28 May

Night Owl Security Deals, Steals and Discounts.

Night Owl Security systems offer out of the box, DIY home and officer security. Set up is easy and with the built in capability of streaming to the internet and viewing on smartphones and tablets, it’s about as seamless to operate as it can get. But you already knew that, so let’s get to the deals.

Opening up Night Owl’s webstore to see what they have on sale is a good place to start.

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For more information on Night Owl products, check out our transcribed unboxing here, and an interview with Night Owl Security VP of sales here.

28 May

Unboxing Night Owl Security System

Thinking about getting a home or office security system that doesn’t come with all the hassle? If so, a system from Night Own Security might be the right one for you. Night Owl Security has made a name for itself with reliable , easy to set up systems right out of the box.

To help you make your decision, we’ve got a fully transcribed unboxing of a Night Owl home security system. If’s a good overview of what you get and how it works. It’s actually pretty simple. Plus, it comes with a short demo of how easy it is to set up.

How’s it going, guys? Kyle here with Newegg TV. Here to do an unboxing today of this 16-channel H.264 DVR, thats digital video recorder, as well as this 4-pack a wired color security cameras by Night Owl

So we’re gonna start off with the digital video recorder and before I unboxing it I’m gonna go over some of the main features that this product offers. So right off the bat this does offer a H.264 compression technology and also offers video time and date stamp for official use. These videos, unlike many other systems, are viewable over the internet, so depending on where you are it doesn’t really matter you can watch all your footage from the internet. Also you can view this footage on smartphones, tablet PCs, or directly from your TV. It also connects to your monitor and that’s through an HDMI output if you so wish for higher resolution. And also you can play back all these videos, all your channels at once.

This product also supports pre-recording of motion activation and if you wish to back up any of your footage you can do so on a USB device such as a flash drive or hard drive. This package also includes a mouse for easy point-and-click interface, and this device has no monthly fees so once you purchase this item you will not have to pay anything extra.

Included with this package is everything you see here, so starting from my left hand side you will see the DVR unit itself and once again this is a 16-channel H.264 unit. It comes with an AC power adapter, an audio input, a 6-foot HDMI cable, as well as in Ethernet cable, this optical mouse to take advantage of that simple to use point-and-click interface that I was talking about earlier. Here’s a remote for, you know, basic controls as far as anything a TV remote can do. And lastly we’ve got some batteries for your remote, software CD, and the instruction manual.

Taking a look at the front of the DVR here, right here you can see numbers one through nine as well as 0 and that’s going to allow you to switch between one of the 16 channels on this device. Up here you have your power indicator light and a hard drive indicator light. I didn’t mention this before but you can actually install up to 2 hard drives in this DVR and that’s going to allow you to save larger files and more footage. To the right if that is the IR receiver for your remote control and over here you’ve got some basic functions such as record, stop, play, slow-motion and this button over here is going to allow you to view between one and multiple channels at a time. All the way up to 16.

Over here is your menu button and lastly you’ve got four navigational buttons which of also double as rewind and fast forward. And lastly that middle button right there is enter or select. On the back this DVR we’ve got sixteen video inputs, one for each of your channels as well as two video outs that connect to your monitor inputs. Here are some audio ins and your audio outs for amplifiers or audio equipment you may have. Here’s a 12-channel audio input as well as an HDMI and VGA input. Over here is an Ethernet LAN port as well as two USB ports, the top one is for your mouse and the bottom one is for USB device. And over here this green thing you see is an output port for pan tilt zoom, alarm and sensors, and last we’ve got a power switch and port for your AC adapter.

Before I open up this box and show you what’s inside, I’m just gonna go over some of the key features of this product as well. So right over here you can see that it connects directly to your DVR and also offer facial recognition for up to 20 feet away. The video itself offers four hundred TV lines of resolution as well as full color and it also offers night vision for up to 45 feet away. Now this unit is also weatherproof so you can use it for indoor and outdoor housing. They’ve also advertise this product as do-it-yourself, so it should be relatively easy to install on your own. And it’s also compatible with all Night Owl system so you don’t have to worry about compatibility if you’re buying other Night Owl equipment. And lastly if you cannot do an installation of this product yourself you can also call for an installation service.

So this package comes included with everything you see here, so once again starting on my left hand side you will see the main event here, we’ve got four security cameras with stands and for each of these cameras we’ve got hardware and screws for mounting those cameras. And along with a 60 foot cable for each of your cameras there. These are power/video cables. We’ve got a wall power adapter here, the camera splitter and lastly they’ve thrown in 3 Night Owl Security stickers.

Now I’m gonna give a quick demonstration on how all these compounds connect together. So right off the bat we’ve got one of our security cameras here. Now on the end of that camera we’ve got two plugs. This red one is going to be power and this yellow one is video. So from there we take one of our sixty-foot power video cables and the red goes to read like so, and the yellow go to yellow.

Once that’s in place, we go to the end of that sixty foot cable, and it’s basically the same thing. We get our camera splitter here, oops, wrong end, plug that in like so, and this yellow cable goes to one of your ports here on the back of your DVR. Once you slide that in, you go back, let’s go back to camera splitter here, and from here you can plug that into your wall power adapter. And notice that it is a splitter so there is one cable for each of your security cameras.

And that’s going to wrap up this unboxing. Once again this is the 16 channel H.264 digital video recorder, as well the four pack wired color security cameras by Night Owl.

I’m Kyle with Newegg TV and if you enjoy this video be sure to subscribe to our Newegg YouTube channel for more tech videos. Thanks for watching Newegg TV and we’ll see you next time.

If you got a minute, make sure not to miss our transcribed interview with Night Owl Security VP of sales, Alex Hess. And for more customer reviews and to comparison show, pop over to the Night Owl Security webstore at Amazon. Happy shopping!

28 May

Interview with Alex Hess of Night Owl Security

Steve Dotto from London Drugs talks to Alex Hess, Vice President Sales at Night Owl Security. They’re going to go over the basic features that you can expect from a Night Owl security system.

Skip down below the video embed to find the transcription of the entire thing for easy browsing.

Steve: Alex Hess joins me from Night Owl Security Systems and increasingly because of the access we have online to phenomenal band width and tools, we we are looking for tools that will allow us to keep tabs on everything from our office, to our condo, to our vacation property and you guys have a security system which is spectacular.

Alex: Yeah, we do. thank you/ And it gives you the ability to manage you life from virtually anywhere in the world with our online app that you could look at your cameras live, what you see here. Also gives you the opportunity to look at all motion that happening anytime when your cameras has some type activity. You could go in and play it back exactly from your mobile smart phone or device or tablet.

Steve: Now it seems to me that the the the barrier to entry for a lot of this technology is the setup, is getting it set up and making sure that you have a dead simple setup. You don’t want it to be complex because it’s something you do once you don’t want to have to go back and do it again. So you guys gone for, it’s mainly a wired system correct?

Alex: It is a wired system yeah and the setup process at Night Owl we were very successful in making sure that that’s an easy part of the process. Steve: And the user can install it themselves?

Alex: The user can install it themselves. And we have some technology with a QR code set up that helps with the routing of ports on the router so that they are able to get instant live video on their phone or their tablet.

Steve: So technically speaking we got cameras, units of four and up is the basic systems and they’re all recording the video onto a hard drive and then we can access it all through the app and the app is the magic sauce.

Alex: Yeah, yep.

Steve: And the app works on IOS Android, tablet, computer…

Alex: Yep, IOS, Android, tablet computer. Either locally or again on a phone or tablet anywhere around the world.

Steve: Incredibly customizable as far as frame rate, how much we’re capturing, and all those sorts of things. Alex: Exactly. There’s hundreds of settings , you can customize it to what you need.

You can also get Night Owl Security products at Amazon, where you can also find customer reviews and do some comparison shopping.