08 May

Mikasa Beauty tutorial: brushes in action

Thinking of getting some brushes from Mikasa Beauty? How about a demonstration of what they can do? YouTuber Platinum D is here to show it off. She takes these Mikasa Beauty high quality brushes and shows what a skilled hand can do with them.

Mikasa brushes get some great reviews from makeup artists across the country. Check out the testimonials at Mikasa’s website. Here’s a taste.

Mandi, a makeup artist, says:

“These brushes are amazing quality and a perfect set for anyone who loves makeup! This set comes with all of your most important brushes! This set is called the “Beauty Classic Essential” kit. I was surprised by the quality and I rank these up there along with mac quality (YES seriously) and sigma, the one thing I really appreciated was how the ferrule (handle) is tightly clamped down so it won’t come apart on you! Please consider these the next time you purchase brushes, I strongly suggest this brand! Thank you Mikasa Beauty for putting so much thought and care into brushes!!! We love you!!”

Let’s check out this demo.

By the way, if you landed here first, you might find our transcribed review of what comes in a Mikasa Beauty package. A great breakdown of what you can get from Mikasa Beauty.

08 May

Mikasa Make Up Brushes Unboxing and Review

Mikasa Beauty specializes in high quality makeup brushes. Ordering is quick and simple, and they have a variety of packages that come stocked with all the essentials.

Check out Mikasa Beauty’s website by clicking here now.

Today, YouTube video star Ashley Chennel Beauty brings us along for the ride as she unboxes a Mikasa brush package. Let’s have a look.

Hi, guys, I hope you are having an amazing 2015. So, I wanted to do a review on the make up brushes that I actually got weeks ago. I had been meanng to get this up before Christmas and it’s already 2015 so – Happy New Year! So, I apologize that it has taken me so long to get this video up. I know you guys saw that I posted last month that I got these Mikasa brushes in the mail. And I’ve been meaning to get them up so I said what better time than do this right here on New Years Eve. So it is technically New Years Eve right now but when you guys see this it will be New Years Day or some time in January.

But I wanted you guys to get the full gist of these brushes. I absolutely love them. As you guys know, I’m kind of a brush hoarder, I have so many make up brushes, so I tend to give them away when different companies send them to me. But these I’m not exactly sure yet, I probably am going to keep them because I really, really, really like them.

So I’m going to review these which, honestly, I don’t really do too often as you guys know, but I couldn’t pass these up because they’re really nice. And, honestly, they’re really good high quality brushes, and as you guys know I like to review affordable high quality brushes, as I say all the time. So here they are, I opened the case. I just wanted to go through them and show you guys but before we do that I wanted to show you the packaging, so they come in this box which I saved from a while ago, and they came with these brush covers on them and everything, so they come really well packaged just so you know, in case you guys wanted to know what the packaging looks like. It actually tells you in French and English as well all the types you get on the box I’ll just read them really quickly, I’m not going to go through them all, but just so you know I’ll link it down below so you can see for yourselves.

You get a powder brush, an angled blush brush, duo fiber finishing brush, a finishing brush, a foundation brush, and angled liner brush, eyeliner brush, angled shadow brush, small shadow brush, concealing brush and blending brush. You guys ask me a lot what kind of brush I like. This kit comes standard with basically every brush you will need to start your make up kit. So if you are a beginner make up artist or you are just someone trying out make up, you will love this kit because it literally comes with everything you will need. (2:36)

True dedication to beauty means having the right tools. Mikasa Beauty gives you what you need to bring it out!