24 Oct

Teraganix Reviews

The great thing about Teraganix is that people love to review this product. So, we have a lot to give you and for us this is good. Why? Cause we know many folks hit review overload when it comes to looking at too much text. So here, we will bring you some videos, transcripts of those videos and text reviews. First we highly suggest you check out Teraganix on Amazon, and then of course proceed to our specialized company interview we have.

 I was very quick to start adding all the food scraps to the bucket since my garden is already on its way.  I have to say I noticed less of a smell from within the bucket in a few days once the process started.  The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the composting speed as compared to my wormies but then again I haven’t found anything that can compete with them.  The nice thing is it is supposed to be safe to use with the worms so as soon as get them back into my system I bet they’ll be thrilled to give it a try!

Here is Dave with his compost Teraganix machine! Check it out and we will have a transcript soon!

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24 Oct

Teraganix Business Interview

Teraganix over the past few years has really been expanding their online offers. Along, their Youtube channel has dozens of product reviews. We generally don’t offer these videos on our site for obvious reasons. But we will do is put up Teraganix CEO interviews from their channel and make sure you get the full text of them. This works out well for folks looking for reviews that have trouble hearing. Believe it or not, tons of us have bad hearing and a lot of Youtube videos just have bad microphone quality. Anyhow what follows is what we got so far.

Obviously this is an extensive interview with the Teraganix team, anyone making an informed decision can enjoy this

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24 Oct

Teraganix Coupons Code Deals

So, I am a bit biased here as I have been working with Teraganix.com for awhile now. Not only are they stand up people with a legitimate company. They do great things. And by great I mean their products focus on environmentally friendlier solutions for a traditionally rough on the environment vertical. So, if you are looking for solutions for your growing needs through products like effective micro organisms please give Teraganix a shot as it is better for all of us.

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