29 Jan

Sumo Lounge Sway Product Review

Today we have a look at some of Sumo Lounge’s bean bags, which some in a variety of styles, colors, etc. The first review is takes a look at the Sumo Sway (in fudge brone suede) and features the unboxing and an overview of its features. Overall, the reviewer is pleased with it, highlighting a few important features, like the ability to arrange it like a chair for sitting.

After the jump, we’ll look at some reviews of another common use of Sumo Lounge bean bags: gaming chairs. By the way, if you want to check out some reviews on Amazon, click here. To browse the selection at Sumo Lounge, click this link.

We’re here outside again and that’s because today we are reviewing this, a Sumo beanbag. This is the Sway Single Suede beanbag. And this is how it arrives, in a rather large, fetching blue bag. We’re just about to open it. It’s rather large as you can see. These bean bags really are top quality bean bags and this is how it arrives. I’m going to move onto the next stage, which is opening it up.

We’ve opened the cop and there are no beans flying around becaue the beans, by the looks of it, are already inside the bean bag. This is the fudge brown Sway bean bag, so there’s no need to put the beans inside of it, they’re already there.

Basically here it is in all its glory. This is the Sway bean bag from Sumo and it’s in fudge brown. And it’s a lovely suede finish as well. Very soft. Very comfortable finish, which is still very strong. Some of the stitching here on the side here you can see how well that has been done. This particular bean bag I am a fan of because it gives your more of a sitting chair position.

As you can see there, there’s a back to it and if you get it in the right position. This is the rear of it. And then there’s a front and you sit there. I will say it’s very comfortable indeed. There’s no way you’re going to be sitting on the floor because it has got plenty of beans in there to keep you nice and comfortable. And being that it is suede and it’s a lovely color (various colors available) it will fit in with your furniture, too. So you can pick one that suits yourself. So, that is the Sumo Sway bean bag in suede fudge brown.

Cruising online reviews of Sumo Lounge bean bags in online gamers forums return some interesting results, including this informative review of the Sumo Lounge Sway Couple at PS Nation. Glen Percival reviewed the Sway Couple chair from the gamer’s perspective and had some worthwhile insights, including the practical advice that one should “not to open the box until it was in the room that I wanted the chair to reside in.”

He considers the value versus performance question:

Right away I was a bit worried since it obviously sits lower than my couch, but so far that has not been an issue at all. The chair is uber-comfy, and I have fallen asleep in it more than a couple of times. The corduroy is lush and quite soft, and you can tell that the build-quality is sturdy and very strong throughout. I love, LOVE the fact that this has a back on it.

But is it worth the cost? Percival says, yes, depending on your needs.

You know, it depends on your situation. I was already looking to replace the couch in my gaming room, and this actually is a great solution for my needs. I have a La-Z-Boy chair that I wanted to move out of my living room, so this along with that chair are perfect for my needs. It’s definitely cheaper than an actual couch, and while not being as big, the size is definitely bigger than what you’d expect. For others, a simple chair from a discount store may be sufficient, but in my case, I’m insanely happy with what this chair offers.

So there you have it.. And to look at their available inventory in the Sumo Lounge online store, click here.

29 Jan

Sumo Lounge Company Overview

Sumo Lounge makes big, comfy bean bag chairs which have become popular with gamers and other relaxation oriented consumers. To check out a couple product reviews, including a transcription, just click here. In the meantime, we’ve got a company overview for you courtesy of Sumo Lounge.

While we’re waiting on a video interview with Sumo Lounge CEO Andrew Milligan, check out this conversation from aphnetworks.com, where Milligan discusses some of the secrets behind his companies success.

Here’s a snippet:

Jonathan: When you exchanged twenty beanbags for three-months advertising on Engadget, and then Playboy magazine saw it and wrote about your products, did you expect such a significant impact on Sumo Lounge? How did it feel as compared to the slow business before?

Andrew: Ohhhh – that made a big difference. I just emailed Engadget & asked for a review & right away they got back to me & said “no reviews but we can trade you product for advertising”. At the time I had lots of inventory & no money & said yes!!!

Next day a top editor at Playboy called & asked for a sample for a last minute shoot & I said yes of course!!!! It cost me over $600 to send it FedEx Express but I had a few weeks to pay it & knew that Playboy would pay off in the end.

In the end the review in Playboy sold a lot of bean bags & it allowed me to form a relationship with their marketing department who I still work with today. They are all really nice people – smart & professional as well but very good people & a pleasure to work with.

Jonathan: Speaking of which, do you “read” Playboy? ;)

Andrew: No.

In the meantime, click Sumo Lounge on Amazon. And follow this link to check out Sumo Lounge’s array of products.