02 Apr

Shark Kage Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

The Shark Kage is changing the world of ATVs, dirt bikes and motorcycles by asking the question, “What if transporting your bike doesn’t have to be slow, dangerous and a hassle?” No wonder so many people are clamoring for them.

So, hey! Here’s some deals to help you get yours!

Ride on over to SharkKage.com right now to get yourself one of these awesome things.

Amazon has the Shark Kage, too, and more reviews.

Still not sure? Check out our transcribed review of the Shark Kage and our readable version of the Shark Kage promo video.

02 Apr

Shark Kage Aluminum Folding Ramps Kickstarter Campaign Promo

Have you seen the Shark Kage promo video? We were surfing through YouTube today looking at Shark Kage videos and stumbled upon this one. It’s a year old, but it really gives a great overview of what went into creating this multi-use vehicle ramp.


We naturally wanted to share it with our hearing impaired visitors so we transcribed it out for you. Because, let’s face it: the YouTube closed captioning system leaves a lot to be desired. About half the captioning for this video is complete gibberish.

So here goes!

You know when you build a product with passion like this, one of the caveats that makes it all worthwhile is when you do a show and the media recognizes you, and the market recognizes and says, look, this is really innovative, this is really cool. And that was important. It put a little steam in the engine when you realize that what you’ve designed is actually creative and innovative, and there is value in solving a problem in a new way.

The most obvious benefit of the Shark Kage is allowing people to go up their ramp at any speed or method they choose. So in the past, the selection was you either gambled and you rode up your ramp but the ramps weren’t attached. If that ramp detaches your vehicle is in danger, your health is in danger, you’re going to get injured. I had an experience once where I was by myself trying to load a heavy motorcycle, it came over and fell on top of me. And the pain and experience of having a heavy motorcycle come down on top of me determined my direction with Shark Kage.

The original cocktail napkins of how we saw it ended up being the final product but in that path there were four different distinct approaches on how we could make this thing fold. But in the end we came back to the original idea being the most solid.

We basically started with some 3D models. We did some 3D printing in order to get to the stages where we are able to articulate and see everything that happened with it before we went into fabrication. These things actually saved us hours and hours and hours of work. We created specific angles into the extrusion so that we can create that arch that we get out of it. 1500 pound load capacity on this ramp. And the arch is very specific for the clearance on some of your smaller, lower bikes. And so you can take your Harleys and your street bikes up there confidence and not worry about ripping the cowlings off the bottom of your bike.

We knew we wanted to use aluminum because of the weight and strength factors. We also wanted to make sure we were using aircraft quality aluminum. T6-6061, high tensile strength. It helps us achieve the weight loads that we’re looking for.

There’s always going to be bumps. You’re usually late showing up on the day, your buddies are eager to ride. People come in hot to the pits. And the bed extender was designed to cinch in against the rear tire of the vehicle and keep it from bouncing. This allows the driver to go off road his vehicle and access the deep mountains and not have to go three miles an hour to get there.

Cargo box is designed for the every day guy to go put his tools, his gear bag, his gas cans, a pitch of rope, his shovel – so you get stuck four wheeling, they’re safe, they’re secure, they’re not going to bounce out. Things that go in the back of the truck we want to keep secure so if someone is parked over night at a hotel on a drive with the cargo cover, we can lock our gear down and not worry about things disappearing in the middle of the night.

The sun shade itself was a bit of an invention from Mr. Chuck Sun. Obviously concerned with how he looks at the track. You know, he felt the importance of, hey, why don’t we put a sun shade on top of this. And sure enough it worked out. If you flip the cage over backwards it’s supported perfectly for a sun shade. All we had to do was develop the telescopic legs that would lock and anchor it down.

And then having the table was really nice. To spread your helmet and gear out so you can easily access everything and get organized. So we were really excited when we discovered all the different functions that were true contributions to the riding experience.

The largest automotive show in the world gave us an award for exterior accessory out of 2000 products, runner up at this years SEMA.


If you’re still not convinced, have a look at our transcribed review of the Shark Kage. Have fun!

02 Apr

Shark Kage Review

The Shark Kage is an aluminum folding ramp for loading ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes into the back of your truck. It’s versatile, reliable and, most of all, safe. Multi-functional, the Shark Kage can function as a ramp, a bed extender, a cargo box, a cargo cover or a work table. You can even tailgate with it!

On Amazon, the Shark Kage gets high marks, but people caution that the version for sale there doesn’t come with leg extensions, so keep that in mind when ordering so that you can get the full use out of your purchase.

Today, we have a transcribed review for you, featuring Youtuber, Richard Hughes at Dirt Hammers. He goes over the features pretty extensively. Check below for the transcript.

Hey, everybody. Richard Hughes here with DirtHammers.com. And we’re going to do a quick little video to show you some of the features that we like about the Shark Kage, the multi-use ramp. And if you stick with us here we’ll show you some of the really nice features that we really like about this multi-use ramp.

One nice feature that we like about the Shark Kage is the safety that it adds to loading or unloading your bikes or ATVs. And that is that you can see here that the mounting plate is bolted to the tailgate. So that allows for a nice secure fit so you don’t have to worry about the ramp coming out from beneath the vehicle and somebody getting hurt.

Ok, now that we have our ATV safely loaded in the back of the truck, we’re going to show you a feature that we really like about the Shark Kage, and it’s called the work bench. Or could be a raised platform, but it works really great for rolling the ATV out on and for servicing it. So we’re going to go ahead and roll it out.

Put you hand on the brake. Put the emergency brake on. And now that we have the ATV rolled out on the work bench, it makes it really easy to change the engine oil, the differential fluid, or even washing underneath the vehicle.

Next we’re going to talk about the bed extender feature. The bed extender works if you have a dirt bike or ATV loaded into the back of the truck, or even without a dirt bike or ATV loaded into the back of the truck. You can see how it extended the bed usage. It comes with these cargo nets and they help keep everything in place in the truck bed. And we’ll demonstrate that for you.

Overall, we really enjoyed using the Shark Kage multi-use ramp. The main factor is safety. It stays tightly secured to the tail gate of the truck for loading and unloading bikes and ATVs. It also offers plenty of other features. It’s very versatile. The ridges on the surface of the Shark Kage offer excellent tire traction whether they’re clean or muddy. Also, nice clean welds. You should give these guys a follow on the Instagram, Twitter, like them up on Facebook, and visit them on SharkKage.com.

Pretty comprehensive overview there with some good demos. Don’t forget to check back for more reviews and interviews. Time to get off road!