05 May

Some Words from Rachel Ten Brink from Scentbird

Today we bring you an excerpt from a interview with Rachel Ten Brink from Scentbird. Scentbird is a subscription fragrance company, check out their website here. You can learn more about it by visiting our transcribed review here.

We’ll skip the introductions and join the conversation at 0:53. Brink gives us a glimpse into how Scentbird got started and what motivated them to launch the service.

Interviewer: So, Scentbird is a unique beauty industry subscription service. When you created Scentbird, what gap in the market did you seek to fill?

Brink: We started Scentbird actually about a year ago, we started doing what we called“perfume tastings” And what we were doing events and helping women discover what fragrances they liked. And we were challenged because events are great but they are very limited in scope and we wanted to bring this to a broader audience. So we started to look online and what we realized is that less than 9% of fragrance is bought online. And more than that, it’s mostly repurchasing stuff you already know because nobody feels safe buying online if you don’t know what it smells like. On the other hand, we took a look at the experience of buying perfume in store. And it’s so challenging. First of all, you walk in, there’s this wall of perfume in front of you. You talk to a beauty associate that’s basically just pushing whatever is the new thing. And, frankly, she doesn’t have a lot of education, she really doesn’t know very much more about perfume. And then, even if she directs you to the right thing, perfume take a while to develop, so what you smell when you just spray that first hit is just called the top note and you’re basically just smelling alcohol. And, to make matters worse, after you smell three or four your nose physically shuts down, it’s called olfactory fatigue. So you can’t even smell stuff in the store. So we we were trying to solve all these problems and came up with the concept of Scentbird as way to really create a perfume playground for women. (2:

Interviewer: Wow, that’s very unique. I used to sell fragrances so I can identify with the points that you just mentioned. The olfactory does shut down. It doesn’t matter how many times you experience the aroma of coffee beans to cleanse the pallet, so to speak. It does become overwhelming at times. People who work in department stores officially are not perfumieres, so they have not been trained in the science of the creation of fragrance or scent, and they don’t create it themselves so they rely on educational materials and sometimes those situations fall through the cracks. A very small percentage is really trained correctly or as well as they need to be trained to in order to deliver the service needed. (3:42).

Fascinating. To get a sense of how the process works, go visit our Scentbird review here.

05 May

Scentbird Subscription Review

Scentbird is a perfume subscription service. If you’ve visited OpClarity.com before, you may remember our review of Filthy Fragrances. Scentbird is in the same ballpark.

Pay a regular fee and get a variety of scents sent to you. Scentbird, however, comes with it’s own refillable canister, which is delivered to you via mail every month.

Maha Maven brings us this detailed review of the Scentbird subscription service, which we’ve transcribed for you. Skip below the video for easy visual skimming. Then click through to Scentbird and subscribe!

Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I wanted to come on and talk to you quickly about this new thing that I got to try. It’s Scentbird and it’s sort of like this perfume preview service. How it works is you go on to the website, you do a quiz and it asks you for your favorite fragrances and questions like that, your preferences, and then it shows you a list of perfumes that you would probably like and then you pick one. And so it comes in this little black package right here and a cute velor little thing. So this is what it comes in, a little velor sleeve that says “Scentbird.” And it’s draw string. You open it up.

The scent I chose was Candy. And I just love this because I love scents so much, I love perfumes. They’re so much fun. This is what it comes in, a little custom sleeve and it’s labeled Scentbird NY. And if you want to try it you twist it up like that and then this is how you spray it, you just press it down and it will spray. So I’m trying product Candy and they do have high end choices on there. This is product Candy. It smells amazing, smells really good, it’s a really good size, it’s labeled. And then how it works is that it’s a monthly service and when you finish it – this will last you a pretty long time, a couple weeks at least.

Each month you get sent another fragrance, I believe it’s about fifteen dollars a month. So at the beginning of each month or whenever they send out their new scents they send you another one of these. You keep this, it’s kind of like Teavana, right, you keep your little canister and then they send you a refill when you are all out. So it comes every month and they have a lot of great options on there. I really like it. When you’re finished with it you literally just put back in and then twist. And then it’s like this portable, convenient thing you can carry around.

Okay, guys, so that’s it for my Scentbird review. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for walking, I will link more information in the downbar below. I love you guys so much and I can’t wait to see you in my next video. Bye.

Happy shopping!