15 Apr

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My Kids Golf Clubs’s deep catalog can fulfill all your kid golfing needs. With a little research on the internet and help from us, we can make that experience even better.

First, head on over to their online store. Then you can start to get a sense of what they have.

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Make sure to check out our transcribed review of the Paragon kids golf club set. And, of course, the transcribed tips for choosing the right clubs for your kids.

15 Apr

MyKidsGolfClubs.com: Selecting the Right Clubs for Juniors

If you’ve visited MyKidsGolfClubs.com then you know there’s a wide selection of clubs to choose from. It can be confusing which to choose and getting the right size can seem daunting.

So today we’ve got a transcribed video that can help make that decision a little easier. Let’s get to it with “Selecting the Right Clubs for Juniors.”

One of the most common questions I get asked by parents when their children are getting involved in golf is, how many clubs should they have and how long should the clubs be. So the way to think of this is that sometimes we just need to make sure they have enough clubs to have some success with. So a putter is obviously one of the first things you would buy. And they all like to hit the driver. A mid-iron, a driver and a putter will definitely get any young junior up and running.

In terms of club length you need to liken it to, the children don’t quite have the muscles yet so we’ve got to make sure that the equipment is bordering on a little bit shorter than what we think they should have. So, to give you an example, if I was to swing an object that was far too long for me, it would tend to pull my body out of position and so forth. With the children we have to make sure that the clubs aren’t too long so that they’ve got the best chance to maintain good position and get some instant success and then go on to achieving some results that will keep in them in the game.

So what we’re looking for is the simplest way. Some of the manufacturers will tend to fit in terms of age group but as we know the kids are getting bigger, and it’s never a set exact size for these kids. So what we’re going to try to do is fit to the individual. So my suggestion is, insure that whenever you buy a club for you child, you want to get something that is very light. So you can buy these childrens specific clubs, they’re lighter in the grip, they’re lighter in the head, they’re lighter in the shaft. This will enable the child to maintain some of the positions. And in terms of length we need to make sure that their driver, which is the longest club in the bag, just comes up to their belly button. So that’s really important. Only comes up to their belly button. We don’t want anything coming up to their chest because that may pull them off balance.

So keep it simple. Make sure those clubs are always fitted. It might cost you a little more, don’t buy as many, make sure that length is correct all the time. And then the child will have the best chance of getting some results and then sticking with the game long term.

That’s some solid advice! Now, let’s get out on the green with the kids! And don’t forget our previous transcribed review of the Paragon Rising Star kids clubs.

15 Apr

MyKidsGolfClubs.com: Review Paragon Rising Star 2011 Ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-13 Junior Set

When it comes to kids and golf, mykidsgolfclubs.com has it all. They stock golf clubs, accessories and golf clothing for boys and girls of all ages. A quick visit to My Kids Golf Clubs website reveals a deep catalog that’s bound to have something for every young putting enthusiast.

To help you with your purchase, today we have a transcribed review of the Paragon Rising Star 2011 Junior Set series for ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-13. This is a pretty comprehensive manufacturer’s overview that gives a solid basic intro to the product and that will help you get the right clubs in the hands of the budding Tiger (or Tigress) Woods in your home.

Let’s get to it!

Hello, these are the Paragon Rising Star Junior Package Sets that we offer for age groups 5-7 through 11-13. We do cover three different sets within that age group range. Starting out here on the left side we do have our 5-7 year old Rising Star Junior Package sets. We do have two color offerings. We have the yellow and black, as well as the pink and black, depending on which color your junior prefers. We offer them in both right and left handed. Just to show you what the set make up is for this particular set. We consider this our five club set plus stand bag. So what you would get is a number one driver including head cover. We have our Rising Star specifically weight and size matched for our juniors. The driver’s a 330cc.

It comes with our Rising Star Paragon Junior flex match shafts. Same thing with our grips. We do offer a lifetime warranty on graphite shaft breakage, as well as a one year warranty from the tip of the toe all the way to the top of the grip for any type of warranty issues. This package set also includes a number four hybrid. Nice shallow face for the kids to really get down there after the ball. Same flex match shaft and grip as well. The irons that the juniors get in this five club set are going to be a seven iron and a nine iron. Nice deep cavity, low center of gravity head so that the juniors definitely can be able to get the ball in the air. And give them a snazzy little putter here that’s got basically a one ball alignment with an alignment line going right down the middle. Same graphite shaft flex shafts here. Nice little color insert for the juniors.

The bag itself is a stand bag just like dad’s stand bag. It’s got the double shoulder straps for nice easy carry. We get into pockets here. We start with a nice little personal accessories pouch. Whatever you’d like to put in here. Maybe wallet, keys, things of that nature. And you get over to the nice little ball pouch back here you get your balls and tees and score cards, fun stuff, divot tools like that. Come around this side. First of all you got the rain hood. Comes with all of our junior bags. Always needed for all good junior sets. And you can also use it as an accessories pouch for a sweater, jacket, rain gear, whatever you want to throw in there, maybe some sandwiches for the turn. And as previously mentioned we do offer the same set here in a pink color. We do also offer junior pull carts in either pink and black, depending on how your junior wants to match that up with his or her set.

The next age group is our 8-10, which also comes in two color offerings. We have our green and black and al well as our lavender and black. And here’s where it gets cool. We have two different set makeups. We have a five club set plus bag just like the smaller guys. Or we can do it as a seven club set with bag. And what we do is you get the same nice 330cc driver here. Nice color match shafts. But we also throw in a three wood with head cover, shafts. You get the seven and nine iron just like you did in the five club set. Nice deep cavity. We also throw in a dual wedge in the seven club set. Juniors are going to need a little more shot option capability and start to get used to playing the wedge. And we also include that snazzy little putter with the color insert, one ball alignment. So the juniors really like these. You get the same pocket set up. You have the one side pocket, ball accessories pouch, double shoulder strap, rain hood also in here, and the larger garment pouch.

And our last age group for the juniors is the 11-13. This one also comes either as a five club set or a seven club set, so you definitely do have options. This here is a five club set. So I’ll show you again that you get the driver, 330cc, color match shafts, flex match shafts, same thing on the grips. And as in the previous five club sets you get the seven iron, the nine iron. Same deep cavity, stainless steel heads. You get the hybrid and the putter. All with the same flex match shafts. Same stand bag. Same pocket set up. Single pouch here. Accessories pouch here. Full garment pouch here. And two follow ups for our juniors which are really cool is, one, they are available right and left handed. We offer individual junior clubs, individual junior bags, and we are a Golf Digest Gold Medal hotlist award winner for the past five years for our products and that in itself should speak for itself.

So happy shopping and good lock out there on the course!