22 Dec

Thea Thea Baby Bags Review Tour

Let’s see what we have on the web in terms of reviews of Thea Thea baby bags. A good place to start, of course, is the review we already feature, which we’ve transcribed for you. But what else is there?

If you want to get a quick video tour of some Thea Thea baby bags, you could swing over to the Thea Thea YouTube page. They’ve got a few short videos that feature their products, like this one. Watch the bags spin in eerie silence.

A quick Google search turns up this review at the NapTime Reviewer. Cristen gives us a nice review with lots of photos. She likes it.

Check out her description:

 It’s obvious that the new Madison Baby Bag from Thea Thea is chic and classy, but my love for this bag goes beyond the surface.  This bag offers lots of storage space for everything you need to keep yourself and baby happy and that is what’s most important (depending on who you ask).

You can also head over to Thea Thea‘s Amazon store and see what customers have to say in their reviews section. But don’t wait too long to make your purchase. Baby’s coming and baby won’t wait!

02 Jun

Thea Thea Diaper Bag Review

Thea Thea (click here to open their webstore) makes stylish diaper bags for trendy mothers. A lot of thought goes into these, and as you’ll see from the review we’ve transcribed today, they aim for not just a hip look, but also for utility. Lots of pockets, lightweight, easy to clean and a variety of other little things push these bags over the competition.

YouTube user loverslane29 does the honor today, and she really gets into the nitty gritty. Speaking from experience, she reviews the heck out of the bag, comparing it to her previous kid sack. Let’s get right to it and see what she has to say.

Hi, guys, and welcome back to my channel. Today is another product review for you guys. And once again, opinions are 100% my own and mine alone. I do not get paid for this review however I was sent the product for free. Doesn’t change anything for me. I like to rhyme. Today’s video is going to be a review on a diaper bag. And this is from the company Thea Thea Baby Bags. Thea is Greek for divine or goddess. I’ve been reading up on the company and I thought I’d share with you what their whole philosophy and concept it because I like to find out a little big about a company before I just start using their stuff.

“Thea was revered for bringing beauty into the world and they want to encourage all mothers to go out into the world and spread their luminous glow,” which I thought was really cute. “At Thea Thea our philosophy is to combine fashion and function. Our bags are designed to complement a mother’s sophisticated sense of style without sacrificing practicality.” Which is awesome because that is what I was looking for in a diaper bag. “They are light, comfortable and cool. Thea Thea diaper bags are a trendy lifesaver for fashionable moms.”

So I would definitely agree with everything that they said. And that was the first thing that I noticed about this bag which is really nice is that it is super lightweight. So, it’s like washable fabric material. It is not heavy at all. And that’s the one thing I didn’t think about when I bought my diaper bag (I have my own review of that down below). This diaper bag is very similar to that one. But I did not think about the weight of the diaper bag itself when I was looking for one. Because the one that I have is a heavier leather one. Whereas this is nice and lightweight. That way when you add all the extra junk into it you’re not already starting off with a five pound diaper bag. So, that was the first thing that I noticed and the first thing that I loved.

So, it comes with a bunch of extra stuff, and I’ll go ahead and show you that first. The first thing is that it comes with extra straps on the side, so it has these two straps here and it has the extra straps if you want to have it cross body, which is what I found was most helpful with my diaper bag. Because if I’m trying to carry the carrier, sometimes these two little ones will slip right off my shoulder. So I do like that it has the attachment of a cross body carrier. I love that. It actually did come with this, so you could store it and keep it really nice, which is cool. It also came with a little handy little knapsack. So you can use it for like your baby’s snacks, some toys, or even if you have a dirty diaper or something and you just want to kind of close it up for dirty clothes. Same thing. Everything is very washable, which I love. You can just wipe it all clean. Kids are messy. You’re gonna get stuff messy, so I definitely like that about this product as well. And then of course it comes with a little thermos-type bag thing, it has the aluminum inside. So you can keep your baby bottles cold, or warm, I guess. Whichever one you want. And once again it has another drawstring. Keep that nice and secure and tight in there. And everything matches the bag which is super cute.

And my favorite thing that the bag came with – and I didn’t think it would be – is this breast-feeding cover. So, it almost looks like the front of a shirt which, when I first got my cover, I got bright yellow, it was a cute pattern, I thought it was adorable. But it’s screaming “I’m breast-feeding! Everyone look at me!” And I didn’t think of that when I first got it. Because you’re like, this is an adorable color! Yellow’s so happy and fun! But it’s like a warning sign. So what I love about this is that it’s black and has a cute little satin lined frills but it looks like the front of a shirt so you wouldn’t know that you are breast-feeding, which I thought was really, really cool. I’ll show you, kind of. So it covers the whole area and it looks like a shirt, which I love so much, and it’s nice and light weight so baby can breathe but also really soft and comfortable for baby’s skin. I thought it was ingenious that it looks like the front of a shirt. It’s just black and plain and it’s normal and I love it.

So now moving on to the bag itself, I’ve had it for a couple weeks now, and I told them that I wanted to try it out for myself and see what I think about it before I review it. And I must say that I do love it. It is awesome. The first thing I loved about it is that it’s lightweight. But the other thing is that it just has everything I was looking for in a diaper bag when I got mine. And it just has tons of pockets. Tons of pockets all over the side, so there’s one on this side and one on this side that has that scrunchiness so it keeps everything secure. There’s two deep pockets on this side. And on the other side also has a snap and it opens, has a deep pocket. Sorry it’s black and you can’t really see. But then it has two zipper pockets on the inside as well, which I thought was great for putting your keys or your phone or something that you need and you’re going to lose right away. And it also has the metallic snaps, so you can keep it secure and closed. And it also has two pockets on the outside. So pockets galore and big and spacious and awesome.

So, now that I’ve had the bag and I’ve used one some of the tips I can give you are that pockets are a must. And that also, when you look at this, you might think, oh my gosh, that’s huge, it’s just going to get so messy and ridiculous and why would I want that much space? Yes, it’s going to get messy but, honestly, that’s awesome, because with my diaper bag now, I find I pack it all before hand and it’s perfect. But then I’m only out for a couple hours right now and so once I use it once for the most part I’m not using it again. So it’s okay and I kind of like that you can just stuff it afterward. So I start off with a clean diaper bag but then once I’ve used stuff, I’m like okay, stuff back in the blanket, stuff back in the dirty clothes. And I kind of like that there’s so much space that I can do that and then when I get home I can reorganize it all again. So I must say that I like that it’s huge and I’m okay that it gets messy because the one that I have now gets messy. So, yeah, this bag is definitely awesome. I’m loving it. I know that sounds stupid but it’s just something you don’t think about. And I love the extra handle on the side. Plus it’s just adorable and gorgeous. I am so going to love this even more in the summer. I can see it, on the beach and that kind of thing. Just because of the texture and the material it’s just something I feel more comfortable taking to the beach. I just feel more comfortable with bringing this bag and it’s okay if it gets a little dirty because it looks like it’s easy to wash.

Pattern is adorable. This is called the Ser bag as well. And they have this in pink as well, which is super cute. And also have it where the lines go down. And they also have a couple of different styles of bags as well. Adorable. I would highly recommend this as a diaper bag. It’s awesome. It’s good. It covers everything I was looking for in a diaper bag when I had mine and I would definitely be using this diaper bag as well. I just think it’s awesome. It’s good. So thank you guys so much for watching this review.

For more customer reviews, check out Thea Thea‘s Amazon page.