24 Feb

Noel Asmar Group Product Review

Noel Asmar Group designs uniforms. But not your standard stuffy, uncomfortable, ill-fitting, one-size-suits-all uniform. As they define it, Noel Asmar seeks to merge “function meets fashion” in the uniform and resort wear market. Service that looks sharp.

As usual, to check out what they have in stock, and to get a feeling for Noel Asmar Group’s style, head on over to their website and check it out. Or cruise over to Amazon to check out reviews. And for more information on the company, we’ve got a write up ready to go right here.

You can get a sense of their attitude and what they’re going for here, in this promotional video.

Cruising over to Amazon to consider some reviews, you’ll see that Noel Asmar generally gets high marks for their product. Let’s look at a few.

Reviewers of the Women’s Spa Uniforms Monaco Shirt, for instance, note that it’s “well made and of good quality”, although a bit pricey. Another reviewer calls it “airy” and says it has some stretch to it. With the price, however, you have to consider what you’re getting. This isn’t some run of the mill uniform from the uniform store. As one reviewer notes, it’s an “excellent price for the quality of the product”.

Noel Asnar’s Barco Spa Sahar Short Sleeve Spa Jacket gets similar high marks from customers. They note its professional look and the utility of pockets and zippers, and recommend clothing pairings such as capris, or layering. On a cautionary note, purchasers do recommend purchasing on the small side, as sizes tend to be a bit bigger than you expect.

Hope that helps. Take a gander for yourself.

24 Feb

Noel Asmar Group Company Overview

Noel Asmar Group designs quality, fashionable uniforms and equestrian wear. They consistently get good marks for their products. For more on that, check out our Noel Asmar Group product reviews page.

But what drives Noel Asmar to create some of the top spa wear, equestrian fashion and work uniforms out there? While we’re waiting on an interview, we scoured the web for some info on what’s behind the well-known product. Here’s what we found.

Day Spa Magazine got a chance to sit down and put some questions to Noel Asmar. How did she wind up doing what she’s doing, they asked.

“I started my career in hotel management overseas, because I loved to travel, learn languages and experience other cultures,” she explains. “While on business trips in Asia, I would spend my time off in the night fabric markets. I was consumed by my passion for textiles and colors, and started a limited collection of women’s eveningwear. But I soon discovered that the spa industry didn’t really have a ‘spa uniforms’ category. My sister, Patricia, has an esthetics business so I started designing pieces for her. In 2002, I launched as the first spa uniform supplier selling online.”

Motivated by a personal philosophy of “Life is too short—just go for it!”, Noel Asnar cites family as a driving force, from her home life with her kids to the family atmosphere she aims to create and nurture at work. Judging by the reviews her products get, it seems like that attitude carries over to her clothing lines as well.

For more info, check out our Noel Asmar Group product review page.