21 Jan

Skis.com Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

You know Skis.com for its amazingly wide selection of ski equipment and accessories. If it involves snow and a set of skis, they’re basically a one-stop shop.

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For more information, check out this interview with Steve Kopitz from Skis.com (with transcript).

And don’t forget this discussion about Skis.com products (again, with transcript).

And for more reviews look at Skis.com on Amazon.

21 Jan

Skis.com Spyder Winner Womens Pant Review

2015 Spyder Winner Womens Pant Overview by Skis.com

Bridgette with Skis.com interviews Phil from Spyder. They are discussing the Spyder Winner Athletic Fit Womens Ski Pants. They discuss a variety of features. To browse Ski.com’s selection at their website, click here. Or, follow this link if you want to check out Skis.com on Amazon.


BRIDGETTE: Hi, I’m Bridgett with slope style with Skis.com. I’m here with Phil here’s here from Spyder. And we have the Winner pant for women.

PHIL: A huge seller for us.

BRIDGETTE: It is a huge seller. It’s mainly because of the fit.

PHIL: That’s what we’ve found. We haven’t played with the fit because it’s been so good. It fits a lot of body types.

BRIDGETTE: And how does it fit? Is it really full? Is it baggy, is it slimming?

PHIL: I’d call it an average middle of the road fit. Even more of missy fit not a junior fit. We do have a pant that a little smaller, tighter lower rise. It really fits a lot of women.

BRIDGETTE: And I like that it has a nice, clean look to it.

PHIL: We what we wanted it do do was have a really clean front, so we removed the zippered hand pockets here just to give it a cleaner line. And put this nice little pocket here. Small articulation to the knees and of course we have snow cuffs on the bottom to keep the snow from coming up.

BRIDGETTE: Now will these pants keep you warm?

PHIL: Oh yeah, I’m sorry. There are two important ingredients, one is keeping wind and water out, so it’s got a 10k laminate to it so, pretty water repellant, yet breathable. And we used Thinsulate insulation. So it’s nice and warm. A couple of good-looking pockets on the back.

BRIDGETTE: Oh yeah, almost like a jean.

PHIL: It looks good on the backside too.

BRIDGETTE: That’s the Winner athletic fit

PHIL: It only comes in one fit, but it does come in lengths. So it’s going to fit a lot of women.

BRIDGETTE: So, short, tall? Awesome. So, thanks for coming in and talking to us, Phil.

21 Jan

Skis.com company interview with Steve Kopitz

Plum TV interviews Skis.com president Steve Kopitz

Plum TV took some time out to interview Skis.com founder and president Steve Kopitz. Together they tackled a problem to all skiers: how to know what to pack and how to get everything you need for your ski vacation on the plane. Kopitz has a lot of great tips, including the best way to pack those ski shoes and a handy way to break down your packing needs based on Skis.com’s recommendations, which they have broken down into two lists, one called “necessities” and the other called “niceties.” To browse their insanely broad selection of ski supplies, click here.  For OpClarity product review transcript, go here.

PLUM: Hi, everyone, I’m here with Steve Kopitz. He is the owner of Skis.com, the website where you can purchase just about anything you want when you want to go skiing. Isn’t that right?

KOPITZ: Absolutely.

PLUM: And how did you come up with this concept of wanting to sell everything online. You know, you’re a big skier fan, how did that work out?

KOPITZ: Well, owning a ski shop has always been a childhood dream. I have eight ski stores. The web is the really the way of the future. We just wanted a soup to nuts site where you can get everything and anything you want and get all the information you want, as well.

PLUM: When someone wants to go on a ski trip a couple things come to mind. You don’t want to forget something critical that you’re going to be bummed about later. But at the same time we’ve got challenges now because airlines are charging for weight limit. So how does someone tackle packing for a skit trip.

KOPITZ: Well, there are a couple of challenges. One is you don’t want to forget anything. So, to help that part if you go on our website actually, Skis.com, we print out two nice little checklists that makes it really easy – and I still use these every time I pack. And you just print these out there at the bottom of each page. One’s called necessities and the other is called niceties. The necessities are things that you gotta bring and the niceties are kind of the nice little extra things.

PLUM: So what are the things that you brought today? Do you have the necessities and the niceties?

KOPITZ: We’ve got everything. Now the first, though, you want to do is not to put your ski boots in your bags because nowadays with the weight limits. Ski boots weigh about 15 pounds, it takes up way too much weight. So there’s one trick that a lot of people are not aware of that the airlines actually allow the ski boots to be in a separate bag from your skis and counted as one bag. So, you can take your ski boots out of the equation. If you can take them out of your ski bag that has yur skis, that’s great. If not, you can pack them in a separate one and pack a bunch of stuff in there and go up to 50 pounds.

PLUM: And if you go up to 50 pounds they don’t charge you as if it were a third bag even if you have two other bags?

KOPITZ: Exactly. So you’re really bringing three bags for the price of two.

PLUM: They never told us that!

KOPITZ: It’s right on their website. You can check it out. But if you’re still over weight the best thing to do is just take your bags and put them in a carry on and carry them on the plane.

PLUM: Ok, so let’s go through some of the items that are very smart to have when you go on a ski trip.

KOPITZ: So obviously you got your jacket and your pants. Always you want to make sure you have some shoes for sloshing around town that are nice and warm and dry. Helmets are strongly recommended. One things that is really important is to bring two pairs of ski gloves. And the reason for that is two-fold. One is you can always lose a pair. But the real reason is you always want your gloves to be warm and dry in the morning. So you really need to let your gloves to dry overnight. So when you’re going out at night you want your second pair for that. Usually you want one that’s a warmer and one alittle lighter depending on the ski conditions, so two gloves is really important.

PLUM: That’s almost like for me having two pairs of ski socks because sometimes you get them all sweaty and icky and it’s nice to have a dry pair to back up on.

KOPITZ: Talking about ski socks, my feeling is that you should have a pair of ski socks for every day because ski socks get pushed, cramped down and compressed, and your boots feel different when you put your ski socks on the second day. Plus, your feet sweat a lot. You can sweat as much as a quart of perspiration in your ski boots if you’re a really aggressive skier. So I bring one pair of socks for every day I plan to ski. It’s a small amount of space and it’s really worth it.

PLUM: And I was going to say, as far as purchase items it’s one of the lesser ticket items, so it’s not like you’re going to break the bank if you buy all those socks.

KOPITZ: Exactly. And the same with long underwear. I usually bring a thing and a thicker pair depending on the conditions. Or a thin and a medium pair. Or if it’s really cold I may even wear both of them, I’m the kind of person who gets cold really easily.

PLUM: Ok, so we only have a tiny bit of time left, so maybe just a couple of items that you think are very important.

KOPITZ: Staying hydrated is really important so having something like a camelback where you can hydrate on the mountain. Obviously, don’t forget your swimsuit. And then the little extras like cell phone charges, cameras, hand warmers – those are all on the niceties list. Little things that you don’t want to bring. Sunscreen, chapstick, all those.

PLUM: Steve, thank you so much. If you see these items and say, “yup, these are exactly what I need” or you’re here and you’re going, “for the next trip I need these” go to Skis.com where you can find out more.