29 May

Our Weekly Funny, Unique & Amazing Around the Web or for short FUA

We now bring you our coolest and hottest new creation. Funny products, businesses and maybe even services and possible in the future things to do from around the internet. The idea is pretty simple. We find stuff, show it to you in the special way we show things here and that’s that. We will try and offer some video transcriptions from time to time and of course American Sign Language translations of whatever we can bring. We will dissect reviews of the products we feature so that you can take the guesswork out of what you may be getting.

The first product we bring you is something we have featured before. It’s sort of our test version of this feature that will grow into the future with multiple products but for now. Let’s focus on one. And that focus will be the Squatty Potty. The Squatty Potty is a product that basically helps you have a healthier time on the toilet. The brilliance of this business concept should be obvious. An actual physical device that can be sold to pretty much anyone that is actually helpful. Couple that with the “funny gift” factor and you have an extremely winning combination.

Squatty Potty has some really funny video reviews as you can imagine like this one,  in the future we hope to get this provided in ASL format.

Beyond just the shiny website, you know many times a good way to tell the validity of what your buying at least in some way is to check and make sure their website isn’t just thrown together. For instance



They don’t mess around with their content or their design. But this of course isn’t the only point in which we can examine what real people are saying about their products. They have a whopping 1300 reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4.5/5 stars. That is intense and impossible to shake a stick at. Some of the best and most popular products on Amazon don’t come anywhere near as close to that. Couple this with the CEO and other company employee interviews, freely speaking and you have all the sign of something that is worth it. So yeah. It might be silly but it’s a good choice.

06 Jan

Happy New Year, Squatty Potty Review Due Next Week

So, we are now back on track and will be bringing forth our new  creative project. We can’t reveal the specific details just yet but next week our work will be complete on our first prototype and we will be moving forth. So, expect some of the normal informational posts on the best ways to figure out how to find whats best in terms of products, businesses companies or what have you on the net before then.

And, maybe we will be getting to some more straight review posts in the meantime as well. Been busy around here and the success has been welcomed. Thanks!

23 Oct

Squatty Potty Reviews

As always, we try and bring you the most relevant handpicked reviews for our products, this one, Squatty Potty. We always include an Amazon link as we find the reviews on there specifically are higher quality that most other spots on the web for businesses.

Squattypotty.com on Amazon: Click Here and some Squatty Potty Coupons Here.

One of the points we highlight on opClarity is that we intend to separate out good and bad reviews. The internet these days is filled with thousands of reviews, none of which anyone knows if it is real or not. Anyhow, we have experts who handpick the best and worst reviews that make sense. So, anyhow, here are some opinions regarding Squatty Potty online.

So, what is my personal experience with the squatty potty? I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks (I wanted to give it a thorough trial run before writing this review). And, as my 6-year old would say, holly smolly guacamole. This thing is ridiculously awesome. It is not natural to love a stool as much as I do, but I can’t help it. It really is more comfortable and easier to go from a squatting position. It doesn’t feel like work (and, at least for me, it used to feel like work more often than not). And, I have overdone sugar in the last 6 weeks (wish I could say that was in order to thoroughly test out the squatty potty, but it’s really just giving into sugar cravings due to being overrun with writing the book) and had the usual response by my body. But, I didn’t have to suffer the severe discomfort of going to the bathroom after my sugar indulgence that I normally do thanks to the squatty potty. Yes, I am very impressed. Actually, I am in love.

Interview with the Squatty Potty CEO: Click Here

This Squattypotty video review is absolutely hilarious, A+

Transcript Follows

Does the Squatty Potty Really Work?


This man is very excited to review his new Squatty Potty.

All right. We’re excited. We just received our Squatty Potty. A Squatty Potty helps you to have better posture on the toilet. I’m going to show you what I’ve been using because I’ve been using the squatting method for a long time. Just found this online and I was like, “A Squatty Potty yeah!” And the price was right. I was like, “Yeah, we’re going to get one of these!” Because we’ve been struggling through with this. I’ve been using the trash can beside my toilet like this and sometimes it’s a little difficult, especially when your pants are at your knees and sometimes something like this happens and your pants are at your knees and you’re trying to put… let me just tell you, it’s bad. So, I’m going to open up the Squatty Potty here. I’m a little excited because it’s the first time I’m getting to see it and demonstrate it….

(1:57) Here it is. Now, you have three kinds that you can get. This is made of wood. Composite wood and it’s painted white. You can also get one that’s a wood grain. And you can also get one that is more of an ergonomically shaped plastic composit. Three different sizes, heights. There’s a five inch, a seven inch and a nine inch. And according to your toilet, how well it will fit. If your toilet is fifteen inches tall they will all fit under there very nicely. It just slides underneath like this. See how it fits away, away from everything? Let me remove this box. All right. It fits neatly under the toilet, out of the way so you don’t trip over it. Ok, three sizes. What we got was the seven inch. We said, we’ll start off with the seven inch and possibly later get the nine inch. We want to see how this fits, start in the middle, that’s what they recommend. So, it basically works like this.

Now, I was talking about India before. I kind of go all over the place. Now, if you go into one of their bathrooms, or you go into a home, the bathroom is just a little hole in the ground with two little foot places for you to sit and squat. In India you will see people squatting by the side of the road. That’s just the way they do it in India. But even on the train you had the choice of either going in the western style toilet, basically a toilet hat was sitting over a hole. Or you had the eastern style, which was basically (demonstrates).

(Skip to 4:09)

Anyway, I’m getting off track. This is what the purpose of this is for. It’s to relieve the pressure on the pelvis. It’s to help prevent constipation, hemorrhoids… Because all that stuff has pretty much developed over the last hundred years with the development of the [western] toilet. You can either squat like this if you want to. Or you can sit like that. And what that does is it takes the angle of the rectum there – you got a muscle there that’s called the pubo-rectalis muscle that goes across the rectum and it pretty much helps to relax that muscle more so there’s not as much strain on it. When you just sit at a 90 degree angle and it causes you to strain more in order to push the bowel out. Whereas when you go here at the 35 degree angle it straightens things out more and reduces the pressure on the muscle and then your angle is correct and it opens up more and, I’m just going to tell you, you flow easily and it’s just more comfortable. And it’s an easier flow. Not as much pressure. Not as much pushing. It’s just easier. So, I think I’ve given you all the information you need. I like this because when you’re done, slide it out of the way.

23 Oct

Squatty Potty CEO Robert Edwards

The simple fact is, there are tons of Squatty Potty CEO and company interviews online. They are a big brand with a good media presence. What we wanted to do though is bring you some video interviews and get them in text for our hearing impaired folks, or just people who hate watching videos. We know you exist trust us!  Over the next week we will be getting the following videos in text format so that you will be able to read whats up with these products.  Go directly to Squattypotty.com by clicking Here
and check out our reviews here.

More to come!

23 Oct

Squatty Potty Deals, Coupons and Tips

Squatty Potty is an incredibly popular holiday gift, a slick polished website and a few simple products that enhance your quality bathroom time. We wanted to try and hook you up with a few exclusive deals, hopefully you share this page with your friends. Lettem know and get them a practical and different squatty gift.

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Interview with the Squatty Potty CEO: Click Here

As always, we handpicked custom Squatty Potty reviews for you: Click Here