12 Mar

Scarves.net Company Overview: How To Videos!

Scarves.net teamed up with Affordable Style TV to produce a comprehensive set of videos on every way to tie a scarf imaginable. Since we don’t have an interview for you like normal, we figured we’d feature a few of their “how to” videos, with transcripts where necessary. Check ‘em out!

When you’re done, head on over to Scarves.net and check out what they’ve got.  Also, don’t forget to take a look at our transcribed review of the Bailey Stars Circle Scarf, which you can get at scarves.net.

How to tie a circle scarf, part one!

I’m going to show you how to wear a circle scarf. Hold it open like this. Try to make sure that the tag if it has one is towards the back of your neck when you put it on so it doesn’t show. Mine’s right here. Put it over the head once. With the seam and tag in back as I said. Then loop it over the head one more time after twisting. Then try to make sure that there are two circles with one smaller circle inside of a bigger circle. This makes sure that it sits flat on your chest and isn’t bulky. Adjust as necessary. It helps to do this in front of a mirror. You’re done!

How to tie a circle scarf, part two!

Hi. I’m back with how to wear a circle scarf part two. To show you two more ways you can wear a circle scarf. Both of these are great for cold weather or rainy weather or anythign that has to do with warmth and protection. The first one I’m going to show you is great for if you perhaps are wearing a lower cut shirt because this will really keep your neck warm. First you put it over your head with the seam back just like I told you before with the first styling. The seam goes in back and again we do a figure eight and over your head one more time. Then, instead of leaving it like this like I showed you the first time you will wrap it over your head one more time. This creates a sort of turtle neck. And it’s very warm. This is great in cold temperatures and in the fall when you have a lighter jacket on.

The second way I’m going to show you is great if it’s raining or snowing and maybe you want to protect your hair or your head. First you hang it over your head but this time you want the seam at the bottom. Place it over your head like this, kind of a hat. And you’re going to twist it once and this time wrap the whole thing over your head. Again, this would be great for if it’s raining or if it’s particularly cold. It can totally work as a hat or you can wear it under a hood because it’s totally flat.

That should get you started. Three different ways to wear a circle scarf. Check out the rest of the videos for more ways to sport your new scarf from scarves.net!

12 Mar

Scarves.net Bailey Star Loop Scarf Review

Today we’ve got a review of the Bailey Star Loop Scarf from scarves.net. Shay’s Mama will go over some of the features of this standard wardrobe accessory. To jump directly to scarves.net, click here.

Shay’s Mama gives us a close up, demonstrates one way to wear the scarf and describes some of its basic features. The scarf gets good review on Amazon and five stars on scarves.net’s webpage.

They describe it this way:

You will be seeing stars with our Bailey Star Loop Scarf! This colorblocked scarf has a two-tone design with an allover mini star print and crinkled texture. The looped shape makes it easy to drape and wear the Bailey while the lightweight fabric makes it the perfect summer scarf.

  • 100% Polyester
  • 37″ L x 20″ W
  • Hand Wash Cold; Line Dry

On their page they also have care instructions, so check it out.

Below you’ll see the video review and the transcription beneath that. The transcript starts at the beginning and then cuts out at 1:54 when the review is over.

Hey, Shay’s Mama here with a new review and giveaway. And if you haven’t guessed I am wearing a scarf. This is a scarf from scarf.net and this is one of their new spring scarfs. It’s the Bailey Star loop scarf. And I’ll just show it to you up close before I talk about it. Hopefully you can see. I’ll insert a picture also. It has stars. It’s two-toned with the white and black stars and the gray with pink stars. And I’m usually wearing white, black, gray or pink so I figured this would be perfect. And I love stars. So, how I put this on is, I find the seam and I shift that to the back and then I just loop it. They have this little thing on their website where you can see different ways to loop it, so there’s probably lots of different ways you can do this one. For right now now this is pretty much how I wear it. It’s two tones. The stars. I like it. It is very light weight so it’s perfect for spring. One of those breezy days where you want to put together an outfit with something different. It’s what I’m wearing today. It’s very well made. The material is very breathable and it’s very soft. SO I really like it. And I really like how it looks with the two tone. Like I said, it’s just one big, big scarf and I really, really like it. (end 1:54)

Head on over to scarves.net to check out what else they have on for sale right now! It’s warming up, it’s the perfect time to update your spring and summer scarf collection.