driver not just when they’re navigating but also when they get in the car. And so to that end what we’ve done is we’ve taken one of our standard units and we’ve added the capability to have a backup camera on it. So what we’ve got here is a camera that goes onto your license plate and it’s adjustable whether you have an SUV or a smartcar, this will work for it. So you get into the car, you put it into reverse going down your driveway and what happens is your GPS navigator turns into a screen showing you what’s behind you. Whether it’s children, pets, toys in your driveway, you now know, so you won’t be running over those things. And then when you’re done reversing it goes back to navigation, gets you where you need to be. But then it doesn’t stop there because once you get there you need to park. Whether you’re backing in or parallel parking, this is really going to help.

Jeffery Claufield: We’re here at Pepcon to talk about our new handheld GPS units. They’re designed for the outdoors, for back country use. We do a lot for car navigation but we’re also in the back country. This is our eXplorist GC, it’s designed for geo-caching. Geo-caching is probably one of the fastest growing family activities out there. It allows you to go out in the back country, explore places that you aren’t familiar with, and at the same time go out and find hidden treasures, hidden containers, explore new places and get out there and enjoy the back country. So now you’ve got a unit that will work also in the back country but you can also put it in your car and have it give you turn by turn voice directions. It’s one of the first hand held GPS units to do that. That’s our eXplorist 710.

Nelson: Well, that’s a very strong GPS connection because in do walk by walk you have to have a lot of satellite links and knowing the technology how it works I’m pretty sure you guys already perfected it.

Claufield: Yes, we are really trying to perfect it and fine tune it and make it more applicable to the average user. So now, if you’re in the city and you want to get out in the back country you have a unit that you can get out there with and not be lost.

Nelson: Very good, Jeff. Thanks for spending time with us.

Claufield: Thanks you, Nelson.

Swing on over to Magellan’s website to check out what they have for you. Or visit them at Amazon for more products and customer reviews.

04 May

Review: Magellan eXplorist 350H

Don’t ever get lost again. Get yourself a Magellan GPS unit to guide you while driving, hunting, hiking – anywhere you’re outdoors, Magellan has your back.

Today we have an review of the Magellan Explorist 350H. Jay Perez from Hunting Colablanca TV takes us on a tour of this fantastic little device loaded with features. Let’s have a look!

Hi, guys. I’m Jay Perez and I’m from Hunting Colablanca TV and I’m excited to share with you a from Magellan, the Explorist 350H, designed just for hunters. The new Magellan Explorist 350H has many new features not found in other handheld GPSs. This useful tool comes with an easy to use menu loaded with many options to help you become a more successful hunter. It comes with a free one year subscription to Digital Globe Satellite Imagery that lets you download detailed imagery to your computer to your GPS, providing you the opportunity to scout potential hunting grounds for game funnels, bedding areas and much more.

The most unique feature of the 350H is that it is equipped with 30 hunt specific icons that you can tag on to your saved waypoints. Included icons are such as campsites, tree stand, ground blind, trail cameras and many more. The 350H even helps you stay organized with options to write notes next to your waypoints. No more guessing which trail camera has that big buck showing up on it. Another great feature is the built in interactive calendar that provides you with three key features, sunrise and sunset, moon phase and hunt times which determine the best feeding times for that specific day.

The Magellan 350H is a handheld GPS with no competition from others. The waterproof body comes fully wrapped in camouflage with hunter orange accents making it ideal for all outdoor activities. With a 18 hour battery life and an option for suspend mode, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery when you need it most. The Magellan 350H, designed for the hunter, made for you. So remember, guys, it’s the Magellan 350H eXplorist. You won’t want to leave this behind on your next hunting trip.

Swing on over the Magellan’s website now to see what else they have available to suit your needs. You can also check out Magellan on Amazon.