20 Apr

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Sanrio.com is world famous as the online home of that adorable mouthless feline, Hello Kitty.  Hello Kitty is an obsession for many, and an internationally-recognized brand for just about everyone in the world now.

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Have a look at our Hello Kitty tote review. Check out the transcribed interview with Sanrio CEO Lanzi.

20 Apr

Interview with the Sanrio.com CEO Roberto Lanzi

Today we have an interview with Sanrio CEO Roberto Lanzi. While he was in Russia, he was asked some interesting questions about Hello Kitty, their signature brand. So we transcribed them for you.

The first four minutes of the interview are available below the video for easy reading.

Interviewer: Hello Kitty is one of the most successful licensed brands in the world. Next year it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary. Today we’re having a conversation with chief executive officer for Sanrio Japan, Mr. Roberto Lanzi.

Hello, Mr. Lanzi. We are glad to welcome you to Russia.

Lanzi: Thank you to you for welcoming me. I am very happy and proud to be in Russia, it’s a country I love.

Interviewer: I would like to start with the following question. Could you please tell us how Hello Kitty brand was created? And is it true that new designers were working out a universal brand for several years and with psychological conclusions and results of the researchers?

Lanzi: Talking about Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty has been created as you know 40 years ago. And it has been created by one lady, not a team, it was a lady designing this cat. At that time Sanrio was already very strong with other properties like Tuxedo Sam. Hello Kitty was a miracle of a designer and a miracle from the philosophy stand point. As you probably noticed Hello Kitty is suck a simple design. No color. One outline. And it is a character based on communication. It is a positive message to kids, adults, even men. I believe it was a very big success. And, yes, on the back of Hello Kitty was the business philosophy of our founder. Still our motto is small gift, big smile. And still now we follow up with this. Yes, for sure, the lady who designed Hello Kitty and the guideline that the founder gave to her at that time was psychologically based but basically I think most of the success is due to the simplicity and the positive message.

Interviewer: In their book “Hello Kitty: The Remarkable Story of Sanrio and the Billion Dollar Feline Phenomenon” Ken Belson and Brian Bremner connect some vagueness Hello Kitty image has with Zen-like technique that allows Hello Kitty to become, I quote, “At once the princess of purity and playmate for young girls and a walk down memory lane for adults. You’re in for another taste of childhood.” What do you think about that?

Lanzi: This fact of not putting the mouth on this design was the objective. The goal was exactly this. When you put a mouth on or you put some words in someone’s mouth you want and you do send a very precise message. So I give you an example. I can tell you I am a romantic, I can tell you that I am a punk, or I can tell you I am rocker. Without a mouth you leave all consumers and all people watching Hello Kitty, you leave them to interpret as they like. You don’t give a very precise message. You don’t say, “you have to be a romantic.” So this as an unbelievable intuition of the designer. I still think it’s one of the success reasons. Everyone is free to interpret Hello Kitty as they like.

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17 Apr

Sanrio.com Review: Hello Kitty Loungefly patent handbag/totebag

Hello Kitty! Everything Hello Kitty!

What am I talking about? Sanrio.com! You want it, they have it. It’s hard to get, but they’ll ship it out to you! Collect them all. All of them. And Sanrio.com is going to help you do that.

So let’s get right down to it, then! Today we have a video review of the Hello Kitty Loungefly patent handbag, which you can get from Sanrio.com! Which you need to get from Sanrio.com! As usual, skip down below the video and you can just read the review in text form, which is much faster!

Here ya go!

Hello, I just wanted to make a quick video on the Hello Kitty Loungefly patent handbag. As you can see I have it in the honeysuckle pink color, not the hot pink color. I wanted the hot pink one at first but I couldn’t find it anywhere and the only place I could find it was on Ebay

for like 300 dollars with shipping so, no. So my boyfriend suprised me with this one and it is my favorite purse because it is Hellp Kitty, it’s pink and as you can see it’s really cute. All over the bag there’s little Hello Kitties, bows and hearts. Then you’ve got the little bow that hangs off of it. And the other side says Hello Kitty. And on the little zippers you can see it says Hello Kitty. This one’s a little worn out because you can tell I’ve used it lots.

I took everything out so you can see it but there’s not much to see on the inside it’s just black. On the backside you have a zipper pocket, it says Hello Kitty there, too. On the inside it fits a lot of stuff. Yeah, it’s just black on the inside. You’ve got the little pocket here for glasses or pens. I put my Ipod in here. Keys. And yeah, I love it because there’s lots of space for everything. If you as a school bag, I don’t really recommend it because I used it and I just carried my notebooks and textbooks with me. Binders don’t really fit that well. You can’t really zip it closed. I would suggest getting the larger size which only comes in black, which kind of sucks, but if you just want a purse you should definitely get this one.

You can see it goes all the way down there or down to the side, whatever, it’s super cute. The only problem I had with this bag when I first got it was that the straps would not stay on my shoulders and they were really, really hard and they hurt my shoulders. So my friend told me that I should pack it full of stuff, so I did and it kind of broke in like shoes. But definitely I give this bag a 10 out of 10. It’s my favorite purse. I’ve been using it. I only switched bags now because I actually just bought another purse yesterday which I’ll make another video for. If you’re looking to buy this bag buy it while you can because once it sells out it’s going to be super expensive on Ebay like the other colors that aren’t available. But this one, the honeysuckle pink is still available on Sanrio.com or you can get it on Ebay. We just got it on Sanrio because it came with a free cosmetic bag.

So awesome! Happy shopping!