01 Feb

Silver Lungs Generator Kit Unboxing

Everyone’s becoming more and more conscious of their health these days. Whether it’s gluten allergies or concerns about super-bugs, there’s good reason to be concerned with wellness.

Which is why some people are turning to colloidal silver to help maintain a healthy body. Colloidal silver has a long history of being used as a disinfectant. Before the rise of antibacterial soaps, colloidal silver was a common way to kill bacteria and sanitize wounds.

For those into health and the do-it-yourself attitude, there are home kits available like this one from Silver Lung. With a package like this, you can get busy making colloidal silver for your own use right in your own home.

Preppers and people with survivalist leanings will also find such products useful, as emergency situations don’t always come with a fully stocked doctors office to manage your well-being.

Here we have an unboxing of a Silver Lung home kit. We’ve transcribed it out for easy browsing. This way you can get a sense of what you’re getting when you buy from Silver Lung.

A continuous shot of me opening the silver generating kit. It took about a month to get here. It weighs about ten pounds. It’s a way to produce my own ionic silver. Comes with an invoice. All these different nice professional brochure. Very nice so far. For the nebulizer. Instructions. Nice brush cleaner. Nebulizer. It’s in there, I can feel it. A water quality tester, electronic. Tells you the parts per million. Adapters. Comes with the batteries for the adapter, the plug for the beaker, and the cleaning kit for the silver rods and these might be the silver rods in the case. Excuse me. It’s the silver rods, two of them, seven gauge, very thick. Should give us thousands of batches. I don’t now what that is, we’ll find out later on. Everything is very well packed in Styrofoam. Before I take everything out I’ll just go over these things. Looks like we’ve got the glass beaker, 32 ounce bottle to put your preparation in after you’ve finished it. Eyedropper, sprayer and that’s the stuff to make the colloidal silver. Plus it comes with a checklist. Well, everything looks like it’s here. And this is what a silver generating kit looks like. Enjoy making your own. Bye bye.

That’s a quick tour. For more information, click on over to Silver Lung’s website. It’s never too late to prep for good health.

20 Oct

Silver Lungs Business Interview

Here we wanted to get an exclusive interview with the CEO of Silver Lungs. They make one of a kind specialized Generators for better health. Currently they are extremely busy as one of the largest manufacturers so getting an interview is a bit tough. We are in direct contact with the owner who will soon be providing us with one. Suffice to say, they are a great business.

Silverlungs.com direct link: Click Here

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Here is a video interview with Mario the owner of Silver Lungs:

For hearing impaired folks check the text out below.

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20 Oct

Silver Lungs Reviews and Opinions

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The Silver Lungs product deserves a thorough examination as there are some naysayers regarding the product in general. Below we will provide you with a few sourced reviews from the web as well as some video highlights regarding the Silver Lungs Colloidal product itself. We can tell you from personal experience, the silverlungs.com product is top quality with thousands of happy shoppers. If you want that bit of extra security we say buy it, you won’t go wrong.

The SilverLungs Generator is a reliable and highly cost-effective home-based generator the produces extremely small particles of (0.9999) pure elemental silver as well as trillions of silver ions.
Those who are familiar with the countless benefits of silver know that buying and consuming silver solutions regularly can be quite costly. As well, having the ability to create endless silver solution on-site can be vital in times of need.

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Online Video Colloidal Silver Reviews

I raise Nubian goats and one of my bucks had an infected abscess/cyst on his next where he received an injection a few days earlier. The hair was gone from the area. I injected the cyst with 1cc CS and rubbed cayenne tincture over it to prevent flies from getting to it. A few days later the cyst was gone. The hair grew back as well.

20 Oct

Silver Lungs Generator Coupons, Deals and Discounts

Silver Lungs generators are HOT right now with all of the health Ebola, H1N1 scares. Here is a code to make it a bit easier for you to purchase.

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