01 Jun

Review of North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket, Available at Outro

Outro carries lots of jackets and other outdoor attire. But when buying online, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re going to get. Fortunately, we have online video reviews to help us make our decisions.

Today, we have a transcribed review of the classic North Face women’s Resolve jacket, which you can get right now at Outro. For a review of a men’s North Face jacket, click here.

Hi, welcome to the Simplyhike.co.uk. This is the North Face women’s Resolve jacket. A fantastic light weight shell jacket that is lightweight and breathable. This means it will keep you dry and comfortable while you out walking and hiking. It’s also made from ripstop material, too, so it will be very, very durable. If you catch it, it won’t tear. It has a lovely flattering feminine cut. It you take a look at the top first of all it has a thick high collar. This will not only keep your neck warm all the way around, it will also stop drafts from getting in via the top of the jacket.

Looking at the front now, there is a full length double storm baffle. This goes all the way down with velcrow and a popper at the bottom. Now what a baffle does, it protects even as it’s hidden away underneath, preventing any wind or rain getting through the jacket, keeping you warm and dry inside. There’s a full length plastic zipper to prevent any corrosion, and it’s easy to get on and off, even if it’s cold outside.

Taking a quick look inside, they’ve included a soft brush chin guard. This will stop the zip from rubbing underneath your chin, keeping your comfortable. And very thoughtfully, they’ve included this soft brush material all the way around on the collar as well, so you really will be very snug and very comfortable when you’re wearing it.

Inside you see that breathable mesh lining that helps draw moisture away from your skin and again it’s to keep you comfortable while you’re being active. If I zip this up, I’ll show you the outside of the jacket.

On either side at the side of the front are two more zippered pockets. The zip there is protected by a small baffle, helps keep water from getting inside, it’s ideal for storing your valuables.

If we look at the bottom, there’s a hem cinch cord. If you pull on this like so, it will bring the waist in tight towards your body, stopping any cold air from getting inside and helping to trap heat in there as well.

Take a look at the sleeve now. It’s elasticated for expansion, freedom of movement and added comfort.

Turning it around now to look at the back, you see the North Face logo there and hidden away inside the collar is a compact hood. If you’re out walking and it happens to start raining you can simply unfold it like so and it has a stiff peak at the top and as you can see if a really great size. On the front on either side there are also adjusters that you can pull like so, to tighten the fit around the face, helping to trap that heat in.

Now, like I said this is a very lightweight shell jacket, it can very easily fold up like so and store it in a rucksack or backpack, so it’s ideal to take out with you to give you that bit of extra protection against the rain and the wind.

Very versatile, indeed. Which is why North Face — and Outro — are so popular with people who enjoy the outdoors.

01 Jun

North Face Apex Bionic Jacket Review, Available from Outro

When you shop at Outro, you get access to a wide range of outdoorsy clothing, footwear, eyewear, etc, for both men and women.

Their pretty exhaustive selection includes all the major brands, from North Face to Patagonia to Oakley and many others. Today we’re going to have a look at the North Face Apex Bionic Jacket, which is available from Outro right now.

Our review today, which we’ve transcribed below, is brought to you by Webtogs, a trusted name when it comes to evaluating outdoor gear.

Hi there and welcome to Webtogs. Today we taking a look at the Apex Bionic Jacket and the Apex Bionic Vest from The North Face. Now these are soft shell garments, and they sit in between a fleece and a waterproof jacket. With a fleece you’ve got something that will keep you warm but won’t keep the wind and rain from your back. And with a waterproof jacket, you’ve got something that’s excellent at keeping wind and rain away, but offers you no insulation.

And that’s where the soft shell comes in, it’s a half way house between the two. What I love about soft shells is the fact that they are more breathable than a waterproof jacket, so great for high aerobic activities like cycling or running, and they’re also a lot more comfortable to wear as well. If you’ve ever had a waterproof jacket, you’ll know crinkly and rusty it can be against the skin. This is beautiful to the touch and I’m just wearing this with just a shirt underneath it.

With the North Face Apex Bionic items, what they’ve done is they’ve used their Apex Climate Block fabric. It’s the most solid of all the fabrics that they offer. So, it’s completely windproof and virtually waterproof. It will shed water in all but very worst of storms. What I also like about it as well, is you’ve got a fleece backing on the inside here. So it’s great for early spring, late Autumn and winter usage, I would say. The fabric itself also has a certain amount of stretch, too, so perfect for activities like climbing and bouldering, anything where you’ve got a lot of movement. Okay, enough about the fabric and enough about soft shells.

Let’s actually talk little bit about the jacket, and it’s quite a simple, straightforward one. We’ve got a fleece-lined collar at the top here, to keep things nice and comfortable. Pocketwise, we’ve got a Napoleon pocket at the top here and two hand hand warmer pockets on each side. If you actually look at the cut of the jacket, you see it’s quite a nice a short cut, so great for you climbers who want to get a harness underneath, and you’ve also got a hem cinch cord to put it in snug to your body.

Now the item I’m wearing here is a medium which is a size 41″ chest and we’ve got various colors. For the jacket,we’ve got the black, and the asphalt gray that we can see here, and for the vest we’ve got the black that you can see here. Average weight of this particular item is just 837 grams and for me. I really like this as a flexible about town and on the hill jacket when it comes through to autumn. Don’t just take my word for it though. We’ve got 22 customer reviews all giving it an average of five stars right now as well.

Outro is a go-to for the serious outdoorsperson and it’s tough to beat the prices. If you’re going outdoors, hit up Outro first.