20 Aug

Rave Ready Company Interview

It ain’t easy to get an interview with RaveReady‘s Raymond Stone (LinkedIn profile) but we managed to find one. A guy like Stone has a lot of interests, but in this chat with ElectronicLife.com, he goes a bit into the philosophy and history of his company.

We’ve snipped out the relevant bit here, but make sure to head over to ElectronicLife.com for the rest of what really is a fascinating interview with one of the movers and shakers in the rave fashion scene.

Image via electroniclife.com

A’Damaged Pro – What’s the story behind RaveReady being founded?

Raymond Stone – The one moment that directly brought RaveReady.com into existence was a conversation with my old boss, he became an unknowing mentor. I had left the military and was hired by the owner of large military/police supply website to handle their magazine advertisements, web design, and some other things. One day we were talking about how he started his company he explained that in life you either work for yourself and do what you want, or you work for someone else and you do what they tell you.  That was the day I decided I was going to find something I loved and build it, just like he had done. Raves and underground parties were already a part of my life so once I realized that there were no “rave” stores and there was a need it was easy.

A’Damaged Pro – What role do you think your military background has played in your prevailing attitude towards business? Are there any particular skills that you acquired in the military that you feel have been instrumental in your success?

Raymond Stone – I have to give all the credit to my parents. My mom worked three jobs and my dad worked and was always finding ways to do side jobs in construction. They taught me about hard work at a young age.

I can credit the military with my bluntness and my strong attitude.

A’Damaged Pro – What is the most rewarding part of your job? Most challenging part?

Raymond Stone – I think getting the right product in our warehouse is the hardest thing right now, and it relates to the maturity and growth of the mainstream markets.

There are so many companies starting up that they are just saturating the market with poorly made products. We spend a lot of time curating our products and it’s increasingly difficult to find the “good” stuff. We’re constantly searching for the brands who are rooted in the community and who are trying to do something a little different.

Also, merchandising is such a new concept with this type of music that very few artists (djs, producers) are interested in it beyond putting it on their own websites. It really is a way for artist to share themselves with the audience, who already loves them, in a new way.

The most rewarding parts are when we overcome those challenges and eventually see that stuff on the dance floor. There is more than one product or brand that we have helped grow so when we see it out there it’s really exciting to me.

A’Damaged Pro – How does it make you feel when you see people in your wares at an event/festival?

Raymond Stone – It’s really amazing! I really don’t have the words for it.

Fascinating stuff. If you want more, you can click through to the rest of the interview. You may also find Raymond Stone’s blog worth checking out. He writes at RaveReady.com and covers a variety of topics related to the rave scene and business. Get to know the man! Also, don’t miss our transcribed video review of RaveReady’s fluffies.

20 Aug

Raveready.com Fluffies Review

Is it neon? Is it furry? Does it light up or pulse with the music? If it does, RaveReady.com probably has it. A quick look over their stock reveals a deep inventory of rave gear.

Today we’ve got a review for you. Nikki on YouTube takes Rave Ready‘s fluffies for a spin, describing them from unpacking to general impression.  You know what fluffies are, the classic bright furry boots ubiquitous on the dance floor.

Let’s get down to it then!

Hi. I’m doing a video on my thoughts about these RaveReady fuzzies and my honest opinion of them. First, let me state that this color, when I first opened the container they were in, damn my eyes were blinded. Like, damn, look how bright these things are. Wow. I’ve seen so many different kind of brands from different kind of people try to make these bright of fluffies and let me tell you, not as bright as these ones.

Second, when I first opened it, I read the container that said open, shake, love. And I was like, why do you need to shake it. So I shook it. And the downside of it is that the fuzzies that are on there just come right off. I shook it and they’re like all over my black pants and everything and it’s a bitch and a half to get them off. So a person like me, that’s my only downside with these.

I personally love them. Like, I’m touching them and they’re so soft. I don’t know what I can even compare them to. It’s like a fleece blanket. Softer than that. And another thing that I like about it. You know how some of those fluffies have those elastic bands and it’s kind of elasticy and some of them have that rigid side to it that is kind of irritating to your leg? These ones have this stretchy, really nice fabric on it, where, honestly, it doesn’t do that to you legs. So you can be dancing and everything and it doesn’t, like, irritate you at all, it feels nice and fine.

And personally, I love getting stuff from Rave Ready. I’ve got four pairs of LED gloves from that site and, God, I can’t get enough of that site. It’s personally my favorite rave site and I will be buying more stuff in the future from there. And I really hope this video helped you guys. So that’s my honest opinion about these Rave Ready leg wears. The only downside is that when you shake it, it gets stuck onto your legs, so have a lint roller ready, guys, because that’s going to be the only downfall about it. Besides that, awesome stitching, great fabric. Amazing on everything. So, thanks, Rave Ready.

So remember to shake them out before hand! Check out more of what Rave Ready has on hand by checking out their website. If you want to know more about RaveReady, consider checking out our snipped interview with RaveReady founder and CEO Raymond Stone.