04 May

Sock Panda Sock Drive

These days people have a higher standard for the way companies behave. Pure profit making isn’t cutting it for many consumers. They want to know that the companies they support with their dollars are doing some social good beyond just taking that money to the bank and fattening up the golden parachutes of some CEO somewhere.

In that vein, Sock Panda took a road trip last Christmas with the mission of bringing socks to America’s needy. That tour took Sock Panda, it’s CEO David Peck and a small staff across the country. And, of course, the Sock Panda came with them!

For some background, here’s some news coverage of Sock Panda‘s drive for homeless veterans. As part of their 4000 miles, 5000 socks program, they visited the New England Center for Homeless Veterans.

Our program is called 4000 Miles, 5000 Socks. We started in Venice, California, at the beginning of the month. We’ve been driving across the country giving socks to those in need all throughout the country.

Throughout this tour they stopped in 20 cities and handed out thousands of socks for those less fortunate all across the country.

We got to take care of our veterans in Boston. We have to let them know that they matter. We have to let them know that we think about them all the time.

We’re working to make sure that we have a safe environment, a safe home for all the men and women who fought for our country who came back and are down on their luck for whatever reason. We owe it to them as a city, we owe it to them as a state, and we certainly owe it to them as a country.



04 May

Sock Panda Unboxing

Do you have feet? Check out Sock Panda. Like socks? Check out Sock Panda. Sock Panda is going to send you socks every month. Every money! New ones. Just $19/month for two pairs or $12/month for one pair gets you on the list and they start shipping.

Always current styles, always quality, these colorful socks can accentuate a style you already have or hint to others about something more during the weekday. Get on board with Sock Panda.

So, to get a sense of what you’re getting, let’s have a look at a Sock Panda unboxing, featuring both mens and womens socks.

Hey, YouTube, it’s Mortim3r and I’m here with my fiance Aaron and we’re opening another part of my monthly box this month. As you know this month I’m doing a new monthly subscription box every day of the month. And there’s all kinds out there, there’s literally ones for grandparents, for kids, for teenagers, for people who like gym clothes, people who like health food, vegetarians, pets, stationary, literally every kind. And this is one of the weirder boxes that are out there. This is called Sock Panda and they send you socks in the mail every month. It costs $11 and that includes shipping and handling. And they were kind enough to send Aaron and me both a box to open for you guys. And we’re going to go ahead and open ours and show you what we got this month.

Ready? Yes. I got yours, I think, these are mens socks. These are womens socks but of course they’re way cooler. Women have awesome stuff. So, of course, we got two pairs of socks in the mail and I’m going to go ahead and show you the designs that I got. Oh, those are awesome. I’ll trade you! I like those ones. Really, all right? Okay, the first one I got is this really cure multi-colored happy socks. It’s designed in Sweden and produced in Turkey. And the second pair I got is probably my favorite. And they’re really cool knee-high robot socks. Oh, those are adorable. So for $11 that includes shipping and handling you get two pairs of really cool socks. So, essentially, you’re only paying like five dollars for them if you think that it only costs five dollars to ship something.

So what did you get? I got these like Jamaican socks. Those are cool, I actually like those. I will trade you the pink ones. Deal! Yes! So what was the other pair you got. I got, it looks like, some kind of superhero-esque. It’s like blue with lightning. It’s really cool. Could be like Harry Potter. Looks like Flash. The reverse Flash. The version of Flash that’s like really slow. I’ll wear all of these, including the ones that are yours. So that was what we got in our Sock Panda box. It’s definitely something fun and interesting. I mean, it’s only 11 dollars a month.

Sock, socks, socks! Get ‘em! Get ‘em sent to you now!