03 Jan

Purrfect Fence Deals, Steals and Coupon Codes

Purrfect Fence keeps kitties safe in the yard, where they can play to their hearts’ content without worry. Here’s some ways to save some money on your purchase.

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To help you make your decision, don’t miss our transcribed Purrfect Fence video review here, and our roundup of online Purrfect Fence reviews here.

03 Jun

Purrfect Fence Reviews Around the Web

If you do some searches you can find a variety of reviews of the Purrfect Fence. We’ve gathered a few here to help you out.

Last year, CatCluez took a look at a few cat enclosures, including Purrfect Fence. Overall, they were impressed, citing several factors as arguing in its favor:

What I like about the Purr…fect Fence product

  • Very secure
  • Can be adapted to just about any yard or outdoor space
  • The company provides an instructional video to help you set up and install the product

On the downside, they mentioned that installation is a bit time consuming, although this may translate into a benefit for someone who has time to spend or enjoys an outdoor project.

Pets Weekly evaluated the Purrfect Fence a few years ago, putting it to the test with fourteen “formerly” feral cats. Again, the product stacked up well.

The first thing that they did was test their boundaries. They tried to climb up the fence (no luck – too flimsy), they searched below (too solid), attempted to dig out (to deeply staked), and tried to bite through the fence (too strong). The fencing system was impenetrable. Not only could the cats not get out, predators could not get in!

The one drawback mentioned was the lack of clarity in the written instructions, although this was some years ago, so this may no longer apply. Either way, the author recommends skipping to the video instructions instead, which are really straightforward.

If you haven’t yet, we also have a featured video review of the Purrfect Fence, with transcription, that we think you’ll find helpful. You can watch that video review here.

The best, most comprehensive review of the Purrfect Fence comes from the blog, The Life of Lew Ayotte. Head over there for a detailed, step by step description of the set up process, including some improvisations that were necessary based on specific hard soil conditions that made staking difficult.

All in all, reviews are very good, but keep in mind the time commitment. That seems to come up a lot. That said, everyone agrees that the Purrfect Fence delivers as promised. Cats don’t get out and you get the peace of mind knowing they are playing safely in the yard and not in the street.

03 Jun

Purrfect Fence Review

Purrfect Fence is one of those products that when you see it, you smack your head. How wasn’t this available until now? It seems so obvious. Such a simple solution to a problem so many cat owners know all too well.

Not every cat is a full outdoor cat, but how do you give your cat some freedom to play outside without the constant worry? Purrfect Fence, that’s how.

Because cats are different, there are three versions of Purrfect Fence available, including one for those “Houdini cats” who just seem able to escape from anything, against all the odds. Purrfect Fence cat enclosures will stymie even the most determined cat’s attempts to get over the wall.

Need a visual demo? You’re in luck. Check out this video by Purrfect Fence owner Betsy. If you want to save a couple minutes, you can skim the transcript below.


Hey, Betsy here. I wanted to take a few minutes to show you our Purrfect Fence, which is our addition to the top of our wood fence that prevents our cats from ever leaving our backyard. And I know it’s sometimes hard to see this in pictures on the internet so I thought maybe a video would be good for if anyone who was interested in doing a cat fence.

So you can see, it’s just metal brackets with black mesh on top o four existing six foot wood fence and it works great. So far we have never had a cat escape our yard except when our neighbor’s dog digs holes under our fence, like that. So technically we’ve never had a cat escape over the top of our fence. And they can run around the backyard and play 24 hours a day, and leave the pet door open. And you can see the kids are playing with her, too. We can leave the pet door open all day and all night, and they come out here as they please. And they’ve never escaped the fence. And it works really well.

The people at Purrfect Fence have been very helpful. I sent them dimensions of our backyard and they helped us order exactly what we needed. And they even helped us – I sent them images of our corners and our gate, you know, to make sure we didn’t have any tricky spots, and they sent us exactly the parts that we needed for our gate and our fence. And I’ll go over here and show you our back gate. Please excuse our backyard, I’m kind of in the middle of demolition here, we’ve been pulling up some things and trying to make some new beds.

You can see our gate. It’s a little bit funny because it’s such a narrow space, so we had to get a little bit creative about how to still open the gate but maintain the fence. We rigged it up a little bit here, you can see the double brackets. But it allows us to still open our gate and the cats can’t get out. So it works great.

So there it is. I don’t get paid anything for telling you about Purrfect fence but I just love it so much because our cats are allowed to go out whenever they want and they never escape our backyard. So if you have any questions or if you ‘re thinking about getting a Purrfect Fence, feel free to ask me questions any time and I’d love to help you. And the Purrfect Fence people were excellent for helping as well. So that’s it, thanks so much.

Purrfect Fence is also available at Amazon.