14 Apr

The Watchery Deals, Steals & Coupon Codes

The Watchery. You know it for quality. It’s a chronometer one stop shop. How about we see if we can get some deals before time runs out!

A good place to start your shopping is at The Watchery’s online store. Lots of stuff on sale there and it’s always changing.

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Swing on over to The Watchery’s store at Amazon for more deals and reviews.

And make sure you check out our transcribed unboxing (video) and two reviews of watches you can get right now from The Watchery!

14 Apr

The Watchery: Watch Reviews

Let’s have a look at a couple of watches that The Watchery has on sale over at their site. Sound good? First up is the U-Boat Men’s Flightdeck Watch, which is currently 55% off.

By the way, you might want to check out The Watchery’s store at Amazon for more reviews and price comparisons.

The Flight Deck ceramic bezel is based on the regular Flight Dech Chronos 50mm case. Pushers and crown on the left. The watch runs on a 7750 automatic chronograph movement. Swiss made. And you can see it through the exhibition back through the sapphire crystal. Of course the Flight Deck Chronos are quite sport watches but the ceramic bezel has a lot of elegant features, including this alligator and rubber strap and the glossy finish of the ceramic bezel. Even the way the carbon fiber of the dial looks altogether gives it a sort of high tech luxury feel. All the pushers and the crown are on the left side therefore the functions are inverse, so start-stop is the bottom and reset is at the top. And the crown cover protects an already very sturdy crown, which I’ve said several times in the past for Flight Deck, it is solid at all positions, even when changing the time and date.

Now let’s check out another review, this time of the Mens Gucci G-Timeless Watch.

Hey, YouTube. Edward Dominguez here. I just wanted to give you a quick review of a watch I bought a month ago. It’s called the Gucci G-Timeless Watch. Here is how it looks. Hopefully you can zoom in on that. There it is. So check that out. Very nice, isn’t it? And then you can see it says Gucci right there as well. Stainless steel. Gucci right there. The back side, I don’t know if you might be able to see it, probably not. Very nice watch. Highly recommended. It is 40mm casing, stainless steel, and very, very nice. It costs 990 dollars retail. Taxes, about 1030 dollars.

I bought it from a friend who works in Nordstrom’s. And I was came over to visit and asked her what the most expensive watch she had and I was looking around and I instantly fell in love with this one. I’ll actually show it to you a little bit more. I really love it because it’s not too flashy. There was a lot of watches I saw on Nordstrom’s, they were under a thousand, there were some that were 500 and they were too big, they looked like they were the 50mm casing. They were gold plated. And they were just too flashy and I didn’t want a watch that was too flashy. And so I got this one because I really fell in love with the looks, the dial is very nice, it’s just a very nice watch. Here I can put it so you can see it a bit more. There you go.

So as you can see it tells you the date, and it’s just very nice, polished, and it’s just a shiner like that. And I actually have it dirty right now but if I go and wash it off with some Dawn soap, rinse off and dry it off, it really shines. I want to show you how I got it. The packaging is very nice. It’s a Guzzi box. Very nice. Solid. Open it. There you go. And that’s where the watch was.

It’s waterproof, so when it gets dirty, oily, I can just wash it. I wash it with Dawn soap. Just put it in some warm water. And I did a lot of research before I washed my watch. I was kind of scared about making it not work or, I don’t know, I had a weird thing that first moment. But I do it and every time I wash it it comes out very, very nice. I haven’t washed it in about a week or so, so it’s kind of looking, it has its oils and fingerprints and stuff like that. It’s a really nice watch and I highly recommend it. Other than that, I will put a link in the description of where I got the watch. It’s a great product and I actually recommend it to all. Thanks for watching.

Thanks for coming by. Check in again for more reviews! If you missed it, check out our transcribed unboxing from The Watchery so you can get an idea of what to expect when you place your order.

13 Apr

The Watchery Unboxing

The Watchery has built up a reputation over the years for top quality, luxury watches for men and women. Primo watches are their game, but you already knew that. By the way, you can also check them out over at Amazon.com.

Let’s get to it!

Today we have a transcribed unboxing of a Watchery purchase. Jtrenh on YouTube shares with us his purchase straight from the mail. Let’s have a look.

This is us opening a package from the Watchery we just received about two minutes ago. So, a quick look at the box. There’s a bit of a bright orange “attention carrier” sticker. I won’t read the details but pretty much it says you can’t deliver this without the proper signature and if the address is wrong you have to return it to the sender.

Another couple security things they put on here. This is brown tape that says this is a proof tape, so if this is cut you can pretty much tell that the lines don’t align. There’s two types of tape, some paper tape and a classic duct tape. So if any of these seals are broken the lines wouldn’t align.

So it’s time to open the box and see what the contents are and hopefully it’s what we want.

So, as you can tell, if the box was tampered with, and opened, the lines would be cut and if you re-seal it’s pretty obvious it’s been tampered with. Let’s see what’s in here.

I don’t see a packing slip. Maybe it’s in the box. Oh, here it is. Packing slip. That’s correct, so let’s open the box. Tag Heuer, what we ordered. The box looks good, looks clean, it’s pretty new. Let’s see the contents, what’s important. You guys are the first ones to look at this. So I’m going to open it to see if there’s a watch in here. Yes there is. So, success, for now, so far. And I’m going to check the watch. No scratches, no other fingerprints from anyone else that I see. So, so far so good. That’s our video.

Looks good! Check in with us for more reviews and deals!